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Samhain 2013 - Isian News Issue No. 150

Issue No. 150 Samhain, 2013

Published Quarterly Since 1976
Cover: "Mask of the Medusa, Krete" by Olivia Robertson


Aset Shemsu - "The Retinue of Isis"


The Medusa Labyrinth Trial

The Gods enjoy the task of moving humanity from one to another of the four aeons; the Kabbalistic Zohar each spanning roughly five thousand years.  Their goal was to move us from the Carthaginian and Cretan aeon of Taurus to the realm of Athena – elegant aeon of Pisces and Greek culture.

The plan was that of the constellation of Taurus. The centre and goal was the sigil of Aldebaron, the Red Star, the Bullseye, principal star of Taurus. It was protected fiercely by the Double Axe of Crete, the waxing and waning moon of the Goddess Passiphae, mother of Ariadne, with her four snakes.

However, the star Venus, of Taurus was the Eight Pointed Star that encouraged the pilgrims. So the brave neophyte entered the path of balance, of choice between the loving rays of Venus, and the severe power of the moon, and Minos, the Bull King. Theseus found his way to the centre, guided by Ariadne, but he deserted her, and got entrapped as punishment by the Queen, Passiphae.

Ariadne chose the God Bacchus to enliven the age of Pisces, which ever since was guided by him. Pisces was a duel sign caught between Rome and Athens – Venus and Athena. You are the neophyte. You have to choose.  We have been between the passions of religious wars, and the rise of modern science. We are now faced with a great change from Pisces, the wasteland of the Fisher King; to the on-rushing waters of the Age of Aquarius, from the depths of the Earth to the clouds of Heaven, pouring water from the Holy Grail of the Divine Spirit guided by the twins Isis and Osiris, inspiring all beings and elements.

REFLECTIONS by Olivia Robertson 
"It’s a long way to Tipperary
(But our hearts are always there)"


Yes, it’s a long way to what we as children knew as the Great War. We all sang this cheery ditty. Even in 1925 it was relevant. Every day, we could pack up our troubles in our old kit bags, and smile, while millions had died. Nanny said the Germans were poisoning our ice cream, but Daddy said “don’t believe her – she thinks the moon is made of green cheese!” I was discovering a grown up World of Lies. It seemed a great hoax was created by people who had their own agenda, who persuaded people to give their lives for the paradise of Tipperary, but sacrificed themselves to the God Moloch, and ended up dead on barbed wire in somewhere called No Man’s Land. Truly it belonged to No Man. It belonged to death. 

Seen through childish eyes, the God of Death had a black moustache. He was called Lord Kitchener, and summoned you to die for King and Country. Then he changed from God to Devil – Devalara, and He wore horn-rimmed spectacles and presided over burning buildings in Dublin, where to my alarm, I was going to live! Later this God of Death grew a huge chin, and was called Mussolini, and dropped bombs on black people who had no defence. Suddenly, He shrank, and grew a little square moustache, and became God the Leader - Hitler. His moustache dramatically changed into a huge handlebar one, and He became the Steel God - Stalin. Both Gods had millions of people exterminated in labour camps. The Steel God, was followed by many of my student friends, The God the Leader had older spiritual devotees who followed occult ideas. I didn’t.

As a three-month old baby, I had seen God. I didn’t worship him. I just liked him. He had no hair at all; He looked Tibetan, and was surrounded by brilliant blue light. I was saved from being a Catholic or Protestant, Green or Orange, and so the Civil War, by other Gods and Goddesses - Beings of Light, who shared their Goodness and Wisdom. Now I am Ninety-six. How can I warn people to escape from those who use our energy to mis-use power in the names of the Gods and Goddesses?  Heaven is truly around us.  Let us make it our home now! 

My Teachers taught me think-feel language. It is very easy. It is spiritual language. They never humiliated or criticised me in front of others. They did not get me to blame my parents or others or the way I was brought up. They taught me to have empathy with all creatures. They were enormously powerful, and could perform miracles. How? Their sphere of being controlled our time and space. They were eternal, not subject to death; they could talk to my ancestors. They knew the future, because it is already marked out in their time maps. So they could help me to grow up, and to rise above fear of death, to recognise evil and so dissolve it. These things exist only at our limited level. I had to learn to choose Good and reject Evil, because Good is Real, and Evil is a waste of Reality. We have the Divine in us; it is part of the Alchemical Flow.  Dusk and dawn are the best time to contact the two worlds of matter and spirit. You will sing with the blackbird who sang in Flanders field so long ago. We can enter the Labyrinth of Time and Space; the Labyrinth of Stars that lead us to the Centre of All. 

