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Brigantia 2013, Issue Number 147

Issue Number 147 Brigantia 2013
Published Quarterly Since 1976

"The Disc Player" by Olivia Robertson

Aset Shemsu - "The Retinue of Isis"


Athena: Arcadian Awakening
VIII. The Azores

Reflections by Olivia Robertson

"To evolve through wider consciousness
is to have greater power to be good or evil."

When I was young I was taught by Spiritual Guides about the evolution of the cosmos.  They used a Woolworth’s corkscrew with a green handle.  I enjoyed my lessons, because I was never commanded to believe anything until I in my own truth agreed with it.  This was unlike any other teaching that I had been subject to.

We began with a circle, a bottle ring that contained all that is. This was our corkscrew pushed together, so that the curves became one.  It was in blackness.  The dark was all right, part of it all.  Then after a period of no-time the circle began to rotate.  As it rotated it began to spread out into spirals – a screw.  The screw began to subdivide into pieces, into every sort of being and thing.  I could think of it going from right to left, as we open a bottle.  Finally everything became scattered all over everywhere, loosely in twos.

Then came a happening, quite recently, on October 5th, 2012.  It was like a spirit of fire going opposite to everything.  This spirit began to make another corkscrew.  It went in the opposite direction, left to right, through our one!  Everything began to get together!  The twos became one, and all existences joined the new corkscrew.  Finally they became two circles again – the mouth of an invisible bottle!  The circle stopped rotating and there was a silence.  This went on until it vanished into darkness.  After ages a new circle formed, and the same process started again.  But each time it was different.

“What then was forever,” I asked, “with spirals changing?” “Consciousness was forever,” I was told.  It was God.  God (God-Goddess) was all that is.  What was changing all the time was consciousness.  Cosmic consciousness was our end and our beginning.  We all came from the One.  So I should give every person and creature and plant - Honour.

All my life I have had psychic visions, but the ones that I most value teach me something that I need to think about.  So I shall share a recent experience, and my reader might help.

Last year, in Chicago at the Alexandria Lyceum of FOI on October 30th, 2011,  I had a beautiful vision at dawn..  From a room behind her there entered a young girl of holiness and innocence. She had amber-coloured hair and she wore a silver-white gown.  I was later given an earthly name from the past, but I shall use “Sophia.” The Divine Wisdom in feminine form.

This year, 2012, I received another visitation from this spiritual being, this time presenting a mystery.  Here it is…  She was on this occasion full of life and energy, as light as a fairy.  Her clothes flowed about her as she played with discs, some very large, some small.  They were all around her.  I wondered what they were – too flat to hold liquid or fruit.  Also they were spinning at various rates into spirals.

The vision faded, but the puzzle remained, and still does.  I related these discs to crop circles which I have visited every year in Wiltshire.  I consulted an occult in Glastonbury who told me she had seen fine golden discs when she was nine years old and these contained teachings.

I imagined primitive islanders before the coming of Westerners finding a ship-wrecked traveller who might have rescued his wind-up gramophone and some records.  When saved by a passing ship he would leave the islanders a record but kept the gramophone. 

The priests and wise women on the island would try everything to hear the heavenly singing and orchestra again from the record, but get no results.  The gramophone record would be reverently honoured on their altar, hopefully presented with worship and prayers.

Are we like those islanders with all our evolving science?  We are very clever, but we are like a deaf race left with the score of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.  They could draw equations, numerical and calculus, and create theories from the Score – but would never hear the music.

Such a disc could be held over the heart…. Or used to open doors by pressing a right place…But I believe that only by inspired consciousness shall we find the Unveiled Isis.  But where is our disc?  When Isis is unveiled, both space and time change into a wider sphere – a greater spiral.  We are living in one room in a mighty Temple, surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers and trees.  And friends we have long forgotten.  Each of us has Awakening at a different time and place – and yet in all time we are there already.

The nice thing about mystical experience is that it is always unexpected.  That is the Divine Surprise. 

Arcadian Awakening
VIII. The Azores
By Olivia Robertson
Alchemical Rite
Part One: The Narration
"To live without vision is to be blind to one's soul."


All are of the Priesthood of Alchemy

AIDEN: “It is very kind of you to invite us to this lovely castle by the sea with its private beach.  You have everything here to awaken your psychic faculties.  One could see anything here!  Why do you require the urgent assistance of The Fellowship of Isis?

OISIN:  “Because you stand for everything that my family fears.

ELAINE:  “It sounds intriguing.  Please be more specific.  Let us have your Narration.”

OISIN:  “You will be moved by its tragic note, accompanied by the moaning of the sea.  My father was an Irish aristocrat, who bought this castle as a basis for his life’s work, discovering the lost island of Atlantis.  He married a peasant girl in our local fishing village, and this was his and my undoing.  For he aspired to the stars:  She wished to be a successful business executive. She had thought of emigrating to the States, but my father turned up in the nick of time.  At first they got on reasonably well.  I was born, but what seemed a blessing – proved a bitter source of contention.  He insisted on calling me “Oisin”, the Irish hero who was enticed to the Many-Coloured land across the ocean by a faery.  My mother added “Manuele” after a local millionaire, who became my Godfather.  My father dreamed that I could revive the Irish branch of the Order of the Golden Dawn, and become a poet like Yeats, an artist like AE, the Bard of Eire.  My mother planned on creating a fishing subsidiary, part of an American company that specialised in tinned factory salmon.  Horrible, imprisoning fish and destroying their ancient life cycle culminating in this ocean.

