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Lughnasadh 2013 - Isian News Issue No. 149

Issue No. 149 Lughnasadh, 2013

Published Quarterly Since 1976

Cover art: “Mwe and Leesa” by Olivia Robertson 

Aset Shemsu - "The Retinue of Isis"





REFLECTIONS by Olivia Robertson

“We are wanderers in search of our lost Heaven”

It was on a misty Bank Holiday weekend – Sunday morning in June 2013, when a strange happening brought my recent problems and speculations to an end.  I was totally astonished – bewildered – at a new beginning.  It was so strange and wonderful that I wish to share the experience with everyone.

It began this way.  The Castle grounds had been full of delightful wedding guests who had shared in some Blessing in each part of the grounds, to make romantic a registry office marriage.  That morning I decided “to feel the vibes” left behind by these visitants, lovely young people with lots of flowers. 

Now I was practising adjusting to stray people wandering round our gardens, where before there had been none – just wood pigeons cooing.  I am a solitary stroller but felt guided to be friendly with every sort of visitor.  I was feeling very down to earth, in jersey and trousers.

I spoke briefly to one or two strollers in our Wilderness, where there is a lake with an island, which borders the River of the Oak, the River Derry – the Daire.  For instance I met a tall fair woman who cooked at the neighbouring hotel, and I said that she was very welcome to come at any time.  She commented on the peace and tranquility.  I was now on the bank of the lake and saw someone else.  I was a bit surprised at finding quite so many stray tourists after eleven on a Sunday.  Most people slept late.

Then I saw further on the path a very tall man wearing a long black cloak to his feet -with a hood – I’m not sure whether it was up or not, and I think it was lined with crimson.  I thought ‘Good – I can have another nice chat,’ and I called out “It’s good to see people walking here!” or words to that effect.  The man came straight towards me – to a few feet away.  Then his cloak billowed out towards the lake and a huge oak tree – and to my amazement he vanished by the tree.  I felt a silvery-shining tinkling all over my head.  

I call him “The Wanderer.”  He had the dignity of some mysterious King – a Shaman.  I feel I would not have seen him if I had not been friendly to all solitary wanderers.  I wonder what this apparition bodes.  I know he had Divine regality.

When we align ourselves with Golden Flow, life becomes meaningful and blissful, whatever happens in the world. We who keep in touch with our souls gain that lovely communion with Spirit World.  What we enjoy is Vocation, so we know when we journey in this planetary labyrinth.  I know that I am grateful that this happened – in broad daylight – supplementing my usual visions and teachings which come at dawn when I am half in my soul body – and it can be hard to come back. 

A Druid told me that before 2012 he and fellow Druids unblocked a tunnel leading to the inner realm beneath Glastonbury Tor, and hence to Galactic Centre.  Our Temple was ‘unblocked’ late in February.  Many psychics say it has completely changed and brightened – there was a silver-white flow through the window above The Well and brilliant warm colours from the earth.  Welling from the High Altar and the two pillars before it, is a source of fire and black power which turns into vivid and beautiful rainbow colours from The Mothers.  My brother Lawrence described both.  I speculate that the white power over The Well is of Isis, and is of air, breath, and the flow in our bodies through the cerebral-spinal system.  The power beneath our Cave of the Mothers is gold power and flows through the blood, the sympathetic nervous system, and relates to Ra.  The union of these two forms create gold and silver orbs of power – Chakras of power.

Power energy may not be seen as Divine but rather as power that translates this energy to the Divine purpose.  Terrible cruelty and violence comes from misusing this power.

The intention of the Fellowship is to unite the Divine Source, Love and Truth in harmony.  We try to unite these two Divine attributers in the Holy of Holies, the Star Chapel, with no outside walls.  Ishtar and Tammuz, Isis and Osiris, Vishnu and Lakshmi, Maria and Christ, bring this wholeness now fragmented on this earth.  We fight subjection, domination, exploitation of humans, animals, birds, fish, reptiles and insects of every species – all creatures of the Mother’s sacred elements.

I paraphrase Katherine Tynan’s poem “The New Jerusalem” ….

 “I stand before our Sun and Moon Gate, leading to our Well of Truth, and say:

“The Temple of Isis is Holy;
Her Gate is open wide;
All She calls may enter; No seeker is denied.”

Olivia Robertson


“Two people leave each other in opposite directions.
They circulate the earth.  They meet.”

In a remote valley near RUTENYA by the RIVER MWENEZI


AIDEN: “Henry and Jane, you have sent a message for urgent alchemical healing for a disastrous situation.  Yet you are seated here calmly, with African instruments and carved figures.  Henry, you wear European dress, Jane you are in African Clothing.” 

HENRY: “Ah – we long to be like you two, Twin souls, in harmony.  We would prefer to tell each our own story as to our desolate situation.  We are poles apart.”

DEIRDRE: “You’ll only receive one Oracle, I feel guided to tell, from no less than the
All Mother, Nana Buluku.”

ELAINE:  “Who will give the Narration first?  Henry?”

HENRY:  “Not as my life is worth!  Jane would immediately say I was putting myself in the dominant role of male supremacy.  Already she resents the name ‘Jane’.”

JANE:  “Let me speak for myself.  As the victim role is pushed upon to me as an aggressive feminist, I shall submit.”

ELAINE:   “This should be most interesting.  What are you if not ‘Jane’?”

JANE:  “I am African.  My true African name is Leesa, which I found in one of your African ceremonies.  This is a useful ritual, counteracting what I was brain-washed with when in the mission school I was ‘charitably’ educated at.  They called me Jane.  I notice the boy ‘Mwe’ in your rite fitted in very easily to be called ‘Henry.’

HENRY:  “I aim to win power by learning the white man’s sciences – not just to protest uselessly like Jane.”

AIDEN:  “This is Jane’s narration.  Leesa, please continue”

JANE LEESA:  “This was a typically ‘natives’ educational establishment.  They gave us no powers to make money or love – no powers.  We were blocked in every passion, especially we women.  They put us in long shapeless garments called “Mother Hubbards” to cover bare breasts.”

HENRY:  “If they had not – you would step out of their classroom and you would have been raped in exactly four minutes.”

AIDEN:  “Henry, please don’t interrupt.  Your turn will come.”

LEESA: “I was deprived of all that makes a true woman – our African religion.”

HENRY:  “We haven’t got one.  Not a valid one.”

LEESA:  “Our religion is based on nature and lost tribal customs.  I longed to be taught the language of drums – not a stupid catechism.  The only book I liked was Shaw’s “Black Girl in search of God.”  She found Voltaire – that was all.  But I delved into my natural psychic ability – that exists in nearly everyone if it hadn’t been cauterized by mental rules and regulations.”

ELAINE:   “How on earth did you come to work with Henry?”

LEESA:  “You can call it a dynamic occultism partnership.”

HENRY:  “More like a continual sectarian civil war.”

AIDEN:   “What help do you want and would both accept?”

LEESA:  “I cannot continue with this perpetual conflict of our beliefs – or rather his lack of any – and my feelings.  I lie awake feeling hatred that has no outlet.  I suppose you call such a relationship ‘Love’ – though I cannot communicate with Mawe on any heart level.  He makes silly jokes or clever remarks if I tell him my heart’s longings.”

HENRY: “As these consist of day dreaming for some divine man from heaven or UFO, some mysterious stranger of indefinable superiority to human men!  Such a being leads her to wandering by the sea shore, hair down, longing for a man from the stars.  In the old days I suppose it would have been some God or angel.  But what I suspect – this is a danger in our evolution. I read a book by H.G. Wells on the fear of this danger. It’s called “Star Begotten”.  She hopes for a Super-child as in Bethlehem, an Indigo, a star baby who will supersede me.  But this shall not happen.  She has very little practical brains.  We use chemicals to check weird children.

No. I despise her childish dreams, her talk of psyche and souls, and the like, beyond physical, organic form.  She needn’t think I despise the Goddess.  I respect the Mother of All.

I too have my dreams of the modern woman, very tall with long, long boyish legs, and a sense of humour, which is more than Leesa has, and a Degree in Western science.  It is practical.  Western scientists and financiers rule the World.  And I want to rule the World, preferably in the United States!  You may wonder at our partnership.  However, there is an area I am deficient in – it is Jane who has psychic powers, though I am sure scientists will find an explanation for such phenomena.  There is one reason we stay together, and I cannot explain this.  I love her.”

LEESA: “Yes, it’s funny, you madden me, but I am in love with you too!”

DEIRDRE:  “Using my despised female psychic ability, I can see plainly your aura class.  Leesa’s aura is a sort of fluffy pink, and Henry’s is an orderly indigo.”

LEESA:  “What do you propose to do about it.  He’s all mind and I know I’m all feeling.  Capricorn versus Pisces.  Earth versus Air.”

