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Isian News, Issue No. 151, Brigantia, 2014

Issue No. 151 Brigantia, 2014

Published Quarterly Since 1976

  “Reborn in Isis” by Olivia Robertson

Aset Shemsu - "The Retinue of Isis"

Message, Oracle and Announcement

Message from Cressida Pryor

It is with some trepidation that I write this piece as I am aware you have not heard from me before.

Two and a half years ago my aunt Olivia stayed with me and my husband in this small Cotswold town of Winchcombe. She was on her annual ‘crop circle’ visit to England and en route to stay with Celia near Glastonbury for the Goddess Festival.

A few days with us allowed a breathing space between the rigours of London, the excitement of the metropolis, and the west country demands of leading ceremonies and being a ‘living legend’. I suggested a stroll along the winding terrace of weaver’s cottages that form the extended high street to St Peter’s, our C of E parish church. Olivia agreed with alacrity and we walked up to the honey coloured church, built, unusually in Britain, in one go, in the late 1400s.

Once inside Olivia immediately slipped away and sat in a pew near the altar. Although this was Sunday afternoon the church was eerily silent, the worn flag stones warm in late summer’s filtered sunlight. She knelt, head bent and supported on her clasped hands, for several minutes. The church’s quiet absorbed all of our thoughts until we were walking once more back to our Victorian semi, tea and cake.

We entered the house and before the kettle was on, Olivia turned to me and asked; ’Would you take the FOI over?’ evident surprise prompted her further revelation; ’I asked for guidance in the church and this is what I was told: ask Cressida’.  I considered for a moment, trusted my positive gut response and gave an affirmative answer. Olivia, breathed out with obvious relief saying; ‘Oh good! Now I can die...’ Her laugh masked our protestations of ongoing life that such a comment usually elicits.

 A few days later we held a small ceremony with Celia Thomas in Glastonbury to mark my succession.

Since then I have extended my spiritual and theological development through studying with the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation and have been ordained an Interfaith Minister. I am now too a member of the Unitarian Church and feel very at home in this liberal and supportive congregation who whilst acknowledging Jesus as a prophet and great teacher also recognise the inherent divine grace within us all, not just in the ‘other’; be it male or female. I feel there is still a huge need to honour and express the feminine aspect of divine spirit in the world. The need for compassion; peace and reconciliation; creativity and containment. The FOI’s ethos and manifesto of interreligious acceptance and tolerance are still desperately important as we witness the horrors evident in the continued strife in the Middle East, central Africa and other of the world’s hot spots.

 And here I am writing a short piece for Isian News following Olivia’s passing; aware of issues facing the FOI I could not have imagined that warm July afternoon in 2011.
I have found the privilege of serving the FOI as its steward at times both rewarding and surprising. The issues that have emerged so far; some of which Olivia was involved with too, included the need to set up a code of ethics, consider members use of pseudonyms and the dangers that could arise with this, and more recently where does the FOI stand in terms of being a religious body  registering marriage solemnisers? Also the possibility of fine tuning the liturgy to make it relevant and usable for today’s needs. All this and we have not yet had Olivia’s London memorial service.

I am really excited as my two worlds collide with the latter. January 26th sees a London gathering to honour and celebrate Olivia’s spiritual life and legacy. We are expecting 50 to 60 guests hosted in the Kensington Unitarian church. A wonderful space I feel she would have enjoyed and approved of. Caroline Wise and I are putting together a memorial book of ‘Olivia’ memories that will eventually live in Huntington’s temple. If you feel moved to do so please email short anecdotes or memories of Olivia that can be printed off and included in the book. Thank you.

I like to work through consensus and know the huge benefits of ‘group wisdom’ but also the perils of vacillation and dither, so hope to steer a path aided by meditation and prayer that achieves the best possible result for the FOI’s continued health.

Olivia leaves a huge legacy; it is my honour to serve it’s expression to meet 21st century needs.