Finally tragedy struck.  My father was drowned during an exploration of a stone wall under the sea that he hoped was a part of the lost city of Poseidonis.  My mother found he had lost his whole fortune with his expeditions and the publication of a splendid book with coloured illustrations, “The Lost Atlantis Revived.”  But instead of Atlantis rising from the sea, my father’s coffin is lying beneath the ocean, martyr to The Cause.  I can show you a photograph of The Submerged Wall that he used in his book.  I added a tribute to my father in a new edition which I have produced on the Internet.”

ELAINE:  “You seem all set to follow in your father’s footsteps.  How can we help?

OISIN:  “By awakening my psychic vision.  Surely I should have clairaudience and clairvision like my father.  They say that the Irish have these gifts.  But I have tried every means – to no avail.  I have sat in dark rooms trying to see the aura around everything.  Not a glimpse.  I have sat in the lotus position gazing into the depths.  I cannot see even one nymph – the Goddess Cleito’s Atlantean offspring.  Salamanders elude me in the flames of my beach fire.  I am forced to earn my living in the Civil Service in a job my Godfather got for me – nepotism!  But I need to live in order to fulfil my dream.  I want, like AE, to see the Gods and Goddesses.  I wish to live in the world beyond ours in the eternal Land of Everlasting Youth.”

ELAINE:  “You put the blame on your mother and on your Godfather.  But you yourself block your soul, gifts inherited from your father.  You yourself are your own gaoler in a material cell.

OISIN:  “What am I to do?  How do I block my visions?”

ELAINE:  “You do not in the first place block your soul.  It is done for you at the very moment of birth.”

AIDEN:  “Who can blame parents training their children to fit in with religions, historical and national custom?  Very small babies are put under perpetual, loving pressure to be “normal.”  Apart from the obvious potty training, every move a baby makes is conditioned.  They even now extend this to ‘mentally challenged’ babies who may be aborted before they are born.  The mothers make sure their babies have the right physique – and are taught acceptable behaviour.  A mother used to submit to ministry of the clergy – but this has given way to the autocracy of the doctor.  A problem is that what is regarded as abnormal and to be rejected – changes.  So the child with spiritual genius is regarded as unbalanced, and to be rendered harmless, sedated with a drug now given to about 70 million children that can even cause death.  At least baptismal water was physically harmless!

The most powerful weapon used by well-wishers on the rising generation is within everyone – a desire to please OTHERS.  If this fails, violence follows.  And the present norm is to be clever, practical, and not to ‘hallucinate’.  Any form of psychism is treated as an abnormality.”

OISIN:  “I am beginning to see.  We Bohemians pretend that we don’t care what people think.  We do.  All our so-called eccentricity is aimed at impressing the public – we need a public to impress!  What must I do to unblock?”

AIDEN:  “You need continual moral courage.  The essence of Alchemy is to find the hidden gold within yourself.  Then what you experience will bring wider vision, which is the birthright of us all.  You will no longer try to impress others.  You will even endure being laughed at! 

OISIN:  “Somehow I feel hopeful.  I feel a tingling all over my body.  I can see a pale light round Deirdre!  She seems to be asleep.

DEIRDRE: “I feel the Presence of Cleito of Atlantis.  We can bring Oisin through the mystic doorway, where he may find the Golden Apples of the Sun, fruit of Atlantis.”

ELAINE: “Deirdre, I see you are entering trance.  Oisin, we may start you on your journey to your lost Atlantis straight away, here by the sea.  I shall be your Path Guide.  All you need to do is to lie on the strand, and listen to the sea birds as they fly over the ocean towards the horizon.”

Arcadian Awakening
Alchemical Rite
VIII. The Azores
Part Two: The Risen Atlantis
"To dream truly is to create"



AIDEN:  “Friends, already the Goddess has heard the prayer of Oisin that he may find his Land of Heart’s Desire, the lost Atlantis.”


“I come to you in heavenly dreams when your souls like lovely seabirds arise from your nests, your material bodies.  There is no human, however physically obsessed, who has no hidden dream of some lovely realm from which they have come.  The planetary school you call earth has in reality many levels, and consciously humans dwell in only one sphere of the third dimension.  They are blind and deaf to other levels above and below them.  And this is necessary as incarnation is the human path of individual development.  Each soul finds the pain and ecstasy of rebirth to another and wider sphere.

The time and space of every awakening is individual.  All through human history have found Divine Being.

Now at the end of an Aeon when human spiritual evolution has the opportunity of general awakening, it is necessary for each man and woman to seize this chance because the Gates close as the New Aeon dawns.  A New humanity is manifesting, and there is chance for each soul to awaken, however alarming this may be.  The past must be respected.  In reality, time is ever present in the Now.  It is we who travel, not the eternal tapestry of The Fates.”