HENRY:  “Astrology is nonsense.  Ask any astronomer….”

ELAINE:  “To answer your question Leesa, as to what we propose to do.  I should like to explain to both of you how spiritual alchemy works. It is a basic spiritual truth to true Alchemists that there is only Divine Energy in the Cosmos from Star to Atom.  The One Eternal Being and Holy Reality to this energy is Deity.  Deity contains both ethics and goodness in time and place, so everything has really happened.  Change comes through time and evolution of Consciousness, becoming aware of this reality.  Divine Energy is perfect in each individual snowflake and in each star.  Therefore there is no hierarchy of importance; for God the Divine is all present in time and space.  Nothing is lost.  Evil is transmuted by the Mother’s love and wisdom.”

HENRY:  “That sounds good but how do people evolve if it is all there?”

AIDEN: “As this evolution expands, the wider the area that is comprehended, the greater and nobler the extension through many lives and states of a being.  A true alchemist knows what is going to happen by remembering what DID happen.  Only the virtues of love, beauty and truth are eternal.  The rest – evil – vanishes when it is recognised.”

LEESA: “How about our feelings of individuality – our emotions?”

ELAINE:  “Without the humblest creature born of the Mother, the Divine Being would be incomplete. Think of it all as a vast Persian carpet, our many life paths.  We only see a tiny part of the carpet - as seen by those in Plato’s Cave in Greek philosophy. “All the world’s a stage” says Shakespeare.  We choose to play in various dramas.  Every folk story or fairy tale has deeper meaning.  Shamans show the starry heavens as a picture book.  We identify with Hercules – Ariadne – these adventures teach us our own lives are projections into the wonderful eternal divine pattern.”

LEESA:  “I often have the feeling it’s all happened… That we are here working through the mystery of the Unseen Lover.  So many myths are telling us our inner longings.”

HENRY:  “This does explain why people adore epics and operas and paintings and stories.  We are buying into the dramas of our own story.  The Gods are really our teachers who know more than us and are teachers of the Arts.”

AIDEN:  “But we can also help the teachers remember it.  Deities still speak to humans who will listen and always have through Oracles, through the World religions.  Let us invoke such an African Wise One, the Mother Goddess Nana Buluku.”

ELAINE:  “Let us gather at dawn as the sun rises, here by the Holy River Mwenezi.”



AIDEN:   “On the wide circling earth, on all the myriad earths and shining stars, You Preside, the All Mother, Nana Buluku.  Bestow on us your Oracle.”


“We who are Mothers know the secret of every heart.  For this cosmos is not made of only an interlocked grid of far-seeing Shamans and thousands of strange creatures in every kind of earth. Wonderful as are coloured stones and richly filled oceans and towering trees, and the brightly patterned sky with planet encircling Stars, there is nothing more creative and wonderful than hidden dreams!  Within every heart, whether it is the crawling hairy caterpillar or the flying bats at night – within each is the hidden longing for the Other.

A butterfly seeks the mysterious stranger as do the roaring animals in the African jungles.  The atom seeks its small solar system as keenly as does a sun looking for its dark haven within a galactic black hole.  A black hole leads each sun to Heaven as certainly as a baby longs to be born from within the dark womb.

There is now boredom in the cosmos.  There is all art, music, architecture, that enshrines the omnipresent goal, the ideal – a lovely person in a garden – the avatar – is incomplete each without The Other.  Without the Other the most powerful life is meaningless.

When you find joy, love, vision, truth – share it with the Others.  Then what you love with will increase infinitely, for the Other is the Divinity you lack.  Perfection is your goal – through the Others.  There is your hidden Gold.”

ELAINE: “We give thanks for this Oracle, given to us through the dedication of our Visionary.”

AIDEN:  “Henry, I will be your path guide, if you accept me.  Lie on this couch and enter trance state.”

HENRY:  “I am well read in occultism.  This is a form of hypnotism.  I expect that’s it.  I feel, rather sleepy.  (LIES ON COUCH AND SHUTS HIS EYE, OR RATHER ONE EYE.  THE OTHER IS WATCHING AIDEN.)

AIDEN: “Both eyes.”

HENRY:  “Oh, all right. This is a scientific experiment.  I choose to cooperate.”

AIDEN: Good. You are sleepy.”


AIDEN:  “Henry, can you see with your eyes shut.”

HENRY:  “OK.  But I just want to say about all this Other business, The Other should be attractive.  Don’t produce various ethical virtues and a plain woman, or people.  I choose my Others.  They must have brains.  Intellectual.”

AIDEN:  “Ah, we’ve provided them all right.  They are as attractive and intellectual… They are in the room in which you find yourself…by the way, this is not hypnosis.  It is the most powerful projection known.”

HENRY:  “You’re right there.  Your technique is brilliant.  The room is real.”

AIDEN: “Give us an accurate report of what you experience.”

HENRY: “I’m in what looks like a very up-to-date laboratory.  Just the sort of place we need in Africa.  And surely here at last are the scientific Western Others. There is one rather plain woman who is arguing against some experiment she calls cruel and unnecessary.  Curious.  I like controversy.  Yet not one of them looks at me.  Why?  Then I look down.  I have hairy legs.  Outrageous! What has happened?  Is this a real projection?  I have thin hairy legs with monkey feet.  And I’m imprisoned in a cage.  Remove this projection at once!

ELAINE: “Once the projection is validified – it’s valid.  You must finish it.  You are a primate.  Rather a fine one, doubtless attractive to monkey Others.”

HENRY: “I still have my intelligence.  This is one of those occult tests they tell of, to access my intelligence.  Darwinism.  I have to release myself from this humiliating form by proving to these scientists that I am their equal.  I try to get their attention by rattling on the bars in semaphore.  They begin to stare.  Then I begin talking to them.  I say I am a human being, a university graduate, and appear to be undergoing an occult initiation.  Give me some paper and I will prove I know differential calculus.

At least that is what I mean.  But it comes out in monkey chatter.  I try to impress them by meaningful gestures.  I have at last made some impression…The woman defends me.
“Isn’t he sweet?  I suppose you will go through with the experiment.”  A young man near her says “I don’t care for experiments on primates.  But I was convinced by the argument that this may benefit thousands of people through the proposed inoculation.  Also he’s cost a huge amount.”

An elderly man says “I’m sick of this bleeding heart business of the anti-vivisection lobby.  They ought to think of dying human-beings.  Let’s begin shortly.”

They wheel my cage into a smaller room filled with terrifying instruments that make me think of the Spanish Inquisition. Suddenly black fear overcomes me.  I am terrified of torture.  One of them asks. “Do we give an anaesthetic?”

Another man says: “They could make the findings inconclusive.  It must be no contamination with chemicals.”

I shake the bars of my cage and begin to scream.  I cannot imagine any human would be as anguished and cry like this.  My hot tears splash my face.

The woman who was against the experiment tries to persuade them again.  “Can’t you see he is absolutely terrified?”  Again they speak of human needs.  She is so repelled that they threaten to make a gagging order on the spot if she “whistle blows” in opposition, reporting them for cruelty to animals.  She will be black-listed in her career, and lose her considerable pension.

It’s strange.  I can look into her mind.  She realises the only way she can stop this torture is to kill me.  She has no care for her career and pension.  She knows what is right.  She says to me: “My poor friend, go to a Better world.”  And she plunges her poisonous syringe into my arm.”

HENRY RETURNS FROM TRANCE WITH A JERK, AND SITS BOLT UPRIGHT: "From now on, call me Mwe! Now are you going to get Leesa to project too?"
ELAINE LAUGHS:  “Leesa has had her trance.  She projected into your drama through her telepathic gift – she has empathy.”

LEESA: “Mwe, I love you.  What I hope for is that you will bring all your scientific know-how to our joint dream of building the Rainbow Paradise of Nana Buluku, Ile Ise, the House of Light.”


Recommended Reading:  “The Sayings of the Ancient One.” P.G.Bowen. “Teachings of the great Berber philosopher, Maylo Meya.”  Traditions of the Yuruba Tribe of Zimbabwe.  “The Black girl in her search for God.” Shaw.  “The Secret School”, Whitley Streiber

Note:  These Rites may be used for meetings of the Muses Symposium and the Arcadians.