Cressida Pryor
January 2014

Oracle Given to Olivia Robertson
During a Private FOI Assembly
Parliament of World’s Religions, Chicago, 1993

Oracle of Isis of the Stars

I have called you all. There is no one here by accident. I know each one of you. You are dear to my heart. I say to you, banish all your old ideas. We of the cosmic hierarchy of the stars are now manifesting directly. You will find much old information no longer works. The old key is twisted - you need a new key. You must transform yourselves through My Son Horus and My Daughter Hathor. They are ever young. The Age of the Sun and the Age of the Moon have passed. We enter now the Age of the Stars! Concentrate upon My Star, Sirius. We come to you from both outer and inner space. You are all Our Children. A special vocation draws you here and now. I say to you ‘have courage’ and go forth to do what you must to help usher in the New Aeon. You have had dreams and premonitions. I send you messages from the Spiraling Stars of the Galaxies. There will be disturbances on the earth. These will be global. Do not be afraid. I am telling you now they will happen - they are for the best. Earth needs cleansing. When the changes occur, remember you are not rejected by the Divine Mother of All. That which comes is marvelous. Lift up your hearts! The Goddess and God as Isis and Osiris are reborn in each one of you.

Announcement to All Members

November 15, 2013: From Caroline, Cressida and Linda: Sad news for the Fellowship and the wider Goddess community in the world, Olivia died last night. It was peaceful and she had her family with her. Her family ask that their privacy is respected at this time. A really great and original figure has left us, Many blessings.

Tributes and Accounts of Olivia's Funeral

Tribute to Olivia Robertson
April 13, 1917 – November 14, 2013

Olivia Robertson, co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis passed into spirit sphere on the evening of November 14, 2013. Due to health issues, she had been hospitalized for some months. During this time she continued to send messages, write rituals and create artwork for the Fellowship of Isis. These were featured in Isian News, the official FOI publication created by two of the FOI co-founders in the summer of 1976, Olivia and her brother Lawrence Durdin-Robertson.

The best tribute to Olivia comes from her own words. She writes: “We all fear death. We dread the loss of ourselves, our own consciousness, of all that we know. It is only the body that perishes. If you see death as an unpredictable but inevitable disaster in the future, soon or far ahead, you naturally dread a sudden end to all you love, a stop to your own individual consciousness. But in verity you can experience your own immortality now! …

Enjoy those delights that belong to the eternal spheres, such as the love and care of each other, of animals and plants: philosophy and religion; the practice of arts and crafts. Thus you will strengthen your spiritual body with the nectar and ambrosia of the Deities. …

Death is for the ignorant! Immortality is for those who know the truth! Develop your psychic and spiritual gifts, so that not only will you recognize this “death” as the impostor it is, but you will help others to lose any fear …

Reunion with those you love is certain. In your originality is your immortality, for nothing that is original can perish. It is an essential part of the cosmic scheme. Manifest your Divine Origin which is born from the Mother of All, Nuit, Whose children are immortal like unto Herself. Nourish then all good gifts in each person and each being, and you strengthen the harmony between the Divine Sphere of Heaven with its transient reflection which is this world. There is no death. Love is eternal.”

Olivia Robertson’s life was one of living example. Olivia always encouraged the expression of originality in others. Describing herself as an "enchantress" she refused to follow convention. Her spirituality was guided by her unique inner vision. She lived her role of priestess as an artist would, her path forged by a trust in the guidance and inspiration she received directly from Deity.

How can we carry on without her? I can only say now, that we will. The Fellowship of Isis was her life’s work, and the Fellowship of Isis will continue. Isian News will continue. Olivia wanted this.

We will miss her. We will miss her terribly. Dearest Olivia, we met you in joy, your leaving brings sorrow, but also the surety of joy in the future, for we will meet again.

May you walk in beauty, may you walk in peace, Isis bless you, Olivia, now and always.