AIDEN:   “Thanks are given to the Goddess Cleito.”

ELAINE: “Oisin, I see you are already in trance.  We await your account.  Do not lose the connecting link of my voice.  Where are you?

OISIN: “Funny you should ask that, because I don’t know!  I feel I have been asleep for a long time.  I’m back at the place where my father was drowned by the Atlantean Wall – but he’s here.  He looks much the same, only younger, before his beard.  He has been expecting me and shook me by the hand.  It’s real. I feel his warm grasp.  He doesn’t speak.  What he wants me to do is to look to the West, out to sea.  I want to talk to him – but he continues to point over the sea to the horizon.

At first I see nothing but a pale blue sky and white-crested waves.  Then just above the horizon I see a golden disc.  Some sort of UFO I expect.  It is growing, larger and nearer…. I overcome a feeling of fear because my father is no longer with me.  The disc has grown many times larger than the sun.  It rotates and from it come two dazzling white streamers like wings.  I remember seeing pictures of the golden winged disc of Ancient Egypt – but never thought they were real.  I try to stand firm, though my knees feel weak.  I remember reading of some huge Falcon, Horus, and expect to see Him emerging from the disc.

What a relief.  No terrible Falcon or Aztec War God rushes at me with bared teeth.  Instead there appears a laughing girl who holds a green branch like a quince with small yellow fruit.  She daintily steps forth from the Disc, which proceeds to leave her on the strand.  It diminishes in rotation through great sweeping arcs across the sea.  This, I thought, is the Sea God Manannan’s Wheel.  I never knew it really existed.

The girl can read thoughts.  She says “Yes, Oisin.  All sea spirits use these wheels.”
“Then this is subjective?” I say.  “Not at all,” she answers, and suddenly I feel she is wise for her years.  “What you dream of brings you to your own paradise. Every night use true vision and you go where you will.  Dreams exist, but have not the same properties as those which are true and beautiful.  There is only one standard to test a creation.  Only Goodness is forever.”

“Are you a Goddess?” I ask.  “Do you ever incarnate on a material planet?”

“Let us sit in the sand,” she says.  “I will tell you how I did incarnate on your earth, but it is not an experience I would want to have again!”

“You mean you are too perfect?”  I ask.

“In no way.  I’m too much of a coward to face the earth again.”

I feel offended.  I say “Human life is not that horrible surely.  Why did you come in the first place if you’re so advanced?”

She sighs. “I see you’re getting huffy.  I’d better tell you why I came and why I left earth.”

Now she shows me a series of images like a DVD.  They are extremely beautiful, and from some higher realm.  I see a golden orb like the sun, and within it is some extra-terrestrial Priest.  The young girl is receiving instructions.  Both the Priest and the girl are in bodies of pure light.  She wants to give some message to earth people in her light body, but she is told this would not do.  Human-beings would not endure nudity, and the Light would hurt them.  They were arbiters of what she should wear – appropriate robes.  They contributed to anything given to them, and were of course treated with respect.

I can see into the girl’s mind. She doesn’t like the robes.  The only people she can use telepathy with are children.  What is strange is that she never leaves the orb.  The people are far below, tiny figures.  But she can project to them and give them the message, which she does not properly understand.  But as she projects, she begins to see below the earth’s surface into horrific images of underground prisons.  She was told that people were entrapped because they chose to do so – due to some illness called “obsession.”  The girl decides to project into such places to help, though she is warned against doing so.  Now she makes a wonderful discovery!  She has a twin brother on earth who has incarnated before.  He stays, but finally she has had enough!  Her brother is an extremist.  She makes up her mind in future to avoid the physical world, which has no attraction for her, but to work occasionally in the dream world. There helpers travel at night.  She finds they bring people lovely dreams.  They dwell in heaven and visit earth when called upon, but always remain spiritually awake.  Her brother does it the hard way and returns only when he has to.

I find I can’t help laughing.  Yes, men are like dogs.  Women are like cats, and look after themselves.  Then I have a shattering thought.  She refers to a well-meaning twin brother who suffers on earth helping others.  Surely this is not myself?

“Oisin,” the girl says, “You need to travel. I have brought you to your Land of Heart’s Desire to give you hope and strength for your work on earth which you do for love.  You needed to find your way here because you have found you need your soul.  Any time on earth when your work is too cruel, you may now travel here, and see things in proportion.  Earth and heaven are one when joined by a Rainbow of Joy and Beauty.”


OISIN COMES BACK FROM TRANCE VERY SLOWLY.  He says that it is true that his work in the Civil Service is to deal with the Probation Services for Prisoners.  Their lives are often harrowing.  Now he will take a nightly journey on the Winged Disc.  He will return at dawn refreshed and inspired for his day’s work with his fellows.

Note:  These Rites may be used for meetings of the Muses Symposium and the Arcadians.