Olivia Robertson


The Mirage of Deception

A Vision Quest
“Every Step Matters, The True Shaman Does Not Lose Sight of His Goal.”
Part 1 – The Narration
The Resident God is Minos, the two-faced bull, painted in a small private temple near Knossos.
Narrator and neophyte: Percy
Ariadne: Elaine
Lucifer-Hermes: Aiden
Oracle: Deirdre
Set-Eros: Local F.O.I. Priest
Alchemical FOI Group
Elaine: (to Percy) “You beg for initiation of the labyrinth by Ariadne. You say the situation is desperate. Why?”
Percy: “You have not penetrated my esoteric disguise. I am the poet Shelley, come back to have the Supreme Awakening.”
Elaine: “I see." May I be Ariadne?”
Percy: “No. My tiresome wife drowned herself. I think it’s her fault I failed the initiation, though Byron gave a nice funeral oration by the sea. You see the sea did not take me. I just stood there like an ass frozen with terror.”
Elaine: “As a Guide, I am going to be your second intellectual wife, who wrote the Frankenstein horror story. The first wife was just silly. The second was unscrupulous and took you off by cunning. She will be a good Ariadne, teller of tales of the Jekyll and Hyde dual personality.”
Aiden: “I want a good part. I will be both mad scientist Frankenstein and the monster.”
Deirdre: “We see the compulsive magic of Greek mysteries. We are all involved. Let me speak, Ariadne.”
Aiden: “So is it. You have the right of choice”
Percy: “As you gather, I am still a neo romantic. These days I belong to the Golden Dawn, and have been filmed acting in one of their secret rituals for Facebook. I was the Imperator like Yeats. My hair curled round my mask and black hood. It is glorious that Byron is with us as romantic as ever - one of the Officers. He is busy re-doing the Wagner Ring cycle, to make it politically correct. How on earth can you do that?”
Set/Eros: “It is beyond you!" You are not an initiate!”
Percy: “How can I become an initiate?”
Set/Eros: “By joining the Fellowship of Isis that is especially suited to naïve idealists. You are taken in by everyone. Your father is an Earl, and you are rich. You always tell every secret you hear, and F.O.I. has no secrets so you won’t be punished for divulging! FOI is for psychic people like A.E. and yourself. Yeats and I were not psychic so we needed secrecy and the occult to give us status. ”
Percy: “So here I am, ready for any trial or ordeal you have lined up.”
Elaine: “We don’t give ordeals. We don’t try people. Only life itself works through the law of balance. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It is the law of fate, ordained by the divine mother, who insists on all her children being saved. And so they are, by Grace if not by Virtue. ”
Aiden: “Life is its own antidote. Birth v/s Death, Matter v/s Spirit. We teach how to control Cause and Effect through the Labyrinth which the Deities created for the Cretans, the last of the Atlantean colonists. It kept their ancient ways. They are so old fashioned after being submerged!”
Deirdre: “Let us meet and this evening and bathe in the light of the moon by the sea.”
Dissolution of the Mirage of Deception
Deirdre: “Friends! The Great Hoax, created by Pallas Athena and Minos as a Path of Learning – a vision quest – a shaman journey. To look in the Mirror of Truth is to banish the Mist of Deceit with your own breath.”
Elaine: “Let us hear the Oracle.”
Oracle of the Goddess Medusa
“Children, you are deceived! You see my terrifying head covering the Shield of Pallas Athena, my daughter, and do not realise I am the Balancing Power of Love. My Divine Head includes Mind and Heart. You need both. The Ordeal of the Labyrinth is to Travel the Path of the blue, eighth pointed Star, and the Double Axe of the Moon. The star rays permit you to pass. Moon Rays Forbid. Each time you have to choose. Mine is the Alchemical Gold which flows in the Deities: Ichor – the Divine Blood in each one of you. I guide you in many guises. Hear my voice. I am Conscience and Wisdom. In Truth, you loved your drowned wife. You wish for her to forgive. When you have forgiven yourself, you have passed the test of the Labyrinth.”
Trial of the Labyrinth – Trance Journey
Elaine: “It is necessary for you to enter trance. We will be with you.”
Percy: “I find myself in a temple of Medusa. Two beautiful Gods are before me.  The fair one says he is Lucifer/Hermes. The Dark one says he is Set/Eros.”
Lucifer/Hermes: “Yes! I suppose you are astonished. I am a fallen Angel. As an intellectual, one needs to be periodically disillusioned. (Lucifer/Hermes talking to Set) You create the illusion!”
Set/Eros: “So do you! In reality, neither of us does.” 
Lucifer/Hermes:ermeHermes We tempt initiates with their own folly.”
Set/Eros: “I create sirens.”
Lucifer/Hermes: “And I abstract causes.”
Percy: “Hey! Don’t talk over my head! I am the candidate. It is my soul you are fighting for.”
Lucifer/Hermes: “Wrong! Only you create your own Divided Soul. We just help to give you discrimination.”
Elaine: “Excuse Me! Or do you just ignore women? I am Ariadne. I was divided between my husband Baccus and Theseus! And yet you ignore me!”
Set/Eros: “You have to learn to be interesting to get our attention.”
Elaine: “You have the arrogance of Byron and the conceit of Don Giovanni.”
Set/Eros: “Ariadne – You are like Melusine – half fairy, half dragon.”
Trial of Spiritual Climbers
Lucifer/Hermes: “You hope for a better world.”
Percy: “I always have.”
Lucifer/Hermes: “Look at these cloud pictures. What wonderful visions of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity in action!”
Set/Eros: “You cover your eyes!”
Percy: “Oh horror. What trick is this? The clouds are covered on blood. I see the slaughter of thousands!”
Set/Eros: “You are the fool. Sir Percival the pure of the Holy Grail.”
Percy: “But where are my friends? Why don’t they help? I cannot find them!”
Set/Eros: “Where were they in the reign of terror? Absent. Avoiding horror.”
Lucifer/Hermes: “They were busy repairing the Temple of Lies.”
Percy: “I see men, women and children slaving in factories. I see false villages, schools and universities. They are all dissolving.”
Lucifer/Hermes: “While they are killing millions, they do not allow people free will to choose their own path.”
Percy: “There is hope. Pallas Athena has unveiled the Medusas Head. All deception vanishes. Hardly anyone passes the test.”
Percy: “I see how I rebelled to spite my father – revenge for abuse, for flogging by my tutor. I could not cope with my wife, let alone two of them. The first punished me by suicide. The second described me as both Frankenstein and the monster. I created the monster myself.”
Lucifer/Hermes: “Do you mind?” 
Percy: “Mind? Thank you. I am happy to fall with Lucifer if it is to fall from self-created delusions. But something strange is happening. Pallas Athena has put on the mask of Medusa and now she is my second wife, laughing. She gives me her book Frankenstein, and I can laugh as well. She has forgiven me! I was both the professor and the monster. I created both!”
Percy enters into ecstasy surrounded by golden clouds.
Medusa: “Your initiation is not complete. You may not yet undertake the Trial of Passion. You are from a sphere of angelic reality and do not feel passion. You have come to share the Holy Grail of the new eon, the elixir of life.”
Percy returns from trance. They realise it is true. They all drink from the holy well and share in Percy’s ecstasy. They give thanks to the Deities, and bathe in the sea. 
Recommended Reading: “New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology”, Felix Guirand, editor, introduction by Robert Graves, various contributors, Hamlyn Publishing Group, Ltd., London, 1968. "The Greek Myths", Robert Graves, Penguin Books, in two volumes, London, 1955. "Pausanius: Description of Greece", translated by W. H. S. Jones, Heinemann, Harvard, 1918, later reprinted by Loeb Classical Library, Cambridge, Mass, 1969. “Juno Covella, Perpetual Calendar of the Fellowship of Isis”, Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, Cesara Publications, Clonegal Castle, 1982. “Star Names, Their Lore and Meaning", Richard Hinckley Allen, first published G. S. Stechert, 1899, Dover Publications reprint, New York, 1963.
These Rites may be used for meetings of the Muses Symposium and the Arcadians. 