Linda Iles
Fellowship of Isis Central website

Accounts of Olivia’s Funeral

Lady Olivia's Journey to the Stars
Wednesday November 20, 2013
A Report by David deRoeck
This report is from my point of view and experience as being a participant and observer on the day. I apologise now if I forget anything or anyone present it is unintentional and in no way meant to offend I will also only be using first names of the priesthood rather than full titles as this is Lady Olivia’s day of celebration and communion with Isis of Ten Thousand Names, so on that note I will begin.
I had a somewhat restless night my mind awash with details the members of the Circle of Brigid as we had arranged and set out plans of how the day was too progress. Although to the forefront was all those who had been attending Lady Olivia that day and night Tuesday 19th as the Priestesses had devoted much time to being with her and attending any needs for the Temple. With this and the many words and memories barrelling around my noggin I thought sleep would never come. Yet without a whisper into the arms of Morpheus I slipped unknown and embraced by the Angelic beings so ever present. 
The morning was all too swift up dressed in bib and tucker with case in hand my chariot roared into life like young lions ready for the hunt. It was somewhat cold and drizzles as if a celebrity chef was making some salad thing on an over-sized plate and even my music skipped and hopped oddly enough from slow classical to vibrant pop. I took this as a sign and left it to do its will then from Bray onwards as if a giant bear had unzipped an overly heavy fur coat to reveal blue skies and beaming sun shine RA was truly embracing the road ahead. Gone were the thoughts of the weather forecast saying it would rain all in sundry of appropriate animals along with ice cold winds to chill the warmest of bones.
The day was as Lady Olivia would have been bright and beaming to see all the things that are to be, I quickly came to the right turn to enter the village of Clonegal over the stone bridge and through the main street. Then hard left to the gates of Huntington Castle the majestic tree lined avenue glistened and danced in the sun shine and the castle look magnificent bathed in RA’s wake only the Flag of the Family’s Crest stood at half-mast speaking silent volumes of the day. I parked grab my things and walked to the courtyard of the castle and its gravelled surface had been raked and cleaned as if a Zen garden was to placed there no small task as the courtyard is quite sizable, I delivered the cakes I had with me into the theatre. Then moved towards the temple greeted by some of the priestesses already waiting we hugged and spoke of the days plans.
Soon after when everyone had arrived we made our way to the Temple of Isis. At the doors I opened the gateway and Portals to bid us all welcome as we descended the stairs into the Temple. At the Gate of Brigid's Well I tolled the bell once to announce our arrival. We all processed into the main temple and at the high Altar of Isis we all linked hands in a circle as Cressida welcomed us all and spoke a little before saying we now as the priesthood keep in our thoughts and Hearts Lady Olivia as her journey is beginning a new. We all had our tasks and positions clearly in our minds as the sands of time gently tricked onwards Lydia stepped forward to light the sacred blue candle that had been made transported from Glastonbury with a tapa that was from the eternal flame with tones and drumming. Marion stepped forth and lit the Sacred Golden Candles of the High Altar of Isis stepping back to take her position. Eimear began the welcome with her playing the harp it was as if heavenly note permeated the air like incense wafting into every corner of the temple and beyond.
Minette blessed all the congregation with Brigid's Well water as they entered the Temple from the Persephone, Sean stood holding the energy at the shrine to Gemini and Vesta with David making sure the space was reserved for the family. Then as the Family came in from the main temple entrance the harp became silent. Andrew tolled the great bell thrice as Cressida welcomed all to this celebration of life and Solar journeys. She then struck the Tibetan Gong. Its clear notes sliced through the air in waves creating moments as all hearts came together in an ebb and flow as a great river then all sound ceased as that moment between a heartbeat and breath a void of potential.
Eimear stepped up to give the invocation to the Morrigan in the words of old it was as a sweet scent of earthy forests of trees and shapeless shadows. Then I gave the invocation to Amun with ancient words of the solar boat that we will soon row to the Horizon for everlasting life. Cait stepped forth to invoke Pallas Athena that Lady Olivia had been working on a new order and this will be coming into being early next year. Then it was Caroline from across the water whose reading and words sent the minds a loft with wisdoms far and hopes to hear. Then Cait stepped forth to sing an Irish air with her ethereal voice it floated like a leaf on a warm summer’s breeze that drifts away too soon too soon as the last note fell silent. Cressida calls Eileen to bless the sarcophagus with sistrum in hand she recites Pilgrim of Eternity from Dulce Domum. Moments lingered as eyes gazed skyward she handed the sistrum to Marian who elated the air with sound and the words of "With Gratitude For" from the same source.
Deirdre then took the instrument and followed with Divine Isis breathes were deep and short silences seemed more than poignant as Cressida recited Releasing the Shadow and “Rejoice Olivia is Isis Risen” energy wiped around and many felt the spinal tingle with glazed eyes. Maureen stood forward reciting the Isis Prayer with firm of note and delivering tone as Celia then recited “The quality of mercy is not strained” as this was one of the last things Lady Olivia had written in her note books (which there were many and all full with notes pictures and tasks for the priesthood). Cressida spoke a final "Thanksgiving to the Beloved Divine" then David, Eimear and Cait all thanked the Gods and Goddesses they had invoked, sending out Blessings to all across the Globe.
Julie sang words of the divine in her native voice that held the silence in Temple. Máire then recited the poem she wrote to link the Temple to the next part of the ceremonial procession to the Church in the village. As the family withdrew upstairs, Julie and Lydia lead the congregation with guitar and drumming out of the Temple through the grounds to await the hearse. Then in the Temple Leslie and Josephine said their own prays before extinguishing all the candles and I closed the portals locked the gates and headed to join everyone at the castle main gate. As we all stood waiting, Ra was above the castle and so bright that we had to shield our eyes to see as the front door opened and Lady Olivia’s great nieces carried her wicker coffin. It looked like a solar boat with hand maidens gently bring it to the shore. She was placed into the hearse and a lone piper in Irish kilt played as the family and all followed down the avenue through the village up the hill to a small stone church, where the vicar was to hold a ceremony for family and friends before the burial.
It was a simple ceremony with hymns and readings and Anna Lady Olivia’s niece had written a eulogy that was so Olivia she was there with us we laughed and sighed and lamented our own thoughts of why. From there we all headed back to the castle theatre for tea coffee sandwiches and of course Olivia’s favourite Cake we spoke and recounted story and hugged and introduced ourselves to those not known. Then down to Osborne’s (a local coaching house as Olivia always said) Julie and Lydia played music and Deirdre’s son played tunes on the fiddle we spoke some more as the cloak of night covered the land of Ireland it was a very special day and one that will not soon be forgotten.
Blessings to you all,
David de Roeck
Olivia’s Funeral Service, November 20, 2013
By Caroline Wise
Just before the Fellowship of Isis funeral Rite for Olivia was due to begin, it sunk in that this must be the most significant sacred duty that the assembled priesthood of The Fellowship had carried out in our lives.