Announcements from Olivia Robertson

For All Global Sites and Isian News
Received June 20, 2013
Sacred Places
All Ancient Faiths had deep roots in some earthly home, which meant the mother to them. We think of Jerusalem, Mecca, Glastonbury, The Great Pyramid, and above all the Sphinx.
I, Olivia, was told from Spirit, in 1948, that my brother and I were to work for a Centre of Light at Clonegal.  Clonegal is a mile from the meeting of the waters, where the castle is built, and where the river of healing, the Slaney, is joined by the river of the Oak, the River Derry. Where they join, there is an island of swans.
In a vision, I was shown by angelic beings, a view of the castle from the sky.  Light poured from the castle, and I gathered the source of the light was from the well of Truth, St. Brigid’s Holy Well.
For some years, my brother worked on energy coming from the granite from which the castle is built - some underground source of psychic power, and also the white and silver power, like water, descending from the sky into the well.  My brother was told from Spirit, that the well was for the healing of Ireland, and that the rainbow colours emanating from the dark, black earth energy from underneath the dungeon, was for the world. We were told to welcome people from all over the world, for healing, blessing, and psychic vision.
At this time of the new aeon, 2013, I feel we are to activate this sacred place of Dana, Tara, and Brigid, Danann goddesses of Ireland.
All three have come to me in visions along with the Archangel Michael and the God Aengus Og
On the grounds, at an angle to the Castle, is the old abbey ruin, with a magnificent stone altar. These act as priory of the noble order of Tara. We have performed ceremonies there regularly, at the grove of trees in the wilderness near the lake and the island which is the cauldron of the god Dagda, and river Derry of the goddess Morrigan. This is the grove of the Druid Clan of Dana, where ceremonies have been held for many years.
The Rainbow Circle of Brigid has the honour of giving forth the well water to those in need. Each cup represents the holy grail of the new aeon.  All members spread Brigid’s rainbow rays throughout the world for healing, sent forth with wisdom and love.  Any solitary member can enjoy the healing and vision from the well and from the rainbow rays of Brigid, Love, Beauty and Truth
Olivia, assisted by Marian Smiles and Minette Quick, of the Rainbow Circle of Brigid.

  Notice received June 18, 2013:
From Olivia Robertson & The Circle of Brigid

The Fellowship of Isis advises new members or seekers to practise discernment in joining individual groups and taking classes. There have been some individuals operating under the name of the Fellowship who are not genuine, and have inappropriate intentions in misusing the literature of the Fellowship of Isis.  We advise you to confirm the authenticity of your proposed teacher through the authorised websites of the Fellowship of Isis, who maintain up to date listings of all authentic Iseums & Lyceums, Groves of the Druid Clan of Dana, and the Noble Order of Tara.
Notice received June 16, 2013:
To all Global Sites and Isian News

Olivia Durdin Robertson has arranged for all ceremonies at Clonegal Castle to be facilitated by the Circle of Brigid, the Druid Clan of Dana, and the Noble Order of Tara. A general plan has been approved, including her family. This is part of a general plan to protect the future Fellowship of Isis from inappropriate use.

News from Members and Centers

Announcements from Members

After being out of print for more than six years and with prices for that out-of-print first edition rising to $400 or more, Isis Magic is back in a revised and expanded 10th anniversary edition.

Writer Normandi Elliis, author of Awakening Osiris and Dreams of Isis, says of this new edition, “I am thrilled that this pivotal book is being reissued. Whether you know Her well, or whether She has called you to know her more intimately, this book will bring you closer to Isis as an embodiment of the eternal presence of mystery, healing and love. This book is indeed Isis Magic at its best.”  (To see more reviews of Isis Magic, please visit

Isis Magic has served as a resource and inspiration for a wide range of people. Historical novelist Stephanie Dray used it to research the religion of Isis for her three-novel series on the life of Cleopatra’s daughter, Cleopatra Selene. Importantly, it has been a valuable guide for the thousands of women and men who have used it to create or deepen their personal relationship with one of the most well-known and well-loved Goddesses of all time, the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

Isis Magic begins with a well-researched and in-depth history of the nature and worship of Isis from Her ancient Egyptian origins to the modern day. In this first part of the book, readers discover the many faces of Isis, from Ancient Bird of Prey Goddess and Lady of Magic to Queen of the Mysteries, Savior, and Mistress of Hermetic Wisdom. Readers will learn how Isis later became disguised as a Black Madonna, a historical Queen of Egypt, and even as an Alchemical Principle—as well as how Her true identity as a Goddess was retained in the inner teachings of some secret societies. Finally, readers follow Isis into the 20th and 21st centuries as Her undisguised worship is revived, first by colorful personalities like Dion Fortune and influential groups such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and today by worldwide associations like the Fellowship of Isis.

The book’s second half applies this knowledge to a four-part spiritual journey to the heart of the Goddess. With each step, the reader enters a successively deeper stage of relationship with Isis. By participating in exercises, meditations, and powerful, beautifully written rituals, readers can initiate themselves into the magical religion of Isis and become, if they so desire, Her dedicated priestess or priest.

The 10th anniversary edition includes a variety of new rituals—including new initiatory rites and a same-sex wedding ceremony—as well as new meditations, illustrations, and photographs.

Written by M. Isidora Forrest, an ordained Priestess of Isis and Hermetic Adept, Isis Magic brings the worship of Isis to life. It is the perfect resource to aid the individual seeker, to inspire a circle, coven, or Iseum, or to serve as a program of spiritual growth and personal development for those called by Isis to be Her priestesses and priests.

Isis Magic is available via the publisher’s website, for $29.95 (the same price as the original edition of more than 10 years ago). Other retail outlets are also being investigated.

FOI Events

Seasonal Festivals - Clonegal Castle/FOI Foundation Centre hosted by FOI co-founder Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson and the Circle of Brigid. FOI Foundation Centre at Clonegal Castle offers gatherings by invitation only at Clonegal Castle on Samhain, Winter Solstice, Brigantia, Spring Equinox, Beltaine, Summer Solstice, Lughnasadh and the Autumn Equinox. These festivals are by invitation only. They are the preferred time for FOI members to visit Clonegal Castle. For information about dates and invitations, contact the members of the Circle of Brigid listed directly below. Please include “FOI Invitations” in the subject line. Honorary Secretary, Circle of Brigid:

The Goddess is Alive In Long Beach!
There are many upcoming and wonderful events scheduled for 2013 at Iseum/Lyceum of the Nubian Moon. Call Ravenmoon MaKafia for any info: 562-627-5697, or 714-686-3341Full and New/Black Moon rituals are conducted every month at the Lyceum Of The Nubian Moon. Each phase, we have "guest Gods, and Goddesses, We also put names in the "Sacred Cauldron" on parchment and ask for "Healing, Strength, and Prosperity".  If you want your name to go into the Sacred Cauldron please send it to

The Fellowship of Isis Utah a.k.a. Iseum of Muth or Lyceum of Auset and Heru em Aakhuti, holds public rites to the Goddess Isis of 10,000 Names every second Sunday of the month at 2 pm at Crone's Hollow, 2470 S. Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah.  Current information on dates and times can be found on the Isis of Utah Webpage at

Fellowship of Isis Utah also holds a public meet & greet the fourth Friday of each month at Crone's Hollow, 6 pm, to discuss Isis, Queen of Heaven and other Goddess related Egyptian esoteric concepts.  Also the Grove of Isis and Uta (Druid Clan of Dana) will outline upcoming plans at the meet and greets. 

The temple was founded by Kasey E. Conder, Pr. H. SA., in 2008.  The Lyceum of Auset of Heru em Aakhuti, also founded by him, focuses on studying and teaching the esoteric sciences and Egyptian & other many cultural Mysteries connected with the great goddess Isis. The Temple of Isis Utah (Fellowship of Isis Utah) is the host for Isis Fest 2012. Full details can be found at  Telephone: 801.755.4419 E-mail: Held at Murray Lodge #33 Odd Fellows Hall, 8698 Center Street, Sandy, Utah Website: 

Women’s Prayer Circle: The Buffalo Messenger Family cordially invites you to participate in a women’s prayer circle to honor our Creator’s instructions for women of all faith traditions to join in prayer with all of our relations and begin to activate the energy of the sacred feminine with the pure intention for the People of all Nations to return to a spiritual path of living. Please make the time to make a difference . All life is a Sacred gift from Creator. Let us leave our children and all of our relations with the gift of a better world to live in. Mitakuye Oyasin.
Where:  Nemacolin Woodlands Prayer Lodge site at Millioke Meadows, Farmington, Pennsylvania.
When:  Every Sunday
Time:  1pm - 2:30pm
Come with a clean heart, grateful mind, humble spirit and with the faith of a child.
Please call with any questions :Reverend Susan W. Ferraro 412-973-6300.