Announcements from Olivia Robertson

Received from Olivia Robertson
September 2, 2013

Received from Cait Branigan
Forwarded by Minette Quick
On Behalf of Olivia Robertson

To all Global Sites and Isian News

As the world moves through its current changes and the Fellowship of Isis continues to grow and evolve, we are reminded of the importance of the founding principles of the Fellowship, contained within the Manifesto. Lady Olivia would like to encourage each member of the Fellowship of Isis to regularly read and reflect on the Manifesto; to come to understand those principles which are the foundation stone and the heart of the Fellowship. Equality, love and respect for all life are just some of the principles - including respect for the animal kingdom and all the inter-related realms of nature. In a world that is experiencing devastating wars and attacks on the natural world, we are reminded that tyranny, cruelty and subjection of any being to negative practices has no place in the Fellowship of Isis.
The Fellowship of Isis also supports and honours the Sacred Arts in all their forms, including the creative arts and those members who express their vocation through said arts.

Lady Olivia would like to encourage all members wishing to move towards priesthood or membership of any other order within the Fellowship of Isis, to seek for guidance from those teachers, Iseums, Lyceums etc. which are recommended on the authorised Fellowship websites. This will enable each member to have a deeper and more enriched understanding of the purpose of the Fellowship and of the liturgy that Lady Olivia has mediated to us.

For more information please see the websites.

Received from Olivia Robertson
via Marian Smiles
October 22, 2013
First Global Ritual for the Fellowship of Isis

Mystery Play for Samhain to be enacted November 9th, written by Olivia Robertson. Olivia writes: “The idea is for people all over the world to write their own story in their own language and culture. The Mystery is Universal. The general theme is “The Weighing of the Heart” through the Goddess Ma’at of Justice.”

Important Update: Received via Minette Quick
October 31, 2013

On behalf of the Circle of Brigid, I'm sorry to have to tell you that our planned Festival on Saturday 9th November has had to be postponed to a future date, as Lady Olivia, who has been eagerly making arrangements for what was to be a very special event, to take place at Samhain, but relevant at all times, will not now be able to be with us for continued health reasons. This is a great pity but members of the Fellowship worldwide may still wish to tune in on Saturday 9th November, as she originally requested, in support of true Fellowship and wholeness and send her continued loving and healing blessings at this time.

It would be appreciated if members in Ireland could check with anyone they know had intended to be with us on the 9th that they have heard about this change, to save them travelling unnecessarily. 

Minette Quick (Hon.Sec.Circle of Brigid)  

News from Members and Centers

News from Members and Centers

FOI Events

Seasonal Festivals - Clonegal Castle/FOI Foundation Centre hosted by FOI co-founder Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson and the Circle of Brigid. FOI Foundation Centre at Clonegal Castle offers gatherings by invitation only at Clonegal Castle on Samhain, Winter Solstice, Brigantia, Spring Equinox, Beltaine, Summer Solstice, Lughnasadh and the Autumn Equinox. These festivals are by invitation only. They are the preferred time for FOI members to visit Clonegal Castle. For information about dates and invitations, contact the members of the Circle of Brigid listed directly below. Please include “FOI Invitations” in the subject line. Honorary Secretary, Circle of Brigid:

The Goddess is Alive In Long Beach! There are many upcoming and wonderful events scheduled for 2013 at Iseum/Lyceum of the Nubian Moon. Call Ravenmoon MaKafia for any info: 562-627-5697, or 714-686-3341Full and New/Black Moon rituals are conducted every month at the Lyceum Of The Nubian Moon. Each phase, we have "guest Gods, and Goddesses, We also put names in the "Sacred Cauldron" on parchment and ask for "Healing, Strength, and Prosperity".  If you want your name to go into the Sacred Cauldron please send it to

The Fellowship of Isis Utah a.k.a. Iseum of Muth or Lyceum of Auset and Heru em Aakhuti, holds public rites to the Goddess Isis of 10,000 Names every second Sunday of the month at 2 pm at Crone's Hollow, 2470 S. Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah.  Current information on dates and times can be found on the Isis of Utah Webpage at

Fellowship of Isis Utah also holds a public meet & greet the fourth Friday of each month at Crone's Hollow, 6 pm, to discuss Isis, Queen of Heaven and other Goddess related Egyptian esoteric concepts.  Also the Grove of Isis and Uta (Druid Clan of Dana) will outline upcoming plans at the meet and greets. 

The temple was founded by Kasey E. Conder, Pr. H. SA., in 2008.  The Lyceum of Auset of Heru em Aakhuti, also founded by him, focuses on studying and teaching the esoteric sciences and Egyptian & other many cultural Mysteries connected with the great goddess Isis. The Temple of Isis Utah (Fellowship of Isis Utah) is the host for Isis Fest 2012. Full details can be found at  Telephone: 801.755.4419 E-mail: Held at Murray Lodge #33 Odd Fellows Hall, 8698 Center Street, Sandy, Utah Website: 

Women’s Prayer Circle: The Buffalo Messenger Family cordially invites you to participate in a women’s prayer circle to honor our Creator’s instructions for women of all faith traditions to join in prayer with all of our relations and begin to activate the energy of the sacred feminine with the pure intention for the People of all Nations to return to a spiritual path of living. Please make the time to make a difference . All life is a Sacred gift from Creator. Let us leave our children and all of our relations with the gift of a better world to live in. Mitakuye Oyasin.
Where:  Nemacolin Woodlands Prayer Lodge site at Millioke Meadows, Farmington, Pennsylvania.
When:  Every Sunday
Time:  1pm - 2:30pm
Come with a clean heart, grateful mind, humble spirit and with the faith of a child.
Please call with any questions :Reverend Susan W. Ferraro 412-973-6300.

Sunday Services hosted by Rt. Rev. Loreon Vigne at the Temple of Isis, Isis Oasis, Geyserville, California. 2pm - 4 pm. The Temple of Isis is a fully recognized non-profit organization (separate from Isis Oasis Retreat Center and the Isis Society for Inspirational Studies), which does not follow concepts normally associated with traditional religion, striving rather to create an entirely new path of spiritual experience that we affectionately call, Catma. There is no sermon, yet a Priestess or Priest of Isis will be in attendance to guide each Sunday afternoon. Begin with a private meditation in the small Isis Chapel or on the grounds under the 500+ year old Douglas Fir tree. At the Grand Temple we will gather at 2 PM to partake of the program of the day, which could take many forms -- video, song, dance, readings -- all selected for its pertinence to our topic. This will be followed by a sharing of ideas. We will gather in the Pavilion for tea at 4 PM. Our Sunday temple program is designed to teach subjects such as: ecology, science, archeology and other subjects that promise to enrich and enhance our lives. No fee is charged for the days activities, although any donations will be gratefully accepted. This offering is open to all interested in the wonders of nature, who wish to Bridge the gap of the ancient past and the present, creating a new era.  Loreon may be contacted at
For information and an update of events, please visit