Here was a great character, tiny in stature, yet towering in influence; of great originality and bravery, a creative genuis, of dazzling wit and intellect, and the strongest will. She had a faith in the divine and the afterlife that was unshakable. She wanted to change the world and she did, through the Fellowship of Isis. With no vows of secrecy or oaths punishable by all manner of horrors if esoteric secrets were revealed to the unworthy or uninitiated, she declared that The Goddess is for All, she is inclusive. Olivia made it her life’s mission to make sure that the Goddess was restored to the word, with no snooty ideas of class or social standing, or occult rank. No money would change hands to learn of the goddess from her, and wisdom of the goddess was not just for secret cabals. Isis was unveiled indeed.

At the Parliament of World Religions in 1993, she joined religious leaders of all faiths on stage in front of banks of TV camera’s from the world’s media, and the 7000 attending delegates. She got fed up with each ‘leader’ invoking the male god exclusively. Olivia stepped forward and with great courage, held my sistrum aloft, and invoked the Goddess, to the shock of the patriarchs.

The sky did not fall in. What actually happened was this:

An Arch-Bishop walked out, the Greek Orthodox delegation walked out, and I think one of the orthodox Jewish ones too. Olivia was delighted to see she made the front page of the Chicago Herald with this!

Arlo Guthrie bought us a cup of tea, Michael Bertiaux invited us to his home to see his etchings, and the Dalai Lama said come and have breakfast with me! The fabulous Native American Delegates strode into our suite, all ceremonial feathered headresses and raybans, and asked portentiously ‘where is the Lady with the Rattle’. Speechless I pointed to Olivia who was surrounded by priestesses. “Lady, you are the only one who spoke of the land, of spirit, of the Great Mother. We too have a Lady with the Rattle in our myths. We hearby honour the Fellowship of Isis with the Freedom of the Reservations.” As they turned abruptly and strode out. I wondered, was I dreaming? No, just travelling with Olivia! We know she is having a splendid time journeying on in the afterlife, all strictly on her own terms! All hail Olivia. Travel well. Thank you for all you showed us.

Memories and Photos

In Memory of Olivia Robertson (1917-2013)
By Luke Eastwood
Olivia was born into the Durdin-Robertson family, during the First World War, in April 1917. Coming from a colourful, cultured and charismatic family, that can trace its history at Huntington Castle, Clonegal, Co. Carlow over many hundreds of years, she was no less memorable than any of her illustrious ancestors.

I was lucky enough to know her for the last ten years but it is only in her passing that I became fully aware of what an incredible woman she truly was. Olivia rarely talked of herself, she was modest to a fault and was far more interested in hearing what other people had to say than blowing her own trumpet. This was despite the fact that she had been an ardent socialist, war-time nurse, celebrated novelist and painter long before she became the esoteric colossus that the pagan community in Ireland and beyond knew her to be.