Sunday Services hosted by Rt. Rev. Loreon Vigne at the Temple of Isis, Isis Oasis, Geyserville, California. 2pm - 4 pm. The Temple of Isis is a fully recognized non-profit organization (separate from Isis Oasis Retreat Center and the Isis Society for Inspirational Studies), which does not follow concepts normally associated with traditional religion, striving rather to create an entirely new path of spiritual experience that we affectionately call, Catma. There is no sermon, yet a Priestess or Priest of Isis will be in attendance to guide each Sunday afternoon. Begin with a private meditation in the small Isis Chapel or on the grounds under the 500+ year old Douglas Fir tree. At the Grand Temple we will gather at 2 PM to partake of the program of the day, which could take many forms -- video, song, dance, readings -- all selected for its pertinence to our topic. This will be followed by a sharing of ideas. We will gather in the Pavilion for tea at 4 PM. Our Sunday temple program is designed to teach subjects such as: ecology, science, archeology and other subjects that promise to enrich and enhance our lives. No fee is charged for the days activities, although any donations will be gratefully accepted. This offering is open to all interested in the wonders of nature, who wish to Bridge the gap of the ancient past and the present, creating a new era.  Loreon may be contacted at
For information and an update of events, please visit

Don’t miss the Fellowship of Isis Convocation, scheduled for October at Isis Oasis! The event starts Friday evening, October 11 and ends Monday afternoon, October 14, 2013. The deities honored this year are Isis and Osiris. Scheduled presenters include sacred dancer Le’ema Kathleen Graham, Isidora Forrest, author of “Isis Magick” and “Offerings to Isis” – deTraci Regula, author of “Mysteries of Isis” – Arisa Victor, author of “High Magick” – Linda Iles, author of “Bast, Cat Goddess of Ancient Egypt”. Other presentations will be offered by Heather Salmon, Lilith Babelon, Gnostic Mass officiated by Elizabeth Kelley, Adoration of Isis and Osiris officiated by Zarita Zook, and a wonderful play by Loreon Vigne on Saturday evening. For more information, please visit

Our Lady’s Prayer Circle, founded by Prs. H. Diveena and late Prs. H. Barbara Lee Westlake. The 13th of every month. The circle was founded on Winter Solstice December 2005 through a vision quest on Mount Shasta. Diveena and Barbara Lee Westlake initiated this circle on the 13th day beginning January 2006 to honor the Goddess and to acknowledgment her power on the 13th day of the month. This was incited by the apparitions that took place in Fatima Portugal that progressed for a year in which all the visitations occurred on the 13th day of the month with recorded healings and miracles. Since January 13, 2005 many others have joined us to hold and help create the energy of healing and miracles of love. Contact Diveena at:  Website:

Iseums and Lyceums – College of Isis
From Caroline Wise: “On Friday May 10th London 'Iseum of 10000 Names', facilitated by Christine Rhone, enacted The Mystical Awakening of Taurus, with a spontaneous Oracle of Isis. This potent rite connects Isis to Taurus which makes perfect sense as she wears the horned headdress and in the Mystery Schools, Serapis her consort takes the form of the Starry Bull. Carol Lewis  led the ceremony.” The rite was open to any member who wished to attune. The ceremony started at 7.30 GMT.
The Uta-Ha FOI Study Circle of the Great Salt Lake (Lyceum of Isis of Utah) attuned with other FOI members worldwide to the "Rite of Rebirth." Kasey Conder, Pr. H., writes: “Studying, meditating, exemplifying, trying to unravel the ancient goddess mystery on many personal, mythic, symbolic, allegorical, cosmic and nature levels in the many phases of consciousness. I know the rite can have a strong note to play within the string of natural laws. And yes, as always, greater consciousness of the Goddess can always be challenging but rewarding in cyclic nature of things. Blessings of Isis & Morrigan.
Iseum Rosa de Gaia from Brazil has now a Facebook page! We are offering healing, readings, spiritual support and sponsoring candidates through Adepthood.
Please, spread the word. FOI's community is growing around here!

Iseum Rosa de Gaia agora tem uma página no Facebook. Oferecemos trabalhos de cura, leituras e suporte espiritual, bem como orientações de candidatos pelo caminho do Adepto. Por favor, compartilhe. A comunidade FOI está crescendo por aqui!

Reports submitted by Sarah Rooke, Hierophant and founder of Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars, Portsmouth, UK:

Hernan Cacciatore was ordained as a Priest of the Morrigan, Nemetona and Hathor over the Spring Equinox. His new Iseum is named Arbol Sagrado. It is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Hernan Cacciatore gained his third magi degree of Moon Magic.

Rob and Danielle Blackstone were ordained as Priest of Hecate, Lilith and Athena and Priestess of Diana, Selene and Athena.

Sarah Rooke gained her 25th magi degree of Mystery of the Spheres.

Rev. Deborah Jayne Heaton-King gained her 5th magi degree of Earth Magic and was consecrated as a Priestess Hierophant. Her new Lyceum is called Weary Traveller and is based in Bedhampton.

Sarah writes: “I am pleased to report that the Rev. Gaynor Linnecor of the Iseum of Universal Learning based in Havant, UK, has gained her fifth magi degree of Earth Magic in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis.

New FOI Center: The Lyceum of Isis and Bast of the Moon by the Rev. Gemma Harrison in Portsmouth, UK.

Sarah Rooke: I am pleased to report that Nicole Sakarra of Portsmouth has gained her first magi degree of Leo and Sekhmet in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis.

I give her report below for Isian News

‘Leo and Sekhmet – Nicole Sakarra

As I went into the meditation, I felt a deep sense of being safe and secure, almost like I was a baby Hawk being nurtured and fed with knowledge, so that I can grow and fly the nest.  I was also very aware of an unknown presence or presences, although I did not know what or who it was I was not scared and I felt comforted by it.

I could feel my vibration lifting higher and higher, until I was encased in a merkabah type chariot, which carried me into Egypt into the temple at Thebes and then I was guided around the beautiful stars and constellations.  I had an overwhelming sense of connection and felt that knowledge that was once lost, has now been found and can be used for the higher good.

The Hawk kept appearing and the words “seeing is believing” kept popping into my mind; I had a strong message which was very clear that I need to learn sign language.

As I listened to the chanting, I could visualise a deep violet colour which changed to an almost lilac / white colour as the tones changed, in the middle I could see a golden ring which was spinning to the same vibration. The numbers 7, 44 & 77 kept coming into my mind, were they the frequencies used in the initiation chamber at Giza? Or perhaps healing frequencies? I’m not sure, but I do strongly feel that they are significant.

In the dancing part, I visualised a beautiful couple dancing gracefully, it was like watching a very old silent movie from the 20’s, she had a petal pink silk flowing dress with red hair dressed with a single large red rose and her partner was dressed in an old style smart suit. Watching them dance made me smile and glow with happiness, the more I watched them, their faces became clear, they were my grandparents Brigid and Felix McStravick. I now know as I re-connect to my past, i do not need to re-live the experience, I can carry forward the wisdom and live joyously in the future with the guidance of my grandmother Brigid.

The Hawk appeared again, but this time I saw it transform into the most amazing fiery Phoenix! The words “Burning transformation” were etched into my mind, reminding me of the power of the fire element and how it can transform people’s lives through spinning fire. I must keep the flame alive!

The presence I felt at the beginning of the meditation was indeed Sekhmet, but it wasn't clear to me until the end of the meditation when I received the message of "Burning transformation", then I felt an overwhelming fire within me and i clearly saw her image. I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but I felt like she had changed me somehow, it’s hard to put into words. In my Merkabah experience, I travelled through time and space to the constellation of Leo, it felt like I was a multi-dimensional being, the experience was quite breath taking and again quite hard to put into words, wish I could explain it more clearly.

I was delighted when I found out you were a Priestess of Sekhmet I have had an affinity with the Goddess Sekhmet,  for many years and been naturally drawn towards her, so it feels like a great honour to do this degree, thank you so much I feel truly blessed.”

Rev. Antonia Newlands of Glasgow has gained her fifth magi degree of Earth Magic in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis.

I give her report below for Isian News:

“The red tree of life within us glistens as our blood moves around our bodies.  The iron in the centre of the earth moves the earth’s magnetic field around the earth, the eternal flow of energy through the planet from north to south.  The iron in our blood responds to this and as we move within our bodies, both flesh and spirit are intrinsically in harmony with the psychic earth. Our emotions can be the vessel between our souls and our body so be mindful that emotions can block our connection with the earth.

The stone walls of the temple open with lights and become dolmens interlaced with trees, beyond stretches a pathway, leading from the veil to deep within the Otherworld.  Ma'at the Initiator stands at the start of the path, offering sustenance and reminding us that this is a journey we make willingly, empowered by our free will.

I see myself as a blackened dying tree to the north west of the circle of trees and stones.  I ask to receive the blessings of the earth.  The elements, air, fire, water and the ether flow from the east, south, west and north through my roots.  At the apex of their cross, the earth light flows from beneath, removing all blocks nourishing the tree.  The earthly facade drops the branches and leaves and i become the tree of life.  A meteorite flows into my heart and floods my being with light. 