Announcements from Olivia Robertson

 Received November 6, 2012
From FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson
Ethics within the Fellowship

"In ISIS we rely not on rules and regulations,
But on the Divine Power of Her Winnowing Wings of Protection.
In Her we trust.

There is an duty of integrity and responsibility upon every individual member to uphold and adhere to the principles and ideals of the Fellowship, as set out in this Manifesto, including prevention of abuse and exploitation of humans, animals, and our environment.

No secrecy or binding vow is sanctioned in the Fellowship.

Any member has the right, at any time, to seek assistance from outside authorities.

Oracle of Isis
"I am She Who Was and Is and Is To Be. No mortal man hath lifted my veil."
Isis lifts her veil to those with loving hearts,
Who seek the truth.
The balance between Love and truth, divine feminine and sacred masculine, Isis and Osiris, brings forth harmony.
Received November 29, 2012
Rt. Hon. Olivia Robertson, Co-Founder of the Fellowship of Isis
and Rev. Cressida Pryor, Her Successor 

All operations within the Fellowship of Isis are based on the principles of the Manifesto, which promote truth, beauty, healing, compassion, kindness and reverence for all life. All members act in accordance with the ideals of the Goddess Isis as the Compassionate, Loving Mother of All Beings. No act of submission, domination, exploitation, physical trial or ordeal, including physical or mental wounding or 'sacred sex working' and prostitution will be tolerated within the practice of the FOI. Activities which are not in alignment with the principles of the FOI Manifesto are grounds to revoke FOI Priestess/Priesthood and/or FOI Membership.

In Memory of Deena Butta 
by Olivia Robertson 

The Rt. Rev. Deena Butta passed peacefully into Spirit World on Sunday, 27th  January, 2013. She has been one of my greatest friends since 1993, when we attended the Centennial Parliament of Religions in Chicago. Since then she produced the FOI Liturgy with consummate grace and skill, thus preserving the very meaning of our Manifesto with its emphasis on the Eternal Verities of Love, Beauty and Truth. Her husband and priest Ray, helped her in all these undertakings. I do hope that the Rev. Demetria Nanos will continue Deenas work for her Fellowship of Isis Lyceum and Iseum as she has so ably helped Deena in the past.

All our members who knew Deena respected her honesty, kindness and integrity. I feel sure that she is truly happy now with her son Maris who is now with her in Spirit Sphere, Realm of Truth and Goodness.

News from Members and Centers

FOI Events 

Photo and comment from Kat Robb: “We have a new Priestess in the Iseum of the Nubian Moon! Welcome Jayne!” Jayne deMente was ordained as a priestess in the Fellowship of Isis by Anniitra Ravenmoon, Prs. Hierophant and founder of the Iseum/Lyceum of the Nubian Moon, Long Beach, California, USA. The ordination took place on January 20, 2013. Several long time members and priestesses were in attendance, including two visiting priestesses from San Diego, California, deTraci Regula and Linda Iles. Besides Anniitra and Jayne, the other ritual participants included Carla Alt-Jones, Catherine Wright, Pat, Meloney, Linda Iles and deTraci Regula.

Isis Oasis, October 29, 2012, Priestess Ann Brigit Waters (above) of Willits, California, who writes: "Our 2009 Samhain Dedication to Isis and Osiris; we all made a personal journey to the tomb room as well as the main rite - Osiris lying on the Bier before Isis.”

Olivia Robertson joined with Celia Thomas, Lydia Lyte, Sheila Broun, Thalia Brown, Danu Forest and other FOI priestesses and members of Celias “Isis of Avalon Iseum” in Glastonbury for a celebration of the Isis-Hilaria rite October 28 - 29, 2012. Olivia is looking very well, an inspiration to us all. Celia sent several beautiful photos and this report of the event: “The Moon Goddess took over as all the men we invited were somehow blocked from coming to our full moon ceremony. Instead of a play of Osiris, we had an Oracle of the Moon Goddess and in depth revelations from each member from the depths, in the Osiris mode. Energy patterns were seen including the upraising Cobra form of the Egyptian Goddess Buto. We ourselves ascended with the divine energy of Isis. The climax was the ecstatic dance of spiritual awakening -The Hilaria.”

Lyceums, College of Isis

  The Lyceum at Kilkenny College of Druidry at Three Castles, Co. Kilkenny with its three temples hosts Dark Moon ceremonies. This month on October 15th we were blessed by the presence of Olivia, Andrew Smith (Olivia’s cousin) & Maureen Sullivan (Priestess). 

Olivia had received guidance that she was to be at Three Castles for the Dark Moon. This special occasion started with a traditional Scottish lunch of tatties, neeps and haggis brought back by Eimear and Howard from a retreat on Iona, the Isle of the Druids in Scotland. The meal resonated with Olivia’s Scottish ancestry on Orkney. Andrew and Howard discovered they had ancestral connections in the Dalriada Irish colony of Argyll in Scotland.