Olivia, with her brother Lawrence and his wife Pamela founded the Fellowship of Isis in 1976 and its sister organisation Druid Clan Of Dana (An Clann Draoidheachta Danann) in 1992. From small beginnings it has expanded to become a huge international organisation with many thousands of members worldwide.

Since its beginnings Olivia worked tirelessly to spread a message of love, hope and toleration in a world that is in many parts beset with the lack of these qualities. She was idealistic in that her aspirations and standards were for the highest good in every way, however she was also a realist and pragmatic in her efforts to bring their vision to life.

She was extremely direct, almost frighteningly honest, sometimes severe but always this was tempered by her immense love of life and compassion for all people and all that lives. Olivia was kind and generous, most of all with her time and attention, a commodity that many have in short supply. She embodied to the last the concepts of fairness, tolerance, beauty, wisdom and love that are enshrined in the manifesto of the Fellowship.

I am truly grateful for the time I was fortunate enough to have spent with her, like so many of us I will miss her lust for life, intellectual rigour, great humour and overriding positivity. She was a shining example of what members of the pagan community can be, few of her ilk are to be found, in any walk of life and her presence will be greatly missed.

Olivia, may you rest in the arms of your beloved Isis and Osiris.
Claudia Wehmeyer
Arddroi Tom, DanaClan piper played a lament for Lady Olivia past Thusday after we had got the sad message of Olivia´s passing to TirNanOg.
Our beautiful spiritual teacher and wonderful friend Olivia now happily enjoys TirNanOg together with her brother and his wife.
May we all honour her legacy in following her example in how we live and handle our priestly / druid jobs.
Caitlin Matthews
The members of Domus Sophiae Terrae et Sancte Gradalis (Earth Wisdom and the Holy Grail) met this afternoon to remember Olivia. We created an extended version of the Fair Haven, with personal recollections and a reading of the instructions to the soul from the Pyramid Texts of the pyramid of Unas. We also rejoiced that the souls of Olivia, Derry and Pamela, our founders, are now united. This was the image we put upon the shrine, showing the very heart of the College of Isis at work. Olivia hallowed many hearts in ordination and now she herself becomes a shining star in the lap of Isis.
Deirdre Wadding
A wonderful send-off was had for our beloved Olivia yesterday. I think she would have approved. Heartfelt thanks to Alexander and all at the castle for the kind and generous support for our ceremony. It was followed by a lovely and honouring service at St. Fiach's in Clonegal. There were tears and laughter as we reminisced and a wild music session broke out later in Osborne's and it occurred to me. Olivia isn't restricted by a broken leg any more. I'm sure she was dancing her feet off.
Alex Langstone

I was immensely saddened today to learn of the death of Olivia Robertson, co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis. She died peacefully on Thursday 14th November with her family around her. I met Olivia several times during the 1990s, and she greatly inspired and encouraged me to follow my own unique spiritual path. She was a truly unique soul. May the Great Mother guide her to the next world, and may she find the welcoming arms of those loved ones who have passed before.

Deborah Brunn Nix Merwin
One of my favorite memories of her - Olivia and I had spent the day at the castle together and the next morning I was heading back to the USA. I mentioned that I was feeling a bit sad about leaving her (and Eire). She walked me to the front door and gave me a quick hug. As I turned to leave she called out to me, "There is no need for sadness, for although every good-bye is a death, it means that the next hello will be a resurrection". She waved merrily, stepped back inside and then closed the door behind her.
Lady Amber Dawn
I first met Lady Olivia at Deena Butta's house in 1997 (or 1998). It was only my second time in Chi-town but my first time at the Butta house and I had to sleep on the living room floor! NO matter, I was in Chicago!!! I think that Isadora Forrest was featured for that Goddess Fest. Anyway, a petite woman came to me and asked me who I was. I said to her, AMber Dawn, of course being quite proud. She (Lady Olivia) said to me, of course you are!!!! Then she wanted to KNOW how I could serve the Fellowship! We talked for a long while before the others came, then she smiled at me,with her quirky smile and said goodbye! Although I stayed at the Butta house, I did not see Lady Olivia again that particular night! However, everytime we meet, Lady Olivia would say to me "how could I SERVE the Fellowship???!!" Farewell, Lady O, you will be sorely missed especially by me!!!  - Lady Amber Dawn
Mana Youngbear
One of the last things that Lady Olivia shared with me is the power of silence. She said to me that anyone can speak and few can listen. Continue to be a good listener. I have to say that she and I always had our little conversations on the inner. She was always revealing the many aspects of Divinity through her radiance and her teachings. I look forward to more work on the inner with you Lady Olivia.. I loved you and I will continue to love and learn from you. Just as you state in the rite I perform for you today at noon. We must continue to develop our work on the inner to stay connected to truth. I feel your golden cord of beauty love wisdom and truth wrapped around me like the Knot of Isis. My prayer is that we all continue to have a clear and open connection to your wisdom and the Truth about the Self.
I love you deeply Lady Olivia … Mana.
Aurora Terrenus  
In tribute to the memory of Lady Olivia Robertson, a Priestess of spiritual enoblement, who passed away yesterday. "The Healing Wings of Isis protect, enfold and awaken you."  Lady Olivia Robertson
Mario Rodrigues Neto de Oliveira (aka Dagda Karnayna MacBandia)
Hello, I am coming here to express my condolences for Olivia Durdin-Robertson´s passing away, unfourtunately i have never had the opportunity of meeting her personaly but i am always grateful for her inspiring Work with Isis, Thanks again.
Photo of Olivia Robertson and Tribute shared by Pat Cummins
Olivia Robertson, A Dear Beloved moved from this realm into another on Nov 14 2013.