Our Lady’s Prayer Circle, founded by Prs. H. Diveena and late Prs. H. Barbara Lee Westlake. The 13th of every month. The circle was founded on Winter Solstice December 2005 through a vision quest on Mount Shasta. Diveena and Barbara Lee Westlake initiated this circle on the 13th day beginning January 2006 to honor the Goddess and to acknowledgment her power on the 13th day of the month. This was incited by the apparitions that took place in Fatima Portugal that progressed for a year in which all the visitations occurred on the 13th day of the month with recorded healings and miracles. Since January 13, 2005 many others have joined us to hold and help create the energy of healing and miracles of love. Contact Diveena at:  Website:

Rt. Rev. Michael Artonn Starsheen, Isis of the Stars Lyceum, Dunsmuir, California attended the Goddess Festival in Chicago, Illinois. Michael writes: “FOI Chicago held their annual Goddess Festival on October 5th, 2013. The festival was focused on celebrating the life and passing of Rt. Rev. Deena Butta, who had been the head of FOI Chicago for many years. Several presenters gave talks, and the group performed The Rite of Rebirth for Deena Butta in the evening. 

The group also performed Dulce Domum for Deena on the 4th, the night before the Goddess Festival. The rite was well attended by both local FOI members, friends of Deena's, and FOI members from other areas, including Lady Amber Dawn of Baltimore, Rev. Gayle Mack of Georgia, and Rt. Rev. Michael Starsheen of California. It was a very healing and transformative ritual for the group, providing a great deal of catharsis. 

Finally, Rt. Rev. Michael Starsheen consecrated Rev. Kiel Milner as a hierophant on the 3rd, followed by both conducting the Flamma Vestae rite to induct Jimmy Nerstheimer into Kiel's new lyceum, The Lyceum of Karnak.”

From Most Rev. Linda Iles, Prs. H., Isis, Lotus of Alexandria Lyceum, San Diego, California, who attended the 2013 FOI Convocation at Isis Oasis Retreat Center, Geyserville, California: “The event was wonderful. Every year they keep getting better and better. Attendance was up even from last year, which had been at that point an all time high. The presentations began Friday evening with a goddess dance dedicated to Isis and Osiris, choreographed by Le’ema Kathleen Graham, introductions and stories offered by those in attendance followed afterward with Midnight Star Viewing led by Michael Starsheen. Saturday was filled with presentations beginning at 10:00 am and lasted until well after midnight, including offerings from Isidora Forrest, deTraci Regula, Linda Iles, Arisa Victor, Celestine Starr, Rain Graves, Jim Berenholtz and Heather Salmon and Donny Regalmuto and an Opera of Isis and Osiris titled “Sands of Time” by Loreon Vigne, singers were Zarita Zook and Jim Berenholtz. Sunday Gnostic Mass by Elizabeth Kelley, Memorial for Laura Janesdaughter facilitated by Catherine Wright, Diana Rocha-Parks, Kat Robb, assisted by deTraci Regula and Linda Iles, followed by ordinations with Linda Iles officiating as representative of Olivia Robertson and the Fellowship of Isis as designated by Olivia Robertson and seconded by Loreon Vigne. Sunday presentations after included those by Shannon Smith, Dragonfly Adularia and Michael Starsheen, film “Saving Isis” by Love Jordina and a tea ceremony facilitated by deTraci Regula. Monday, the Adoration of Isis and Osiris with Zarita Zook, ritual and stories underneath the Great Tree, facilitated by Motherbear Scott and the General Meeting. The deities for next year are Mafdet and Anubis. As you can see, we were very busy! Helen McCrea was with us again this year featuring her Egyptian Collection, and Ann Brigit Waters of Ancient Circles. The individuals who attend form a loving community that emanates love of the Goddess! The event was joyous but we did miss Olivia Robertson and we often found ourselves sharing treasured memories of the times she was able to be with us – especially those of us who stayed with her at the Nesu House.”
Deirdre Wadding, Priestess Hierophant and Priestess Maureen Sullivan, along with Archdruidess Eimear Burke and Druid and Priest Luke Eastwood, author of the Druid’s Primer, were featured speakers at the Eigse Spiriod Ceilteach, Saturday 10th August 2013, Slí na Bandé, Newtown Mountkennedy, Co. Wicklow. Eimear writes: “Howard and I went to visit Olivia today in Gorey District Hospital. We found her in very good form. We were returning from Éigse Spiorad Ceilteach which was organised by one of our priests and fellow Druid Luke Eastwood. We were treated to some interesting talks on Holding Ritual as Gaeilge (through the Irish language) by priestess Deirdre Wadding, Herbalism, Immramma and the Otherworld, Wand-making using a lathe, Identifying the Goddess through place names and saint names in Ireland, How we can connect with the spirit of nature (Luke). The evening ended with some wonderful songs, stories, poetry and music around the fire. FOI was well represented by priestesses Deirdre Wadding, Eimear Burke, Maureen Sullivan, Angela Lordan, triness priestesses Barbara, Anna, Olwyn and Amy. A big thanks and congratulations to Luke for all his hard work and perseverance. We are looking forward to next year's Éigse.

(Olivia via Eimear) “The Druid Trio - Olivia, Howard and Eimear. Druid greetings! The Green Man celebrating the Oak King as Howard is wearing his sigil. We are wearing shades of green. Green peace to you all. Thanks to the rain.
Caroline Wise of Isis of the Thames Lyceum, London writes: “I gave two talks in September at the XII° Convegno Nazionale Autunnale Druidismo e Stregoneria in Italy, one on  Isis and another on the Green Lady. My husband Michael Staley gave a presentation about AOS.
An Italian interview with Caroline Wise on Anticaquercia (ancient oak) web magazine is available at this link:

Caroline has provided an English translation. She writes “This interview was done in January without warning in a freezing snow storm in a Bloomsbury Street! My Milan friends who I met via the good offices of Linda Iles, are FOI members and also friends of Vivienne and Chris and do great work in Italy :

A Short Interview with Caroline Wise
An interesting chat with focusing on esotericism and paganism in England

(Caroline will again host the next meeting of the Autumn September 28 and 29, 2013.)

Q: Caroline, you were the owner of a famous esoteric bookshop where many key figures in the history of esotericism English are encountered, you can talk about briefly?