Our Dark Moon ceremony started earlier than usual in our temple dedicated to Isis. This Isian temple is host to a beautiful Sycamore tree which is the tree of Isis. We then processed to our temple which is dedicated to An Cailleach. This temple is pre-Norman, possibly 9th century. The Normans added a fine vaulted ceiling in the 13th century. Strongbow the Norman, allied to Diarmuid McMurrough, King of Leinster was here helping Diarmuid in his conflict with the Kings of Munster and Connaught. Olivia blessed this temple dedicated to An Cailleach. The many spirits both Norman and pre-Norman who had passed through this wonderful place were felt by Olivia.

Olivia called on the Morrigan, Goddess lover of An Daghdha, the Good God. Howard called on Oghma, the God who reminds us to be in touch with the wild spirits of nature including our own wild nature. Maureen called in Isis the Mother of us all. Eimear guided us on a journey to meet An Cailleach. Messages were received – the forces that support injustice are stubborn and unfeeling. We need to persist and persist till justice is restored. Often the restoration of justice comes in surprising and unexpected ways. The true untamed wild nature is just and will prevail. There was a call for the name of the Goddess of this area to be revealed to Eimear. She came as DanúBríd, (pronounced DawnooBreege) a bridge of the ancient ways and new ways to help & protect our progress in life.

All this was revealed in the presence of three red candles, three women and two men as gatekeepers between the worlds bringing to mind the sacred number three and the pentagram.
As the sun went down others joined us in the third temple dedicated to Danú, the Mother of all the Goddesses and Gods of this land and Lúgh, the Many Skilled One. The four directions with their elemental and animal spirits were honoured. Intentions, as seeds for personal growth working with the waxing moon, were placed in Full Moon water and offered to An Cailleach in her temple. The Oracle spoke for the Goddess Isis. She reminded us that while it is said that the whole world is a stage, we are more than actors in a play written by someone else. We can and we will write our own story.

When sacred space was closed and thanks given to all who were invoked we all participated in the conviviality of a pot-luck meal.
Written by Howard Campbell, Druid & Eimear Burke, Priestess & Druid

Note from Olivia:
What a magnificent dark towering temple!
It is like a holy place in Irish legend.
Eimear and Howard welcome visitors to their home. 

 Consecration of FOI Lyceum in Portugal. Sean McCabe, Pr. H. of Lyceum of the Goddess of the Golden Morn, Dublin, Ireland writes: “I had the honour and pleasure of Consecrating the Lyceum of Isis in Porto on 28th October. I was assisted in the ceremony by the Rev. Mercedes M. Goncalves and the Rev. Albert R. Cowan and it was well attended and supported at the dedicated temple. The Hierophants are the Rev. Valentina Ramos and the Rev Eduardo Tejera Puente and the Lyceum has a Greek sub-title. A pathworking was conducted to the Temple of Isis on the inner planes where the Lyceum was constructed according to ancient custom. The priesthood then retired to a very enjoyable celebratory Festive Board. We wish the new Lyceum of the Fellowship of Isis every success to work in peace, love and harmony.” 

Sarah Rooke, Prs. Hierophant of Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars, UK writes: “
I am pleased to report that Hernan Cacciatore from Buenos Aires in Argentina has gained his first magi degree and initiation into the Fellowship of Isis College of Isis, by undertaking the Mystery of the Awakening of Osiris. Hernan writes: “in all cases the emphasis is on the human love and understanding as parental feelings and high responsibility like is time for change but the report is not usual in freemasonry and neo-templar rites personally I feel a power very intense each minute of my life I feel that so I don’t say like report in this particularly work empathy with the others beings. I was the dog, as say the symbolic poem of the fool tarot card. I was all. I was You maybe. My enemy is only a different step of my evolution is not enemy and union with the cosmos all is like a wheel...and our facts affect to others.”

Sarah Rooke writes: “Rev. Gemma Harrison was consecrated on 22 December 2012 at the Lyceum Winter Solstice ceremony as a Priestess Hierophant in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis now that she has 5 magi degrees including ordination. Gemma will be remaining with her parent Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars.”

Sarah also sent a report from the Rev. Gaynor Linnecor of the Iseum of Universal Learning based in Havant, UK. Gaynor has gained her third magi degree of Moon Magic (Lunar Magic of the Tides) in the Fellowship of Isis, College of Isis. Here is Gaynors report:

MOON MAGIC - 3 faces of the moon in the Grove Of Diana
Luna tides exists in us all, a like the cycles of a woman, ebb and flow, waxes and wanes energy. The dark moons allow the stars to be felt and experienced at a much deeper level.. woman, ebb and flow, waxes and wanes energy. The dark moons allow the stars to be felt and experienced at a much deeper level..

As I anoint my brow I allow myself to sink deeper and deeper into the full moons energy – it’s usually a very emotional time for me. This full moon seems different. It felt like I was being released from 100 years or more of past information.. After anointing my brow I allow myself to rise out of my body. I am in a place in time here, where the moons varying degrees allow me to connect with her own and the universes energy, and much more evident the deep inner workings of the planets stirring within me

As I journeyed through my meditation deeply and serenely I felt like I was moving with the ebb and flow of the universe and my astral self felt like I was spiralling, dancing if you will. I continue to descend into my inner core where silver white and black spirals were a glow of orange.. The moon is full and bright and I sit gazing at her for a while in a Grove of cypress trees that I have come by – I sit for a while before I contemplate my journey further..Affirming and recognising more now than ever that my energy levels are circling and spiralling at all. I still myself and rest a little at the candle I have a light I have in the north.. I repeat this act in the East, West, & South.