My life has been blessed by your presence now and evermore. Thank you for appearing before me in this morning’s waking state as blue robed Danu. I had not known of your passing, and I’m so grateful you presented yourself to me. Even as I experience this vacuum of grief with your departure, you will remain forever in my heart. I’ve no doubt you will continue to serve and reach out to us in the ways of love. May your Spirit live free ~*~. I love you blessed Lady.
Katie Rose Thorn: Such sad news to hear of the passing of Olivia. May the wings of Isis enfold her in Her grace.
Ms. Magi Berk: Fly Away Home, on the Wings of Isis, My dear Friend. I am Blessed to have known and Be known by you. Know that I will continue the work you began, and those that follow you through me shall do so as well. My Life is forever Blessed by your Golden Light. AS your Spirit Soars, remember US who adore you, as We remember you and hold your Light in Our Hearts, Forever more.
Aurora Collins: Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of our Lady Olivia. She gave us so much, may we each continue to serve and honor her legacy. Em Hotep
Karen Tate: She will be missed and never forgotten. She graciously invited me to Clonegal Castle for my priestess ordination which set me upon my path! Now she is truly embraced in the wings of Isis !
Carolina A. Amor of Circulo de Isis: I´ll be translating this rite [Dulce Domum] during this weekend so we can celebrate it in Circulo de Isis
Jennifer Quiray: Isis take you under her wing as she ascends the sky. Blessed soul! You shall be deeply missed!
Dave Smith: Olivia you were an inspiration, a magician, a lady, and one of the founders of our modern Pagan traditions. Irreplaceable. One of a kind. Rest within the embrace of the Goddess. Blessed be.
Paul Pearson: It was a sad day when we at Greenmantle read of Olivia's passing. She was a beacon for followers of the Goddess, and her legacy will, like her spirit, live on.
In memory of Olivia, several members sent photos for inclusion in Isian News.
Dorn Simon-Sinnott has sent these photos taken when she attended seasonal festivals at the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle:

Kasey Conder of FOI/Utah has sent photos and a report from the memorial for Olivia in Salt Lake City, Utah. Unless otherwise stated, photos by Lady Luna, House-Psychic at Crone’s Hollow:

Photo of Kasey Conder, above, by Cecilia Chavez

Photo by TaMara Gold
Photo of Olivia at Crone’s Hollow, Salt Lake City, Utah by Kasey Conder, October 2011

Memorial to Olivia Robertson
Druid Grove of Isis and Uta-Ha, Lyceum of Isis of Utah, Iseum of Muth
Sunday December 1st 2013
Crone’s Hollow Salt Lake City, Utah

By Kasey Conder, Pr. H. ArchDruid

Many faces joined in the celebration held at Crone’s Hollow on Sunday December 1st, 2013 to honor Rt. Rev. Honorable Lady Olivia Robertson, Co-Founder of the Fellowship of Isis.

Many Utahns were able to meet Olivia when she traveled to Salt Lake City in 2011.  The memorial was serene and gave much closure to the physical loss of such a truly inspiring priestess of Isis.   Olivia’s inspiration and touch was felt.