As the butterflies emerge, my tree of life is filled with indigo and purple light.  I stand in the light and honour the Earth Mother, she who is an intrinsic part of me, and all the animals which live in unity.

I see the nymphs of the water join with the shepherd of the land and this gives rise to the song which flows around the earth.

As Babh appears I become part of the green hills and the rivers which run between them.  She shows me that the lodestone of sovereignty for me is the earth itself and bade me sit on ground.

I see Macha’s shining sword and it penetrates the earth, creating blessing with their union. I see the sword as running through me connecting me to the psychic earth grid, connecting the land beneath my house to the psychic earth grid and happening symbolically in the Otherworld.

I could see images of both the four pointed and eight pointed star.  I was contented with my nourishment in tree form and did not feel drawn to eating any of the food in the banquet.”

I am delighted to announce that Les Hooper has gained his first magi degree of Moon Magic in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis

I give his report below for Isian News:

“From the moment I dressed my altar and prepared myself for the invocation, I felt a great closeness to the Triple Goddess, as if I had made a special connection.  As I travelled to the Land of Tara and into the Grove of Diana, I felt as if I had come home.  I felt at one with my past, the present moment and the future.

As the grove performed the ritual, the words became a blur and I only heard the names of each goddess in turn, while feeling a very special connection with Hecate, the Dark Mother, as if she had a special plan and was directing my way forward into the future.  I feel she has always been there directing the different stages of my life, the visions that she has opened up for me are sometimes overwhelming and I have to step back to receive and understand these messages.

Being a traveller myself, I felt more connected with the Dark Mother Hecate of the Crossroads, where all paths meet and all things are reconciled.  I felt the gift of intuition and looked within the Dark Mother’s reflecting mirror and as we travelled onward, I fell into the silence of meditation.   There was an overwhelming serenity, a connection to plants, animals and humans alike, as if we were all equal, as brothers and sisters.

As the ritual continued, I kept experiencing the Dark Mother speak and understood every word she said.  While the universe unfolds before me, this initiation into the FOLI has many hidden messages and I finally feel I have a few answers to the questions I have been asking and look forward to the path opening up before me.   I give thanks to all aspects of the Triple Goddess and bow before her.”

Tarnia Spaven has gained her first magi degree of Sun Magic (Solar Life Force) in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis

I give her report below for Isian News:

“This is my first magi degree and when standing by the ancient well, when my forehead was anointed with water I felt myself light up and my aura expand away from my body.

Moving with everyone down the yew avenue and through the red door I felt comfortable and at ease but excited with anticipation.

The Oracle of Kundalini spoke and what she had to say hit a chord within me.  I too will only do as I will and not by the will of others.  I got down on my knees and kissed the earth and felt at one with my connection.

When the planets were invoked I became tingly all over when Mercury, the winged one, was speaking.

I felt at peace when Isis-Ra was chanted and the singing bowls created a buzzing inside me, especially the deeper of the tones.  I saw the colours red, orange and yellow intermingling and swirling around me.  When the chanting started again I saw a serpent rising out of the singing bowl and turn toward me before disappearing into a gaseous smoke.  I prefer the lower tones of the singing bowls they made me feel more comfortable than the higher octaves.

I started to chant in my head along with everyone else and saw all our auras rise as one above us and swirl like white smoke to dissipate into the air and universe.

The arising of the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, brought tears to my eyes, I felt very emotional and could feel a vibration deep in my chest.  I feel so much lighter and she was so beautiful.

With the spiral dance, a cone of energy was formed above our heads.  Spiralling white light arose from the centre of the circle and in the middle was a bright six pointed star.  It spiralled to the heavens emanating the brightest of white lights.

I feel very much connected to Kundalini and everything that touches my aura and energy.

What surprises me about Sun Magic is how many spirals I saw all moving from the Earth to the Universe making me feel even more connected to the planets and stars than before.  Also I have had with me all afternoon and evening a bright glow in my solar plexus.

This has been a very powerful experience for me.”

Rev. Gaynor Linnecor of the Iseum of Universal Learning, Havant, UK, has gained her fourth magi degree of Sun Magic (Solar Life Force) in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis.

I give her report below for Isian News:

“As I contemplate and invoke relaxation as the sun Magus, the Sun is making short appearances at the end of the winter and beginning to herald the warmth of the spring and summer times to come; even though this year, it’s a late arrival. I began my meditation and it was a bit of a dull day and as I began listening to the tape the Sun burst in through my window like a messenger with an urgent message

My altar/heart & hearth was dusted down decorated with daffodils and Ivy. I added a bowl of burning frankincense & myrrh. I placed 7 candles and some chalice well water up on Hearth and Heart. I felt grounded and ready to facilitate and invoke the magic of the sun.

As my Altar was now ready, I bathed in a fragrant ritual bath listening to relaxing music as I tuned into myself, Mine own core identity. I was happy again to hear my ever growing dear friend Olivia ready and waiting to guide me. I call the bath my office as it’s the only place right now in the big scheme of things that I am getting complete and relaxed, me time.

Upon returning to my altar I sat before a wood fire burning. As I got myself into a comfortable position, I relaxed and felt the presence of the sun and universal deities already

After anointing my brow a lovely relaxed feeling came over me. Remarkably as I began, the Goddess Kundalini was at the foot of my fire place, she looked curvy and shiny much like a snake does when it is in full health. I begin to tune further into my instinct, invoking the times of Scorpio where I felt a deep emotional, animal and base chakra sense of reality. I meditated further and upon a tingly feeling in my base chakra, felt the ocean waving over me. I could see a flame in the south east glowing and lighting up shimmering’s of two rivers coming from the ocean, as my senses tingled I knew the Goddess Kundalini was protecting me and ushering me forward.

I came to a place where red trees and 7 hills were obvious in my view and on contemplating the hills, I understood them like they were chakra temples. As I relaxed further a brightly shining temple of gold and silver appeared sat between the two rivers. I moved towards the warm autumn sun rise glow that was surrounding me and my view..

The Goddess Ama-terasu radiantly glowing, let herself be known to me and surrounded by silver and gold flames, asked me to open myself up to healing. She embraced me and whispered the healing fires will bring new energy and new life to my world. I took a deep breath and found myself in garden where a small snake slithered around the back of me, catching my attention it spiralled up my body and sat upon my shoulder. It was an intense feeling, as I began allowing the essence of its coiling energy to fold its way around me and within me. Kundalini work is not something I have been working with for many years. This powerful serpentine energy circled around me and began to emanate from within me in a very friendly and gentle fashion. I was happy to integrate the serpent energy into my esoteric existence

As I journey on and the 7 planets all represented by beautiful silver and gold’s seemed to leave their imprint within me. A strong windy breeze carried me and as I landed on  tiptoe like a ballet dancer, I moved from planet to planet. A dream I have had often all of my life. I felt at home. I felt comfortable and known by all the practitioners, magicians, priests and priestesses. They smiled and blessed me as my journey continued

As with Kundalini energy, I am used to its intensity and the coiling became tighter but reassuring. I felt loved, held, empowered and protected. As the magus, I invited the Goddesses, priests and priestesses to sit with for a short while. This felt distinctly like I was sat with myself. The Sun bursts through the window of my living area and I felt blessed and enlightened.

I came to my feet I addressed my Altar and lighting each one of the seven candles, I offered my respect to the cosmos and the planets within it. The candles blew raggedly at first and then soon settled into seven bright burning flames, all though dimming to allow the spring sun to shine through the window, like it was calling me outside.
I stepped out into my garden, as I felt the calling and continued to meditate. I was enveloped in a bright yellow, like I had never seen before and even began to wonder if my neighbours could see it..

As I began to draw to a close by grounding in my garden, I dug my hands into the soil beneath and the light got brighter as though to say yes yes stay grounded. As above, so it be below. What is in the Heaven it be in your life. The Sun Goddess was loving me and I her, I was finding self-love in the coiling and warm energy of  Sun Magi and merging with the energy of the Sun Gods and Goddesses, priests and priestesses loved everyone and everything else.”

Rev. Nicole Sakarra of Portsmouth, Hants, UK, has been ordained as a Priestess of Sekhmet, Brighid and Artemis in the Fellowship of Isis.