A: Yes, I was the owner of the Atlantis Bookshop for some years, then in 2002, I sold the business. Before then it was owned by the spiritual newspaper 'Psychic News' and I was the manager.

Q: If I make myself a map of magical London, what would it include?

A: A map of the London magical should include the Tower of London. Has a brutal history. It was built after the Norman invasion, but the site was of importance both to the Romans that the Saxons and the Ancient British. The central keep was the 'Bryn Gwyn', (White Mound) and this place is said to be where the head of the Celtic demigod Bran the Blessed was buried. Also in the City are the ruins of the temple of Mithras. St. Paul's Cathedral is according to myth, built on the site of a temple of Diana, built by Brutus, the legendary founder of London. In Cannon Street, we have our single surviving monolith, the Stone of London. Westminster abbey is located on the site of a temple of Apollo. St. Bride’s Church in Fleet Street is located on the site of an old sacred well, and it is said that it is one of the first known places of pagan worship in London. There is nothing more to see of the old temples and wells now, except the temple of Mithras, but these are all places where we can communicate with the old gods. (Update, please note, even the Temple of Mithras has gone for now, packed into cardboard boxes, apparently to be rebuilt near its original location – we wait and see – Caroline)

Q: In my last trip I have seen some very interesting things, among which I noticed that the esoteric culture of London is rooted right next door to the British Museum. Do you think that there is a connection with the finds and the great magic power stored in them?

A: Yes, for me there is a link with the British Museum. It is one of the largest deposits of magical and religious artifacts in the world. It has magical/religious objects of all cultures. I believe that this has an effect, these objects radiating energy into the local area. Budge was there, deciphering the hieroglyphs and Florence Farr of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn too. McGregor Mathers and WB Yeats met in the old British Library of the Museum. Mathers was translating the Kabbalah. This is now the Great Court of the Museum, where we met your family the last time you came! So we were carrying on a beautiful tradition! The beating heart of the modern pagan scene where people meet is Treadwells Bookshop in Store Street. They organise many lectures on various esoteric topics, this is a central venue. Watkins Bookshop, in Bloomsbury, is the most ancient esoteric bookshop in the world, founded by a secretary of Mme. Blavatsky.

Atlantis Bookshop was not in it’s current location until 1934. It was originally much closer to the Museum in what is now Pied Bull Yard off Bury Place. It was founded in 1922, the year Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen. The whole world went crazy for anything to do with the mysteries of Ancient Egypt and the shop at the time must have been full of customers eager to know more about it.

Q: What I say should not be taken as a joke, like the Harry Potter saga set for the most part in London, but is there is still a sort of war between the forces of good and evil in modern witches, the witch-wars?

A: Don't think that there is a war between the witches! Times have changed and there is a common goal to educate the public and at the same time to be free to be pagan. I think we are all too busy shopping to Treadwells and the other places to be killing each other! Of course, there are going to be ‘wars of witches’ some times as people don’t always agree with each other.

Q: I remember the stories that in the Second World War some English witches gathered to make a great ritual against the invasion of the Nazis (and I think it worked). Do you think that the modern witches have the same powers of the past?

A: This is just a personal opinion: I think that there is too much importance attached to the myths about the witches and the war. I am not sure, but I believe in all the stories. Of course, everyone, the general public, every witch, occultist, such as Dion Fortune, they did their part together with all the witches and Christians - pray to their gods to bring peace and save lives. Of course all this has helped, but I find the story that the witches won the war just a little offensive. There was the RAF and many other brave souls and agents that saved England and stopped the Nazis too!

Q: I know that in the past you were also a researcher of paranormal phenomena. Can you tell us briefly more about what you have done past and present?

A. I am an Archpriestess, long-time member in the Fellowship of Isis, and soon I will be presenting a workshop with Vivianne and Chris Crowley. I worked in spiritualism with Psychic News, and in 1982 I was founder member and director of the ASSAP - The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena, a break-away from Society for the Research Psychica.  I have seen enough to know that there are ghosts and phenomena that we still do not understand. I worked with the magazine Ley Hunter in the 1980s and through its Dragon Project carried out research at megalithic sites of the British Isles.

It is so exciting to see how Wicca and Druidism are taking off in Italy.

News from Members

FOI member Sara Bernini/Sarah Degli Spiriti of Italy writes: I'm an Italian member of Fellowship of Isis.I'm writing you because I admire your page (*)] about the F.O.I. and I've thought that you can appreciate this little video realized on Keltoi Radio, an Italian web radio, about Egyptian Path and the F.O.I. I've interviewed Aglaia Francesca, an active Italian member of F.O.I. and my F.O.I. mentor, too. This is the link of the video:

(*) Fellowship of Isis Central Site and News page on Facebook
From Celia Thomas: “Isis of Avalon Ceremony on Monday 5th August. We gathered in a hall in Glastonbury to celebrate the Ancient Egyptian festival of Opet in conjunction with our Lughnasadh. After Procession, Invocations and Ceremony, we assembled in our astral Boat of Millions of Years to travel on a Trance Journey around the Glastonbury Zodiac, which is a natural Temple of the Stars in the landscape of Avalon here. With Anubis at the helm to guide us, we travelled through this Portal of Solar Initiation experiencing each sign. Before we disembarked, we brought down the rays of Sirius into our hearts, uniting Isis and Avalon. We were truly Blessed. Praise and thanks to Isis!
News from Iseums