A long shrine of three tables constructed was adorned with photos, artwork, Isis statues, sistra, fruit, flowers, a bell, and an evergreen branch.   On Aphrodite Day 2013, Olivia had written to me granting permission to display her goddess inspired artwork at Crone’s Hollow.  Linda Iles graciously assisting in the manifestation of the art display.   The artwork displayed in the gypsy space was presented on the memorial shrine.

The Dulce Doman Rite of the Fellowship of Isis was read in its entirety while goddess chants played as background music.  Members shared memories of their encounters with such a fantastic priestess.  From her stay on the vortex on the Wastach Fault at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon, to her psychic contact at the fire puja held in honor and to Durga-Ma, members laughed and cried remembering fond heart-felt memories.  

Alexius Gallegos of the Iseum of Muth and a Devotee of Our Lady of Guadalupe prepared the memorial goddess music on a CD to the honor of Lady Olivia.

We processed in and out of the temple space as Olivia taught us while in Salt Lake.   We read from the Book of the Dead and shared fruit and drinks to her honor.   A student of a Dolores Ashcroft-Norwicki tradition out of Mexico put the artwork back on display in a very lively, “Olivia” way.

It was expressed the gratitude to know such a remarkable person, truly genuine and original.   Her contact with the Goddess Uta-Ha has opened many eyes.

Words cannot completely express the experience of this serene and spiritual memorial to her honor but nonetheless it providing solace to many hearts.

Travel well dear Olivia and thank you for all the blessings you have given.


2014 Fellowship of Isis Liturgy Schedule
Lyceum of Isis of Utah

The Lyceum and friends will be working with “Melusina, Life Centres of the Goddess” by Lady Olivia Robertson and the one annual rite from “Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess” also by Lady Olivia Robertson. 

Ray information used from the Fellowship of Isis Central Webpage on the Spiral of Tiamat, Star of Ishtar.

January (Ray 0 & VIII, White and Rainbow, corresponding to Earth and Pluto, North):  The Creation of Life Forms - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS NUT

February (Ray I, Red, corresponding to Mars, Northeast): The Dawn of the Inner Sun - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS NANA BULUKU

March (Ray II, Orange, corresponding to Venus, East): Opening of the Heart's Rose - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS VENUS

April (Ray II, Orange, corresponding to Venus, East):  From “Dea”.  Spring Rite of Good Health – ORACLE OF THE GODDESS DANA

May (Ray III, Yellow, corresponding to Mercury, Southeast): Unfolding Wings - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS ANAHITA

June (Ray IV, Green, corresponding to Jupiter, South): Initiation of the Pylons - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS ISIS

July (Ray IV, Green, corresponding to Jupiter, South): Music of the Spheres - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS MAYA

August (Ray V, Blue, corresponding to Saturn, Southwest): Opening the Eye of Vision - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS BRIGHID

September (Ray VI, Indigo, corresponding to Uranus & Inner Sun, West): The Descent of the White Eagle - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS BRYNHILDE

October (Ray VI, Indigo, corresponding to Uranus & Inner Sun, West): Crowned with Glory - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS ISHTAR

November (Ray VII, Violet, corresponding to Neptune and Moon, Northwest): Lighting the Rainbow Aura - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS TARA

December  (Ray VII, Violet, corresponding to Neptune and Moon, Northwest): Arousing the Kundalini Serpent - ORACLE OF THE GODDESS KUNDALINI

Anniitra Ravenmoon of Lyceum of the Nubian Moon and Temple of Isis in Long Beach sent these photos taken during Anniitra’s ordination by Olivia in 2004. Photos by Sheridan Hope. Anniitra writes: I hope that  for you, this year (of the horse) is taking a positive gallop. 2013 was a difficult year, for we lost so many friends,  loved ones, and colleagues. We will be sending blessings to our Earth mothers, but also, we will be sending petitions to our Orisha Mothers to aid in our ailing oceans, and seas. Fukishima is poisoning our sea family! So we must put our voices, and vibrations together, and send them across the waters.”