Groves – Druid Clan of Dana

Druid Grove of Bega, Penzance, Cornwall, ArchDruid Alex Langstone: Our Grove seems as popular as ever with handfasting ceremonies, healing requests and live poetry performances. I will also be leading a group of people around some of the psychic hotspots which have featured in my book, Spirit Chaser: the Quest for Bega. As part of The Network of Ley Hunters Autumn Moot, I will lead an exploration around the shore of Bassenthwaite Lake, Cumbria, UK on Wednesday September 11. The day will feature guided walks, talks and meditations all on the theme of St Bega and the energies of the sacred land. FFI  contact me
Danu Forest, ArchDruidess writes: “Such a wonderful ceremony at the foot of Glastonbury Tor, I feel so blessed to have got the Grove of the Avalon Sidhe off to such a good start, the goddess and the gods were with us, together with the sunshine and the first apple blossom! blessed be!” The event took place on Sunday, May 5th.  Danu also writes: “I am really thrilled and feel so honoured! i have received some lovely feedback and endorsement for my new book 'The Druid Shaman' from the wonderful Philip Shallcrass, head of the British Druid Order! What a blessing! AWEN /I\.”
ArchDruidess Thalia Brown offered attunement for a ceremony for the bees on May 18th. She writes: “The ceremony and templates for the Bee goddess icons will be free to download in the Grove of the White Hart of Avalon Facebook group. You are welcome to join the group or pm me for the Bee ceremony info. Please request to join The White Hart of Avalon if you would like to be part of this Druid Grove.

Reports from ArchDruidess Sarah Rooke of Grove of Cerridwen and the Grail, Portsmouth, UK:

Antonia Newlands gaining her initiation into the Druid Clan of Dana as a Druidess.

Sarah writes: I am pleased to report that Nicole Sakarra of Portsmouth has been initiated as a Druidess in the Druid Clan of Dana. Here is her report:

“As I went deep into the meditation I could feel a healing electrical energy running through my hands, this beautiful energy radiated throughout my body, lighting up my aura and it filled my soul with love and light. This prepared me to face the ordeal of Dana, with her help I can immerse myself fully into the light and I can bring my healing gifts to those that need and want it. 

Who are my soul friends? I choose:

Stone: Malachite which is a powerful emotional cleanser helping to remove past traumas, and negative emotions, to bring harmony into my life.

Plant: Lavender which has a soothing and calming effect on the nerves and can ease the stress on my mind.
Tree: Apple Tree which has long been regarded as the possessor of healing and magical qualities, the symbol of beauty and fruitfulness.

Insect: Bee which has shown me that where there is dance there is nectar. Dance is a universal language which has no boundaries.

Sea Dweller: Dolphin for its maternal, caring, protective and sensitive nature which flows through me.
Reptile: Chameleons can detect sound frequencies between 200–600 Hz and can see in both visible and ultraviolet light. It has been proven in Chameleons that ultraviolet light has a positive effect on the pineal gland. More sunshine please!!

Bird: Phoenix representing the sun which dies each night and is reborn each morning. The Phoenix always rises from its own ashes!

Animal: Lioness  “The mere size of the brain has been proved to be no measure of superiority. The woman has greater moral courage than the man; she has also special gifts which enable her to govern in moments of danger and crisis. If necessary she can become a warrior.” ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in London, UK Bahá’í Publishing Trust, 1982 reprint, pg. 172. The qualities of a lioness:

Star: Sirius as a reminder to be the brightest star in the sky and heralding a hot and dry summer.
I invoke the Goddess of Dana and I feel embraced and touched by her love and comforted by her presence.
The Labyrinth reveals to me the hidden fire which helps me to prepare for the second ordeal of Morrigan the black crow, the goddess of war, death and passionate love.  I feel empowered by her presence and I can feel her strength within me and I seek her prophetic gifts for which I give thanks.

The last ordeal is with the Triple Goddess Brigid, the Celtic goddess of fire (the forge and the hearth), poetry, healing, childbirth, and unity. I feel so inspired by her and with her help I am willing to learn all I can from her.”
Rev. Deborah Jayne Heaton-King also founded a Grove in the Druid Clan of Dana called Cerridwen and Taliesin, based in Bedhampton, Hants.

I am delighted to announce that Les Hooper has become initiated as a Druid in the Druid Clan of Dana by undertaking the Rite of Dana.

I give his report below for Isian News:

“As I visualise myself in the land of destiny, I follow the light into the valley, where there is a magnificent castle.  Here the Rite of Dana is explained to me.  All the history and meaning that is involved in living a daily Druid life.

1st trial – Morrigan

I was asked to undergo three trials and I agreed and was led on my first trail into the realms of the Sidhe and the Morrigan.

As I was led through the archway, a tall thin figure appeared, elegant and spoke in a language I had never heard before, but strangely enough what he said made perfect sense,  He told me that he was my guide in the land of the Sidhe and in time everything will come together and make sense to me.   I thanked him and he left.

2nd trial – Dana

As I entered Dana’s labyrinth, initially I felt lost.  It was at this moment that my guide appeared and began to explain, as we headed for the centre of the maze. 

Each path that we undertake to travel defines our lives, and if I follow the maze of Dana, it will lead me to where I need to go.  As we walked, the labyrinth became a straight pathway to the centre.

3rd trial – Brighid

As I faced the third ordeal, I was calm and was led by my guide to a holy well, surrounded by blooming hawthorn and parts of the entrance was in the shadows of a stand of hazel.

As the Goddess appeared, she spoke and told me that with the help of my guide, I will be shown all manner of intuition, prophecy and healing.  I was also told that all of nature is connected and if I ask the help of any of my brothers and sisters of the animal world, I will be given help of any of our cousins the trees and herbs, they will help me

And finally, I was told that all rocks and stones are also there to help me on my path of healing and empowerment. As she left, she gave me a red shining stone, a ruby, and was told this is my healing stone and to use it well.

I gave thanks and said goodbye to the Goddess.  As I returned to the now, I could hear the most wonderful music and danced my way home.  I said farewell to my guide and gave thanks.”

Priories – Noble Order of Tara

Report from Sarah Rooke, Dame Commander, Priory of Cerridwen and the Grail, Portsmouth, UK: “I am pleased to report that the Rev. Heather Charnley has been consecrated as a Dame Commander in the Noble Order of Tara.  Her new Priory is called Caer Drywen.

Solar Iseums of Alchemy

From Sarah Rooke, Solar Alchemist of Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars: “I am pleased to be able to announce that the Rev. Thomas J Brown II, of the Solar Iseum of Anu and Beli in Connell, Washington, USA, has gained his 5th magi degree of Sun Magic in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis. 
I give his report below for Isian News: 

“This ritual was performed at the Summer Solstice.   I prepared for the rite by ritually bathing and engaging in open meditation to attune the forces that are alive in the corporeal world/realm.  It should be noted that I performed this rite to meet the requirements of a 5th Degree Magi in the Fellowship of Isis. 

“This rite started very different from the last two rituals I had done.  For example, I called upon a different gatekeeper…So when the gates were opened and I called to the spirits of the ancestors, the land, and the gods there was a very different feel.

As part of the ‘Deities of the Occasion’, I invoked the sun gods and goddesses of the rite, recalling I would perform with the ‘Oracle of the Goddess Kundalini’.

I took an omen using the Ogham system and received Nin (connection) as the spiritual realm of the Ancestors, Idad (Memory) from the Nature Spirits and Edad (Vision) from the  Gods and Goddesses.  I interpreted this omen to mean, ‘The connection of the ancestors holds the memory of the land and provides vision of a greater purpose’. This was a good omen, since this rite focuses on drawing power from an inner fire. The prayer of offering and the blessing brought together energies as I attuned to the forces of the sun and planets. The actual rite was completed during the magical working section.  I read the ‘Oracle of the Goddess Kundalini and settled deeper into a trance like state with the help of my spirit animal, the boar, which brought me to the hawk to help me with this journey.  I became aware of my five senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell and set out to do the work.  I worked through the seven holy planets and that was enlivened in each.

This work invoked caution so as not to get burned. To be prepared for the work, I further invoked a series of Divine Mothers who would guard my path from this day forth.  The working ties in with the virtues practiced by many sorcerers, but showed me that even the most skilled can get burned in the light.  With each invocation, the power seemed to rise and envelope my whole being. I felt the goddess place her hands, heart and shoulders and interlock with the rising power.  I placed my hands on my heart and then struck the ground twice with my fist.  I remained for a time in trance, feeling an inner glow, while contemplating the harmony of the spheres.   

I ended the rite in the usual manner and then re-read the ‘Allegory of the Cave’ by Plato.  I think inspiration was manifested in this rite and an oracle will be revealed with future work.”

Muses Symposium
Awakening the Sacred Python - The African Primordial Mother
by Ayele Kumari

Part I.

Isis ( Auset/ Esi)  depicted as the Serpent Mother

One of the most ancient forms of the divine feminine is undoubtedly as a snake. Part woman, part reptilian, this primordial goddess is laced into our humanity from our DNA code to our ecology.   Further still, it is linked to our cosmic origins and the mysteries of the universe itself. So primal and pervasive is this serpent mother that we can still find her reach as a symbol in modern medicine as well as in the bush rituals of indigenous Africa.  Some fear her, some reverie her, some seek out the mysteries of pleasure through her while others seek prophesy, power, or  immortality through her. While modern Christianity has made her evil, she is known worldwide as the essence of wisdom.