A new Iseum, sponsored by Rev. Aglaia Francesca, En Erebos Phos Iseum, Rome Italy: Iseum of Sesheshet - The Sacred Sound, located in Latina, near Rome. Dedicated to the Goddess Isis, the purpose of this Iseum is to cerate a Sacred Place to honor the Goddess Isis under her 10,000 aspects. A Sacred Place for: deepening the relationship with the Goddesses, making spiritual offerings, performing rituals, studying and teaching cultural heritage of the Goddesses and exploring various spiritual subjects, performing healing work and shamanic work, meditating, playing music. A place of Divine Love, Solace and Magick. Contact: Gigliola di Libero  E-mail:
James Jacob Pierri of the Iseum of the Sacred Lotus, New Jersey, USA shared this thought for discussion: “A modern prayer written with much Egyptian inspiration by a modern FOI priest has intrigued me and also got my curiosity. In it were many references to the Nile and an ancient Egypt we do not live in, We live in modern times and Isis has proven historically to expand and transverse ancient Egypt even in antiquity. As modern devotees, is it time to attribute her with our modern surroundings? I live by the Statue of Liberty and seeing her majestic in the Hudson River therefore makes her Isis of the two rivers (east & Hudson) in my area. There's a more literal and natural connection in that since none of us are ancient Egyptian nor live off of the Nile.”
Kasey Conder of Fellowship of Isis Utah and the Lyceum of Auset and Heru em Aakhuti in Salt Lake City Utah, responded: “The FOI is innovating in the manner as it truly shows forth Isis as a multi-cultural and multi-religious goddess escaping the doctrine/dogma of nationalistic neo-paganism and such. As Isis spoke to Lucius in "The Golden Asse", she is sublime principle of nature appearing to many people in many lands but she hails her ancient roots in Egypt & Ethiopia. Ancient Egypt of course was a fountainhead of the spirituality in the mystery schools and that wisdom should not be discounted, but I do believe, like you suggest, it is important to develop a local and unique relationship with the goddess with whatever way she chooses to appear in this plane, being open to whatever flow of energy the spirit she wishes to manifest. Hail Egypt, Hail Isis and Hail our local Mother Earth!”

Photo above: Frangipani flowers on the altar of Isis, Iseum of the Goddess Pertiwi, Queen of the South Seas, Surabaya, Indonesia
Sarah Rooke, Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars, Portsmouth, UK: Rev. Tarnia Spaven has been ordained as a Priestess of Brigit, Cerridwen and Innanna, and her new Iseum is called Clan of the Wolf Moon. Tarnia writes: “The aim of my Iseum is for nurture in the elements and ourselves and particularly to unite the energies of the Stars with the Earth for healing and growth.”
Sarah writes: Rev. Heather Elston has been Ordained as a Priestess of Dana, Athena and Freya, and her new Iseum is called Clan of the Blue Hawk, in the Fellowship of Isis. Heather writes: “Aims are to work with the energies of the Goddess and nature.”

News from Lyceums
Anniitra Ravenmoon, Prs. H. of Lyceum of the Nubian Moon, Long Beach, California, USA: “We celebrated our Dark Moon In Leo Ritual with guest Goddesses, Sekmet-Pele_and Bridgid. Our Sacred Cauldron burned Bright!” Annitra shared these photos of the event:
Sarah Rooke, Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars, Portsmouth, UK: “I am very pleased to announce that the Rev. Gaynor Linnecor (Universal) has been consecrated as a Priestess Hierophant in the Fellowship of Isis, and her new Lyceum is called Universal Learning.” Gaynor writes: “Aims, to respectfully serve and conduit the Divine Energy of the Universe.”
Also from Sarah Rooke, Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars: “Rev. Hernan Cacciatore of the Iseum of Arbol Sagrado in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has gained his fourth magi degree of “Sun Magic” in the Fellowship of Isis, College of Isis.”  Hernan writes: “Association in my mind towards our divinity Hathor was strong in moment of the 2 Enchantress when she did touch me; I did see the flames in red colour when she touch my heart and shoulders.”

Sarah also shares with us: “I am pleased to report that Lindsay Chandler (Linden Ivy) has gained her first magi degree of Moon Magic (Lunar Magic of the Tides) in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis.”
In a message received on September 21, 2013, Sarah wrote: “I am pleased to announce that the Rev. Linden Ivy (Lindsay Chandler) of Portsmouth has been Ordained as a Priestess of Gaia, Demeter and Sophia in the Fellowship of Isis. Well done Lindsay, and many congratulations! Linden is now a second degree magi.”

From Sarah Rooke: “I am pleased to announce that the Rev. Antonia Newlands has gained her sixth magi degree of “Isis and Osiris” in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis. Antonia writes: “The key of Isis could be a symbol for some yet for me it is just opening my heart to receive Her. Her blessing can expand my consciousness and open my soul to the next realm of ascendency. The human body while beautiful, can also be limiting in comparison to movement through time and space in the upper realms. With the blessing of the Goddess and the acknowledgement of Osiris within us, we can transcend these limitations and work with them safely to have a blessed life on Earth.”

Another report sent in by Sarah Rooke, Prs. H. of Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars: “I am pleased to report that Rev. Allen Gittens of the Iseum of Selene and the Lunar Sphere in Torbay, Devon, UK has gained his fourth magi degree of Moon Magic (Lunar Magic of the Tides) in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis. Here is an excerpt of Allen's report for Isian News: “Our journey, which has taken us back through time to ancient Ireland, and through astral space to the Realm of the Moon, has returned us to our starting point, but leaving us with a profound love and insight into our relationship with our Mother, the Earth, and her elemental aspects in their forms as the Sidhe of Ireland.”

Sarah writes: I am pleased to report that the Rev. Hernan Cacciatore of the Iseum of Arbol Sagrado (Sacred Tree) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has gained his fifth magi degree of Earth Magic in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis. Hernan writes: “I could feel with firm conviction, that my ability to bless and send rays through my hands grew (this was a strong feeling). Like a sensation of weight in hands that I can to send with simple small movements.”

Lyceum of the Mystery of Isis and Osiris, New Orleans, Louisiana. One of the lyceum founders, Maury White-Hereford writes: “For our rites of protection for the sacred sites in Egypt we invoke the titular deities of the temples, frequently triads. So for the purpose of invocation I drew these simple line drawings to use on our altar. I do not consider them to be "works of art.", but rather ritual items. It occurred to me that others might wish to have these images for similar purposes. Sometimes particular images of the gods and goddesses are difficult to find. As an artist and priestess I much prefer the immediacy of "original" work to prints.  Also included are acrylic works on paper.

These are sample altar images that will be made just for you or you may request any deity of your choice. There are two types, color 8X10 and pen and ink 5X7. available through our lyceum page, "The Mystery of Isis and Osiris." They can be paid for through PayPal, money order or cashier's check. P.M. me for orders and please include your phone number.Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.” You may contact Maury at

Here are some examples of Maury’s work:

Photo below, of the the Summer Solstice altar of Lyceum of the Mystery of Isis and Osiris, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Priestess Hierophant Maury White-Hereford and Priest Hierophant Daniel H. Campbell. Maury and Daniel offer rites by attunement for all members. Facebook:
News from Groves

Sarah Rooke, Grove of Cerridwen and the Grail, Portsmouth, UK writes: Linden Ivy of Portsmouth has now been initiated as a Druidess in the Druid Clan of Dana.