Below, three photos from Celia Thomas of Glastonbury, UK, who was Olivia’s hostess for many years. These photos were taken during Olivia’s last visit in 2012: 

Below, three photos from Carole Linda Gonzalez of Grove Argentum, New York City, New York. Carole was hostess to Olivia during her stays in New York City. Carole was so generous we are able to share these three photos and still have others for use in future issues of Isian News:

Grove Argentum member Jed Ryan with Lady Olivia in 2008 at Berne, NY

  NY Priestesses from different NYC Iseums visiting the Stillpoint Retreat organized by Kedea sometime between 1998 & 2000

 Olivia in magical mask delivering an oracle during the Isis and Osiris ritual drama at Stillpoint

List of FOI Communities and Members Who Held Special Services to Remember Olivia, as sent to Fellowship of Isis Central Website:
Iseum of the Blue Hawk, Portsmouth, UK 
Temple of Isis Los Angeles, California, USA
Lyceum of the Mystery of Isis and Osiris, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Grove Argentum, New York City, New York, USA
Domus Sophiae Terrae and Sancte Gradalis Lyceum, Oxford, UK
Isis of the Thames, London, UK
Isis, Lotus of Alexandria Lyceum, San Diego, California, USA
Lyceum of the Nubian Moon, Long Beach, California, USA
Temple of the Lotus Pyramid, Fairfax, Virginia, USA
FOI Chicago, Illinois, USA
Temple of Isis, Geyserville, California, USA
Temple of Bast, Divine Feline; Oakland, California, USA
The Iseum Of The Sacred Lotus, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
Temple of Ptah Nevada, Virginia City Highlands, Nevada, USA
Temple of Mau Bast, San Francisco, California, USA
Iseum of Isidis Navigium, Los Angeles, California, USA
Heart Beats Drum Lyceum, worldwide
En Erebos Phos Iseum, Italy
Isis of the Mountains Iseum, Biella,Italy
Lyceum of Isis of Utah -Druid Grove of Isis and Uta-Ha, Utah, USA
Iseum of The Solar Goddess, Hastings. UK
Iseum Templo de Isis, Chile.
Lyceum For The Isian Society For Integrated Studies / Temple of the Muse Willits California .
Lyceum / Grove of Dana, Priory of Rainbow Tara, Bielefeld, Germany
Lyceum of Artemis and Cernunnos, Widdern, Germany
Iseum with the Goatfish, Berlin, Germany
Lyceum of Heka, Clarinda, Victoria, Australia
Iseum of the Goddess Pertiwi, Queen of the South Seas, Surabaya, Indonesia
Temple of Isis Serpentarius Marin County, California, USA
Lyceum of the White Sow, Suffolk, England
Lyceum of Isis, Star of the Delta, Mobile, Alabama, USA
Temple of Isis of the Stars, Dunsmuir, California, USA
Blue Lotus Temple,Berkeley California, USA
Lyceum of An Neimheadh, Three Castles, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Sanctuary of Isis, Sebastopol, California, USA
Isis, Señora de los Misterios (Isis,Lady of Mysteries) in Rosario City, Argentina
Isis of the Throne Lyceum, San Diego, California, USA
Temple of Isis of the Stars, Dunsmuir, California, USA
Iseum of Sesheshet - The Sacred Sound, Latina, Italy
Lyceum of Isis of Avalon, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK
Iseum of Hekate, Phosphorus, Soteira & Psychopompus Hermeneus, Ireland
Lyceum of Antinopolis, Milton, Florida, USA
Temple of Nuit/Hathor of Dendera Lyceum, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (Via Google+)
Temple of Isis Serpentarius, Marin, CA
Lyceum of Universal Learning & Universal Grove Of Light Keepers UK
Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars, Portsmouth UK
Iseum of Isis Paedusis, Manhattan Beach, CA, USA
Lyceum of The Circle of Spirit, Earth and Elements. Portsmouth UK
The Lyceum of Ma'at Nu'ut and Shakti of the Divine Dance of Northumberland, UK
Iseum of Pandora, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Iseum of Sesheshet-The Sacred Sound, Latina, Italy
The Iseum of Athena, Brigid and Freya, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Iseum of Sulis & Nemetona, Bath, Somerset, UK
Bega of the Gifts Iseum, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

List of Solitary Members:
Susa Morgan Black, Oakland, CA, USA
Erica Raven Branch-Butler, Seattle, Washington, USA
Nicholas Gillingham & Partner, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Martha Remy, Sacred-Connections, Boca Raton, Florida USA
Dorn Simon-Sinnott, Wexford, Ireland
Runa Geirsdóttir, Austin, Texas, USA
Rev. Willow Raven Jacky Barfoot, Iseum of the Hearth of the Falling Stars, Stoke on Trent, England
Olivia Church, Wales
Diane Marie Champigny, Boston, Massachusetts, USA