The Moon has completed a full orbit around the Earth at 29.5 days I affirm this full moon and all that it has to offer. I am moved onto to contemplate the phases of the Moon that I have worked with this month. Moving further inwards I see an inner chapel and of course it is the chapel of the moon goddess and the stars.. A crystal is handed to me and I am able to see and feel the energy of archetypal resonance. I feel the drumming of my heart beat bumpty bump bumpty bump it’s quite regular and calm.. I come to twilight on my path in which every day I connect with a mass convergence of serene energy.

I find myself surrounded in Yew trees and in a little grove clearing I rested and contemplate the yews meaning for me. I found longevity and unique way of growing new trunks from within the original root bole is a fascinating prospect for me my nana is 100 years old and I seem to be the new trunk.

I felt like I was moving through the phases of the moon and it felt more now like an out of the body experience. I felt my astral self arising. Allowing my energy to move through the astral plane, I get closer to the most awful sound/vibration – a little like an Irish Banshee. As I allow myself to be enveloped by the dim light and high pitched sound/vibration, I began to feel like I was floating into the centre where I became part of a shimmery silvery light which was spiralling outwards towards a grove of yew trees.

As I merged within the dark circle that appeared to be resonating around a central silvery light, behind it I was shown a hill where there was a cave. Within the hill the cave was throwing out a very bright light which wrapped its self around me as I entered. I could see lots of silvery like dragon flies around me and the dark circle which surrounded the light like a ring, with the light bursting out. I was converged Sidhe and Seelie together., I was being shown that two Bless Ed courts of Inner Light and darkness via the blessing of a beautiful figure with a triple moon shining and hovering within its fore head and of course I had to break through/merge with the dark circle to become part of the ever balanced light and dark.

Faerykin of many forms was now starting to cover me and be felt like a tingle within me. This wholesome magic, both light and darkness were spiralling and converging together..The energy of this meditation was changing me, leaving me with an impression that nature is both light & dark equally and therefore the magic/k and all things being an equal-ness of dark and light.
As I moved into the light and darkness surrounding it I was shown a cave entrance in the hill with a sign of the triple moon goddess at its entrance. It was shimmering light like the deep dark cave had light shining right the way through its walls. A little like darkness and stars shinning like glitter on a wall.

I could feel now the triple deity as threefold and as a universal and global trinity of the three fold, maiden, maid and crone which is also experienced as three sisters. I felt myself calmer within and asking the goddess to grant me favour of giving my grandson life (who is critically ill in Great Ormond street Hospital) and taking my Grandma to a permanent resting place now that she had seen a100 years. This I felt was balance of dark and light with me representing the mergence, making it a threefold quest.

Triple Hecate Is awakened within me at a much deeper level than ever before. I have heard many be afraid of Hecate in her nightly form.. But her beauty and shining light will send forth hope. Confidently I walk on in hope. I am reminded here, that my alter needs attention and a candle a light every day affirming the earth by the moons beautiful silvery light is a living being and has shown me a more broader view of life.. Nature - shining moonbeam spirits.

As I begin to awaken from my deep meditation I realise I have been in meditation for over two hours I realise that my ordinations chosen goddesses have been with me all the way. Olwen wraps me in the warmth of the sun. Gaia provides the ground that holds me with velvet green and blue water flowing over my skin coming from the sky... And last but not least Inanna who has been by my side as I travel into the underworld and find my Nan in full youth who tells me it’s time to do some great work.. She smiled at me and turned firstly from Maiden then to maid and back to the crone form she takes in this earthly world...I felt I needed a drink of water.. I bring myself back to earth and feel like writing a poem.. The Moon Magi I feel within me – Yin Yang!

Another report received from Sarah Rooke: Rev. Linda Hilborne of the Iseum of the Holly, Oak and the Rose has gained her fifth magi degree of Earth Magic in the Fellowship of Isis, College of Isis Here is an extract of her report for Isian News:

“...I travelled to the castle, drifted down to the well and went over to watch the preparations for the ceremony.  When the priestess anointed my brow with water a great, shimmering circle of water appeared around my head, and then extended and touched the heads of everyone present.  It formed a vast circle of protection around us all, and this made me very happy.

We all walked in procession to the Druid Abbey of Dana.  The abbey was beautiful, and as I was admiring it, the Oak King appeared in front of the abbey facing me.  The Goddess Dana appeared beside him.  They mounted onto a golden mound which I felt was a throne, and joined hands.  I joined in with the Holly King and we stood on a silver and snow mound opposite them.  The four of us formed a square.

…The Oak King and Dana raised the power….and sent it out into the world…..The ceremony gave me a wonderful feeling.   The words were so lovely and poetic….The goddess Herta was invoked and then Gaia, and I felt the two were united as one person.   As I enjoyed watching the proceedings, I began to see pleasant visions of lovely landscapes and people….