The journey to understand the serpent mother took me around the world as I uncovered more and more of her origins and nature of her energy.  The search led me to discover the vast amount of names that she may go by and also just how ancient she is.  I initially estimated her age to be at least 16,000 years old and dating back to the age of Scorpio. Every age had an avatar depicted through a new symbol. The age of Leo was depicted with the Lioness, Tefnut and Shekmet, the age of cancer, mermaids, the age of Taurus, the cow and bull, etc.  Scorpio is known for the snake and a large bird representing both ascension, transformation, and regeneration, all of which are the meanings behind the serpent mother. That said, it is very possible that the serpent mother has undergone several rebirths through the procession of the ages making it much older. Recent evidence has been found in South Africa of a carving on a mountain of a snake that is 70, 000 years old. With this in mind, the serpent mother is more likely to be more than 70,000 years old with Southern Africa as the home. This essay will cover the serpent goddess' primary African roots, Dravidian connection, and expression throughout the continent.

70,000 year old carved  python used in ancient rituals by people of South Africa.

The methodology in which my research took was through the synchronism of common themes and names. Linguistic studies offered a new dimension to understand the concepts because many of the same concepts are often thought different because they are spelled or pronounced differently. It is often forgotten that the English language and alphabet is insufficient to accurately define and express ancient and primordial concepts and sounds. The best we have is someone's interpretation of the word and their guess as to how that sound might be spelled in English. To that end, I have found that many crossover letters occur in the translation. Hard G and K seem to be intertwined as ng and ny are as well. Wa and au along with vowel letters are all interchangeable. M and N are also commonly mixed. These cultures have ancient  oral traditions that came to be expressed in a variety of ways. It is noticed that they may show traces and similarities in one area while others evolving completely different in the oral tradition of another culture.

In Egypt

Isis is known throughout the world. She is known as goddess of a thousand names. One of her oldest form seems to be as a snake known as Watchet.   Simultaneously she is merged with another form as a vulture known as Nekhebet. When they are expressing human traits, they are depicted as 2 women who are twins known as Auset and Neb-het. While they are often depicted as separate deities, they are actually the same one.  Kemetian culture expressed duality as two faces of the same one or in the form of twins. To that end, goddesses were not seen as separate but different aspects of the same whole.  Over time, the names and pronunciations changed but the essence still remain.

These represent forces within us that underly our internal life force and power.   The representation as twins symbolizes our own duality. The Wachet aspect represented our solar aspect while Nekhebet represented our lunar aspect. The synchronization of the two sides produced clear sight symbolized by the right and left eye of the goddess. We see depictions of the eye on thousands of ancient Egyptian artifacts as well as on the dollar bill.  The eye, also called the all seeing eye, was a symbol of awakening that happens from raising this serpent energy to its full potential.

The awakening of this energy sight to express balance in all areas of life. This was built upon the goddess Maat. Maat was seen as truth but not just in relationship to facts. Truth for Maat was also about the ability to see objectively all sides and have a balanced view. Only in that way could one see truth clearly. Since the twins represent our own duality, resolving our duality or embracing our lights and shadows is essential to expressing wholeness.

Another form of the serpent goddess is expressed as Mehen, the ancient Kemetian cobra oracle. This oracle was expressed as a coiled snake with 28-36 sections. Each section represented something differently and was aligned with the spine.  The goal was to get to the center of the coil which was considered the source. Mehen is documented as about 5,000 years old.

…. To be continued in the upcoming Samhain issue for 2013.


The Art of Meditation

Listening When the Goddess Whispers 
with the Voice of the Heart

By Hamsa Devi

Rituals are beautiful; and in Western tradition there is nothing more colourful and inspiring than the Isian and Danaan mystery dramas and initiation rites. It is beautiful to go on a vision quest, protected by the wings of the Goddess and in the safety of a group, which grants concealment and loving trust for the individual.

In the rituals of the Isian / Danaan and Tara liturgy we always have the topic „visions are shared.”  And it may be inspiring to share visions and inspirations with all participants after returning from such a vision quest. But it is also said that „an ear of barley is reaped in silence.” And it is in silence, where we may experience the „Heart-beat of the Cosmos“..which „sets moving all heart-beats, even the tiny pulse within a blade of grass.”

In the very first rite of the Isian liturgy – Dedication of a Shrine to Isis – a beautiful silent meditation is offered:

“Here follows the silence. Devotee may sit before the altar and visualise a still pool of lilies. Above is a sky with the remaining stars of night. On the left is the rising sun, on the right the setting full moon. In front is the Star of Isis, Sirius. Behind is the Pole Star. The devotee experiences communion with the Goddess. After the silence the visualised scene is allowed to fade. Now the devotee sends forth healing.” This instruction for a silent meditation is one of the jewels of the Isian liturgy, beautifully inspired by the Goddess Herself, but seldom being paid the attention it so well had deserved.

This meditation, as any well learned silent meditation, practised on a daily base, is healing and helpful for the practioner in many ways: it intensifies and deepens all experiences which one may have made during the participation in the Mystery Dramas and other initiation rites on the spiral path of the Goddess as presented in the Isian / Danaan / Tara liturgy; it increases self healing energies, clairvoyance and lucid dreaming, and last not least such a practice increases your attentiveness for others as well as for your own true needs.

Silent meditation, practiced preferably each day at the same time, starting with ten, and increasing bit by bit the length to twenty minutes helps to realize a kind of Goddess-Oneness-Consciousness, which cannot be described, but only experienced by those, who have the courage to question old viewpoints, dare paradicmatic changes and are prepared to experience metamorphosis of the self in an intensity for which the picture of the caterpillar changing into a butterfly is a most fitting symbol.

Books full of instructions for meditation fill whole libraries. And many students of Western Paths think, that meditation would be something very complicated and one would need to sit cross legged on the floor and chant strange syllables. And yes, spiritual paths offer all these practices for those, who like to sit cross legged and chant syllables.

But whatever your practice may be – walking the Path of the Goddess means to aspire after the development of loving compassion for all sentient beings and the realization of what I call “Goddess-Oneness-consciousness”.

“When worldly cares veil true vision, the passions clog the bright Fireblood that courses through the spiritual body, when evil emotions of anger, envy and jealousy corrode the soul, then not even the present is noticed or enjoyed! Life for the dulled soul imprisoned in foolish preoccupations and unhealthy feelings is no life but rather an existence, that flees by in passing time; yet to the depleted soul it is a long drawn-out waste land of boredom, excited only by transient stimulation. Thus a whole life-time may be wasted by those with eyes that cannot see, ears that cannot hear, and a spiritual will unused.”

The struggling Ego may wish leading us to think that meditation is very difficult or even too simple for us spiritually advanced individuals. Indeed the idea of loss of Ego automatically going together with loss of personality is one of the most widespread misunderstandings of Eastern concepts in the West. It is true that we may loose our personality in that sense, that we loose wrong ideas about our personality, such giving room to the realization of our true, divine Self, as a caterpillar looses his wormlike shape and leaves it’s cocoon of imprisoning conceptions. Now the caterpillar is transformed into a beautiful butterfly, spreading it’s coloured wings in the sun.

One of the most valuable meditation instructions Ive ever heard had been given during a Buddhist lecture, when the lama has been asked by a practioner, how one may calm one’s wandering thoughts:

“Relax, open the cage and let the bird fly.”

Sitting down for silent meditation thoughts start turning summersaults, as “Man is a lonely being surrounded by the creations of his own mind.”: pictures start shooting through our brain; all kinds of ordinary life scenes may rise up together with thoughts about our spiritual ideas, memories from our childhood, ideas about previous incarnations together with an image of past Friday’s shopping list. Don’t hold, don’t grasp, don’t judge or value; just let go. Concentration on breath may be helpful.

The attitude towards rising thoughts and pictures during silent meditation should be like the attitude we may have towards the wandering clouds in the sky. Do we think: “Oh – that is an absolutely WONDERFUL cloud; I love, love, love it; and that cloud there – it is sooo ugly and unpleasant – I truly hate it!” ??? No, we don’t react with such foolish feelings of attraction or rejection towards the clouds in the sky. The clouds are just there; and a moment later they have changed their shape and roll by; and all this has nothing to do with us.

In meditation, we develop this same attitude of being non-involved towards all rising thoughts, ideas and feelings. We neither encourage nor deny, supress or shriek back; bad feelings arise – okay let them arise and pass by as the clouds; joy, laughter, tears, let go – it is all part of your path towards the realization of your true divine self.