Sarah also writes: “I am pleased to report that the Rev. Hernan Cacciatore has been consecrated as an Archdruid in the Druid Clan of Dana by attunement. His new Grove is called Arbor Sapientiae (Tree of Wisdom) and is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina. E-mail:

From Sarah Rooke: Sarah Heathersdaughter has been initiated as a Druidess in the Druid Clan of Dana, by undertaking the Rite of Dana. I give her report for Isian News: “I spoke in my mind to Goddess pledging myself to Her and DCD, as I truly devote my life and service to Her and all Her creatures and Druidess is my life and growing within that, I felt my dedication was truly accepted, as I could really feel something was happening with  the attunement.”

Linda Iles, Archdruidess of Grove of Elen of the Ways and Lugh of the Silver Hand, and deTraci Regula, Archdruidess of Grove of Dodona, Zeus and Dictynna consecrated Rev. Denise Murray Allen, Rev. Mary DeWitt and Rev. Kat Robb as Archdruidesses in the Druid Clan of Dana. The ceremony took place at 3:00 pm on Saturday, October 5. Denise, Mary and Kat will carry on the work of their mentor and grove founder, Laura Janesdaughter who passed into the Summerlands earlier this year.

News from Priories

From Grand Dame Commander Claudia Wehmeyer of Tara Hedge College in Germany:  “We ordained our dear member Annette Schwar von Specht as a Lady of Tara. It was a wonderful ceremony; and all experienced the energy rising during the ceremony and being very strong, when Annette got her sword.”

Muses Symposium

Song of the Green
By Hennie van Geel
green is the grass
green the trees
green my cloak
green the quality of this song

be careful where you trod
you might disturb the peace
you might enjoy a feast
you might be gone forever

be careful what you sing
elegies or satires
hopes or pains
or the sadness of parting

but indeed : sing!


Awakening the Sacred Python- The African Primordial Mother
by Ayele Kumari
Lyceum of the Tree of Life
St. Louis, Missouri

Part II.
(continued from Issue No. 149, Lughnasadh 2013)

Dravidian and Pre Vedic Aspect of the Serpent Mother

The connection between the Dravidian serpent goddess Kundalini and ancient African philosophy cannot be missed. Kundalini is considered the powerful electrical  force that travels up the spine to produce enlightenment. Through exercises and daily practices, this energy is cultivated to produce lasting states of ecstasy.  The Dravidians spoke a language older than Sanskrit known as Tamil. Tamil shares its roots with the earliest languages in Southern Africa. Thousands of years ago, southern Africa shared a land mass with Southern India. A cataclysm occurred plunging that land mass underwater and over time continental drift separated them.  Many of the practices and languages are very similar.

South Africa

While kundalini is much more popular and currently gaining a recent rebirth with the new age movement, this primordial feminine force is called in South Africa as Umbelini.  Other names in South Africa are Mamilambo, Iayaminyami and Nyaminyami.  These are more popularized throughout the south region of Africa and is associated with the powerful Ngangas or indigenous healers. In order to become a masterful diviner and healer, mastering the use if this energy is essential because it is what produces clear sight. Sangomas ( Diviners)  and Ngangas are renowned for their psychic abilities. So much so that when receiving a reading from them, the client is to say nothing and they are to tell the client why they are there as a confirmation of their abilities. It is because of their training in the Umbelini sciences that they are able to master this.

Mutwa Credo, the most high priest, Sangoma in South Africa speaks about this energy in his book, Song of the Stars.  He has this to say about it:

My grandfather also taught me how to control my powers of seeing and how to sharpen them and make them more accurate and efficient. He taught me the art of breathing properly. He taught me the secret art of joining my mind to that of the great gods in the unseen world. He taught me how to sit still - very, very still - and eliminate all thoughts from my mind and call upon the hidden powers of my soul.

In short, my grandfather taught me the Zulu version of what is called in English, "meditation". How to breathe softly and gently like a whisper until you feel something like a hot coiled snake bursting through the top of your head - a fearsome thing that is known as the umbilini. This umbilini, my grandfather told me, is the source, the primal source of the sangoma's powers. A sangoma must be able to summon this umbilini at will through the beating of the drum and through meditation, very, very deep meditation.

Umbelini means snake or serpent in the belly. While some say it is related to the Intestines, others insist it is related to the umbilical cord, navel,  and the connection to the womb. It is often described as a cord in your gut that gives you access to power. This belly energy is said to rise up the center of the body and awaken one in such a way that they gain clear sight and strong intuitive abilities. One is able to see without judgement. What also seems to arise from this Umbelini is a great capacity for love and compassion for humanity. It is warned, however,  like in the pre-vedic Kundalini, that it is possible to,awaken this energy prematurely or unevenly in which case, could produce bipolar disorder and mental instability. Balance along with ethics is a real strong principle with the Umbelini and it cannot be under emphasized.

The energy that traverses up the spine is pronounced as Nyam. Throughout Africa, some aspect of the creator is related to a variation on the word Nyam. Nyame is known in Ghana and Kikongo. A variation is the name Ngame. Ngame is a primordial goddess in Ghana that has been now masculinized as Nyame. Sometimes they are considered androgynous but the Ga people refer to it as Ata Naa Nyamo (Father Mother God). Nevertheless, her symbol is a circular spiral that is reminiscent of the coiled serpent and the coiled Kemetian goddess oracle called Mehen. As it is related to the creator, creative life force  energy is considered her nature. That said, Nyam is the dynamic electrical energy that is said to activate life and is not unlike Shakti.  Nyam is also called Chi, Prana, Ki, and other forms of electromagnetic energy.

I had a personal experience while researching and writing this paper that helped to clarify this energy. I began to do a series of chants to awaken it and I had a experience of a Naga coming to me spiritually to tell me more.  He specifically told me to be careful with this because it was “real energy I was dealing with and nothing to play with”.  He continued to explain that most of what people do around this energy is not effective and just play.  What I was doing, however, is not and caution should be taken to not work with it in an unbalanced state. He is also the one who explained that it is called Nyam.  During this experience, I also felt this energy and it was very much like an electrical power circuit radiating  throughout. Kind of like sticking your finger through a socket. Since this energy is associated with the electromagnetic energy in the body, it is very clear care must be taken when truly working with this.  It can be likened to playing with a electrical plug.

The last message I was given about this Nyam or energy is that its ultimate experience is limitless love or unconditional love. That through resolving the seeming opposites and the illusions, we find wholeness, not separation.  Within us we find all and not just parts, the light and the shadow have worth and value. On the planet, it is the surrendering of the individual and cultural egos that dominate for the common good of all as a planetary family. In this place love resolves all, heals all, and is all.