Also I felt a very comforting and cheering warm glow in my solar plexus.   It felt like a hearth fire which corresponded with the noonday sun up in the sky, and both of them were sacred flames.

As the ceremony progressed, we mentally built a large house…  They invoked Pan to make the windows, and I saw Pan at the windows, though only briefly.   Everything that happened gave me a feeling of happiness, abundance and the richness of nature.   Everything added to the effect, including the music and naming of many different animals and plants….

We came to the chanting of the names Gaia and Dana.   The chanting…always affects me very profoundly and makes one or other of my chakras rotate….  When food was given out later in the ceremony, I was eating a lovely kind of madeira cake.  …”

Also from Sarah Rooke: I am pleased to announce that Antonia Newlands has gained her first magi degree of the Rite of Rebirth in the College of Isis.

Here is an extract of her report for Isian News:

“For a long time I have felt that humanity has agreed to give up their validated knowledge of family, community, connection to the Divine and their gifts in order to learn to find them from within.   It felt as though before birth we knew everything, agreed to be to be tested on Earth and were born with minimal, if not more of the wisdom we had prior to incarnation.

The first time I experienced Ishtar/Innanna’s journey to the otherworld it felt as though I was being shown the consequence of sovereignty on the king by a priestess meditating the Goddess.  The second time with my friends, it felt as though I was giving up everything which fed my ego and blocked my path to commune with the Divine.  Thus it was as if I had to give up all of my Divine gifts to find the essence within.  I had a similar experience when I journeyed to meet the Goddess in her form as Initiator.  It’s been lovely to experience this rite in 3 different ways, each with incredibly powerful and distinct teachings. 

I sense the mourning of death, but  part of me laughs- why mourn death?  It is nothing but another stage.   It feels as though the path goes two steps forward, one back, leading towards a candle in the darkness. Only when I release everything and sit there with nothing, can I be. I return to the physical world whole, honouring my gifts as they return to me.  I am blessed with the oils of Isis and Osiris, and the Waters of Avalon…”

Maury Hereford-White of Lyceum, of the Mysteries of Isis and Osiris, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, writes: “Thanks to all you lovely people who sent me B'Day greetings. 65 today. And here I thought 30 was my limit. If I had only known I might have done a bit more product maintenance. Actually, I am feeling great and ready for the next turn in the road. Just like a vintage Porsche.”

Sarah Rooke Prs. H. of Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars, Portsmouth, Hants, UK writes: “I am pleased to report that Sare Heathersdaughter of Swansea, Wales, has gained her first magi degree and hence initiation into the Fellowship of Isis, College of Isis by undertaking Lunar Magic of the Tides. I give her report for your information: “Here’s what I experienced from doing Moon Magic for initiation, it was wonderful! I couldn’t believe what an altered state and altered surroundings I experienced, it was amazing! To begin with I felt I left my body and was stood on the shoreline, the full Moon was huge and sparkling above me and the whole sea was silver, with ribbons of purple and blue across it, then i went across the sea from rising up in to the air and through a whirling tunnel of silver coming through the end landing gently in the castle grounds, all the time I was ...there I was still aware of my body sat at home but that was just the physical part of me, the rest was separate, in this wonderful place across the sea, then I suddenly become almost dizzy and everything around me spins till it settles even clearer than before, I see everything and its colours just before Olivia describes it which is amazing! the blue/violet robes, the crystals, the well, I see the Goddess descend behind and above the Priestess about to give the Oracle, when She speaks it feels like She is speaking direct to me and it makes such sense and feels I have found my home, the Grove feels like somewhere I have been many times before, it feels so natural and familiar, and I could not believe the description of catching a glimpse of the elementals as this happened to me recently up on the mountain after I spoke out loud to them about my sorrow at how people treat Nature and mock them and I said how I loved them all and would care for them and all of Nature, now I’m certain of what I saw on the mountain after Olivia's description! I could feel the Goddess's pleasure at these rites, at the love shown for Her during this rite i am present at, I am almost hypnotised by the chanting of Selene, Selene, Selene. Ascending to the Astral Moon is blissfull, but reaching it more so, I feel heart opening in front of the Queen of the Heavens, the Goddess, I feel I have received something, The opening of the door I have been searching for so long, so much love surrounds me, and I feel an opening of my intuitive ability, psychic ability, more than ever before, I add my own wish for healing for the Trees to those being said, Diana watching smiling as we dance! The Sidhe reveling as do we. as we leave the Grove we are reminded once more of the magical blessings that we have partaken of with an awareness of the Sidhe watching on. Then I have returned fully to my physical sense, and feel totally in awe of what I have experienced, so beautiful, so real, I am on my path, I know this in my heart and soul, as does the Great Goddess who knows my whole self. Bliss.”