We let it all pass by as we let the clouds in the sky roll by without identifying with them or reacting towards them. In this way we may realize, what in Western translations of Eastern wisdom teachings is somehow inadequately translated with the term of the “emptiness of all phenomena.”

Western occultists often associate with the term „emptiness“ in the context of spiritual development the idea of a nihilstic worldview, hostile to life, cold towards the suffering of our fellow beings. And indeed this may be a trap on the path, if -without fitting instructions from a spiritual teacher- emptiness is misunderstood. But we must not see emptiness as a contrary to fullness. No, emptiness is just a term to describe a certain state of the mind, which is beyond words.

In Mahayana teachings the term “emptiness” is used as the forefinger is used to show to the moon – nobody would confuse your forefinger for the moon – it is just an implement. And the same is true for the term “emptiness” in Buddhist context.

In the “Oracle of Cerridwen” the Goddess points to the fact, that a certain state of spiritual awakening cannot be conceptualized, as it is beyond concepts: “For even those travellers who have found the Grael are not able to share it with their fellows!”

And in the same oracle a hint is given to the necessity of spiritual discipline and devotion: “For this is the Law, that each must achieve divine inspiration in solitude through service.” The Celtic Twilight / Celtic Revival author James Stephens, who beside AE had been one of the most inspired seers of that era describes the Goddess Dana as follows:

“And one came also to whom the hosts shouted with mighty love, even the Serene One, Dana, the Mother of the gods, steadfast for ever. Her breath is on the morning, her smile is summer. From her hand the birds of the air take their food. The mild ox is her friend, and the wolf trots by her friendly side; at her voice the daisy peeps from her cave and the nettle couches his lance. The rose arrays herself in innocence, scattering abroad her sweetness with the dew, and the oak tree laughs to her in the air. Thou beautiful! The lambs follow thy footsteps, they crop thy bounty in the meadows and are not thwarted: the weary men cling to thy bosom everlasting. Through thee all actions and the deeds of men, through thee all voices come to us, even the Divine Promise and the breath of the Almighty from afar laden with goodness.”

The attentive mind, trained by silent meditation and the compassionate heart, dedicated to the love for all, knowing about the true nature of creation where separation is an illusion and Oneness is realized – both are needed to realize Her true nature, to realize Goddess-Oneness-Consciousness. Experiencing Her in deep meditation AE has written down these words as Her oracle: “...My heart shall be in thine when thine forgives."

The Isian / Danaan path doesn´t encourage withdrawal to a convent or monastery. HER spiritual service includes joyful participation in ordinary life to show forth the all embracing love of the Goddess for all life in our own way of encountering our fellow beings – spirit, human, animal and plant – with loving compassion and respect, as we all are part of Her Divine Family of sentient beings.

One of the fruits of meditation will be permeability, enabling us to experience Her limitless love, flowing through all creation from the greatest galaxy to the tiniest life form. Having followed Her vocation, the more we may realize our true, divine self, the more we may radiate Her limitless omnipresent love for our fellow beings, reflecting HER presence as a clear mirror, unstained of phantasies of superiority or inferiority, and finally free from greed and fear.

In the Mystery of The Children of Lir, the occultist offers the motto: „To dare, to do and to take the consequences“. Following this motto, daring to loose our Ego on the path of the Goddess means: winning the priceless experience of the realization of HER-self – Goddess-Oneness-Consciousness.

Ádh mór agus beannacht geal de Dana
Good Luck and Brightest Blessings of Dana!
By Hamsadevi Claudia, Ardbandroi
Tara Hedge College, TeutoForest, Germany


The Hidden Light: The Power of Candles

By David deRoeck, Pr. Hierophant
Ascension of Isis Mystery School Lyceum

Since mankind first witnessed the element of fire they have strived to harness and control its physical manifestation.  Alongside that they have also strived to understand its mystical and spiritual properties.

From the Ancient Egyptians Ashen Su Hor to the Chinese Hei an Zhuan to the Hebrew writing and through to Greek (The Ciro the divine fire of God root oil of cold fire, which engulfs the human spirit with Christos light making them, anointed or Christed, which manifests with a divine light around them a Halo).

The Indian Vedas also Puranas write of (Apocalyptic destruction and regeneration through the element of a holy fire which operates in the center of all things as a unifying and stabilizing factor which can be reached through the Kundelini).

The fire or flame is the transcendence of the power or intent, whereas the light and heat are the effects of that transcendence upon its environment.  So as we are all made of the same cosmic material we all have a frequency and harmony, as do all things.  To understand and fit into the symphony of your environment means you can take steps to alter all things within your symphony instead of being thrown from one out of tune crescendo to another out of step fox trot.  If you take a blank white sheet of paper, and put a drop of blue ink in one corner the effect is minimal on the whole sheet.  But if you blow as hard as you can directly above it. The ink will spread in all directions, use a straw or just blow in one direction and the effect is one directional.  Add red ink to your sheet and do the same, where the two inks converge, the colour, pattern and the paper change.  We may see these thing as simplistic games and of having little value in the great world today of high speed interaction and touch of a button what I want is now kind of deal.  Yet this is not so with practice you can achieve colours and designs  with complex forms that become analogies to a far greater view of what you ogrinally perceived.  This is but a small step in knowing how you Feel and yes again I harp on about How you Feel because I cannot emphasize the importance of “How you Feel”.

When you know How you Feel;
Then you know what You Feel;
When you know what You Feel;
Then you know where You Are;
When you know where You Are;
Then you know where You are Going:

So this seemingly simplistic start is always clouded by what you already know because you always start jumping ahead thinking “I know this it is like Bla Bla I have already taken that course, or read that book”.   It is exactly the same with all things you attempt you cannot unlearn things you can only re-write how the end result maybe.  Like the truth of yesterday may not stand up tomorrow it is not a falsehood it is just relative to the understanding of what you had at the time. That is why the Ancient Egyptian Heka is probably the best form of instruction for spiritual forms because there is nothing to compare it too. When you start the frame work has only one road forward and it is not  like anything else, it is a simple path to journey yet by the end of it or even if you only go part of the way. Your understanding and conception of the universe is placed on a solid foundation. So no matter what structure you build after that it will have solidity at its base.

So this divine light that we all so easily speak of, to some who are not willing to ask in case they are seen as wanting in some way I say to you all.  No question is ever foolish or not worth time to view the perspective. It is only the teacher or instruction that has fallen short and not given task to all the audience. So for those who wish to ask how can I see or know if this fire is within me, the answer is.  Within all living things is fire and all things are living nothing in this universe is dead it all has a connection to the same cosmic material that was their at the source the big bang if you wish. So the very same particles that exploded from the very first star are in you as they are in me. Like all things we have in matter limitations we are a divine spirit held in place by a corporeal body, this means we are capable of doing great wonders because we have matter.  When you shed this mortal coil and become that divine energy again you can do nothing because you lack the matter to change things in matter.  That is why Angels come through you and not to you. Also why all these so called ascended being require our help to do or say things? Now for the purposes of this paper we need not go into that further suffice to say I am sure a few feathers have been ruffled, this said it is not my intention to be little others beliefs but just to question the messenger not the message?
·         Stage one you need do nothing else other than breathe deeply a few times try to keep it in rhythm as in the same count for your inward breath as for your exhaling breath.  This could be a count of five or four or three, then hold for the same then exhale for the same.
·         Do not try to imagine or visualize a flame or fire etc. etc. just think of you being.
·         Now be aware of an ignition a point a spark of combustion (again do not visualize or imagine it) just let it be.
·         When you feel a thing or point that ignition remember how you feel and where you feel it.  Again just let it be try the process a couple of times to repeat it, so you can confirm that you feel the same things.
·         Now get a plain ordinary candle or night light place it safely in front of you about five or six feet away so as to be sure your breathing is not affecting the flame.
·         Ignite your candle and sit comfortably center yourself by going through stage one.  Then think of your feeling, your point of ignition within yourself and think of the candle, let that feeling find is own level a plain that is one with you and it.  Now view the candle and feel the flame within you moving feel it grow and as you watch the candle flame see if it grows or moves with your connection. 
·         This is you expanding your being (not your mind) it is your divine the real you. The more you play with this the more you will recognize what is you.
So now you can start your experiments with the focus of that inner flame that ignition, that point of all emanation.

The power of candles, using different coloured candles and burning them with the right focus and intent you can bring forward and open up possibilities, which before were beyond your grasp.  You can create your own harmony and balance in your life. The real you starts to write the music that is your symphony so you become the composer and orchestra of your very own being. If you wish to know more about these things then please visit Ascension of Isis Facebook group or the web site  Blessings to all and always question the messenger not the message.

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