Groves, Druid Clan of Dana

From Sarah Rooke: “Antonia Newlands of Glasgow has been initiated as a Druidess in the Druid Clan of Dana

Here is an extract of her report for Isian News:

“Dana’s oracle is a challenging one to claim within oneself.  It is easy to lose the spiritual family, kindred folk with whom to grow.  It is much harder to maintain the state of divine love with our blood kin who seem to reject all love and reflect your own pain at you tenfold.  Never underestimate the pain of healing, it is through the acceptance and release of this pain that true healing lies.   As Dana is mother, be safe in the knowledge that her strength can help heal all and transform them…

As ever, the grandmother’s words speak straight to my heart…..Everything is now, to master the art of time travel is to prophesise, to use the past and the future to heal the present.   True that men fear enchantment more than mundane trials, for to accept its teachings is to take full responsibility for our actions….to disarm enchantment is to absolve yourself from responsibility..

The shocking sky represent the seeds of other planets who have willingly embraced destruction and given themselves to be disseminated throughout the universe. ……By selflessly burying it within the earth, the Grove of Dana have activated its transmission on Earth…to the centre of our planet… to the depths of the star….the rock creates a causeway, linking the cosmic energies of the earth to the celestial heights and illumination of  both earth and heaven…

Brigit the Smith artfully brings forth life metal from within the star.   Its gestation in the earth complete, she acts as the midwife as it is reborn from Mother Earth. 

With regards to divine comments that we need only interact with one or two specific animals, rocks or stars to be representative of the entire race….one can have as many relationships in the otherworld as one is able to healthily maintain, the same for friendships in the physical world.  

I have a strong affinity with many animals, reptiles, rocks and stars, yet barely known with plants or insects other than a respectful reverence….Indeed, as in all partnerships, we have chosen one another.” … Well done Antonia, and many congratulations, Sarah Rooke, Archdruidess, Grove of Cerridwen and the Grail, Portsmouth, UK

Priories, Noble Order of Tara

Tristram, Grand Knight Commander, Priory of Princess Scota, Ontario, Canada: “Looking to the future and well into next life cycle with our family foundation for treating Cancer with very new stem cell research  by  Ph.D's in Bio-meds ... my brother is creating a med center for this and I am creating a Wellness center to promote  Positive outlook for clients already have select staff as Counsellors and assistants ...This is a part our N. O. Tara work these clients are a part of  total environs plus we'll be using the lands the lakes and rivers for depth of inner healing then we re-forest to make  most optimum use of trees and that  healing atmosphere. Our Trail Planners have some 3 to 4 decades of planning and creating walking trails some under contract with our Federal Government. Please let Lady Olivia  know ... she is one incredible inspiration in the work we are so dedicated to doing ... And very VERY special  to us. Lady Olivia named our Priory as Princess Scota - very proud of  that!

Muses Symposium

A beautiful poem written by David deRoeck, Ascension of Isis Lyceum, Dublin, Ireland:

A splash of sunlight a glistening prize;
The smallest reticule with truth belies;
For hidden gift that resides for sure;
Of ancient carbon ground facet pure;
On banded gold for all to see;
... A weighted promise of whats to be;
Can those whose eyes are tightly closed;
Navigate the heart of whats proposed;
For all the fire that life can bring;
Clouds logic mind with sweetness sing;
So preordain on one such night;
The oration of vocal hearts take flight;
Then raddle in hand to mount the loom;
Braiding their life's path that ends all to soon;
So waste not your time with what at the bend;
Live life to the full and create your own trend.

Another beautiful poem, from FOI member and druid, Hennie van Geel of the Netherlands:


to be a tree
and stand the years
and grow onto the sky...

to feel and see
the life on me
of bird and bee and fly

to hold my crown
like a caring king
always moved yet still

my branches bless
the earth and air
to Life´s expanding will

and then one day
my trunk will sway
and I will only ask

to the source return
perhaps even burn
it was a loving task

And this beautiful, thought provoking work by Mana Youngblood of the Temple of the Muse in Willits:

In The Time of the Darkness
In the time of the darkness she moves in our shadows.
Light is sleeping long, slow , sensually in its nest of dreams for the new year .
In the time of the darkness we hear the words and feel the actions of our ancestors.
Hecate stands with her torchlight of wisdom
Strong with certainty at the crossroads she waits
In faith we follow her beam of radiant truth
In love we anticipate her reception of inquisition.
What are your dreams oh Priestess?
Have you watered your garden of gratitude?
Have you offered the blessings
I have placed upon your table for all to consume.
Have you kept your chalice of understanding , beauty , truth and wisdom full.
In the time of Darkness the dreams grow longer
Wisdom spirals in your soul
And the winds of inspiration cleanse and consume all that is uncertain
And transform the questions into the new
A ha's of your sweet soil deep inside the temple of your body.
Drink and Eat and Dream ,
Dance and contemplate who you have become and who you are becoming in the
Radiance of Her Light.
Quiet now... Can you hear it ?
Can you hear the tune of truth ..
Behind Hecate Stands another... with whispers .. coaxing you to listen deep within...
Rest well, while your divine inner knowingness ... moves through all your bodies, cleansing, healing, strengthening and rejoicing from Her Holy Temple Room
Deep inside the Heart.
In The Time of the Darkness

Mana Youngblood. 11/13/12