Naga or Serpent People

The people who were masters of the serpentine Nyam energy came to be known throughout the region and in Africa as the serpent people. In India, the priestesses  were called Naginis. They were also called Nagas which  means serpent. Naga's were the wise spiritual masters of this powerful goddess. They honored the women as the powerful energy. These Nagas were known world wide even into the Americas. In the Americas, they came to be known as Naguals  to the indigenous people. They were called Ngangas in southern Africa. It is also undoubtedly the source of the word Magi in Europe as well as m and n are interchangeable along with n and k. In West Africa, this tradition is called Anago which means “ the old way”.

Kikuyu Serpent of East Africa

The serpent energy is found with the cosmology of the culture of the Kikuyu people in East Africa as well as in their art work. The baskets that are made, especially the spiral ones, express the serpent energy of the feminine. Again, it extends from the naval (representing the source) in a spiral fashion. There is also a reflection of this energy in the wavy lines of the woven baskets. The Kikuyu also make use of the relationship between the serpent and a sacred tree. This tree of life theme is very interwoven within the entire African framework related to the goddess. During the girl's rite of passage, they would gather in a circle around a sacred tree and dance in a serpent like fashion around it. They would also lay in a zig zag fashion spooning each other around the tree.  This coiled serpent energy expressed the entire cosmology, social and spiritual structure of their lives. The entire Kikuyu culture is based on the first Kikuyu mother and her 9 daughters.  The 9 daughters produced 9 clans of which every member of the tribe belongs to one.

The spiral basket symbolizing the serpentine energy used in divination.

West Africa

The serpent mother becomes known as, Coumba Lamba, Mami Wata, Uhammiri, Obide, Olokun, Yemaya, Olokun and Damballah in West Africa. All of these aspects interchange being part woman and  a snake,  a fish,  or mermaid.  The aspects of the deity is emphasized differently in different ethnic groups.  Coumba Lamba, Yemaya, for instance are expressed more as less threatening mermaids, while Mami Wata and Uhammiri is widely expressed as great pythons. Damballah is considered male now in West Africa while his wife complement is known as Aiedo Wedo is known as a rainbow serpent.  This rainbow is tied again to the Kundalini as the kundalini, when awakened, moves up the body via energy centers that are the colors of the rainbow.  Dambalah is related  to Danu who, as already stated, is also found in the Vedic Tradition.

Mami Wata, Uhammiri, Obuide also have a sensual side along with their maternal side.   Fully feminine in their presentation in trance induced states, they are also likely to show up very uninhibited in the dream or trance state. This sensual side is often misunderstood and not talked about because of the heavily sexual overtones in a society that is highly conservative.  This sexual energy is inherently connected to the spiritual energy and is a part of the process. The energy is intended to rise from the center and become all encompassing. Mami Wata may also be depicted with a long neck with rainbow colors expressing the sexually charged Kundalini energy of the rainbow.

Photo featured above is of Mami Wata in the Igbo tradition with the long rainbow neck.

My first awakening to Mami Wata was 1992 when I was diagnosed as infertile due to extensive scar tissue.  I woke one morning with a desire to paint  Auset ( Isis) as a life size mermaid.  I took great care in painting her even though I had never painted anything in my life. Still, the final result was beautiful.  Once completed, I began to have more vivid dreams some sensual, many prophetic.  It seemed as if I lived another life in my dreams. My Nigerian husband identified this as the ancient mermaid goddess known as Mami Wata in his tradition. While he was taught to fear it, I embraced it and  soon after, I conceived a daughter. I found that Mami Wata is often called to heal women’s issues such as infertility as well as children.   She is also called upon for wealth but also divine justice to those who violate spiritual laws. In fact, she is often depicted with a child on one side while carrying a blade of justice in the other hand. 

Mami Wata in the Ewe Tradition

I came to know later that Mami Wata is a part of my ancestral lineage as a descendant of the GaDangbe people of West Africa. I feel her strongly while near natural waters and in the tub or shower.  It also seemed that while Mami Wata was often depicted as one Goddess, in some areas, she is expressed as an entire pantheon of water spirits.  In fact, in West Africa, Shiva in the Vedic tradition is considered a Mami Wata spirit due to the snake that is worn and his blue color.

The python priestesses of Africa were known as the Sibs, Black Doves, and Mamaisis according to Mama Zogbe in her books ,The Sibyls and Mami Wata: Africa’s Ancient Goddess Unveiled. These priestess’ were living oracles and world renowned in Africa and Europe.  They were the first Pythia oracles as well as the Delphi oracles all of which were also based on the primordial python of Africa. The term mammisis in Africa means a living temple or oracle.  It is associated with the term Mama Isis. In Africa, Isis is pronounced as (Esi).  Once ancient Egypt was invaded by the Greeks and Romans, the terms became more associated with buildings or birthing temples rather than their original association with Priestess and living oracles. Still the term is used in West Africa today in its original association. The term Mami Wata is also tied to ancient Kemetian roots with Wata dating back to Wachet.. the ancient serpent goddess aspect of Isis.

The Awakening the Divine African Mother Within

There is both a folk religious culture that developed with the African Goddess as well as a mystical one that seeks to cultivate the Goddess within. The mystical teachings point to higher or awakened consciousness and divine insight.  Practices were cultivated to master the self and transcend duality. Three strains of practices prevailed in this cultivation. One was associated with the resolution of duality within the self and wholeness. Another was associated with the rainbow serpent teachings and the cultivation of spiritual qualities and good character.   A third was associated with trees and the tree of life teachings and cosmology.  All three seek unity and wholeness within and also with the universe as its ultimate goal. The indigenous practices for reaching this awakened state involved some or all of the following:

Primordial Movement or dance
Rhythmic music or drumming
Sacred word, mantras, and chants
Conscious Breathwork
Purification and Herbal therapy
Soul Retrieval

Simplified, this was movement, sound, and stillness. Other ways this can be expressed is dynamic energy, stabilizing energy, and harmony or birth, life, and death. The implications of the triune aspect is clear as the giver of life, sustainer, and destroyer of life.  By extension, this energy is considered the great healer as it is able to what is necessary to bring balance. Healing then, is expressed in one form of therapy called Ngoma. Ngoma is a therapeutic ritual involving a combination of the above practices. Combining them allows for full emergence into the healing energy and can often produce radical healing, especially where psycho, spiritual, emotional dis ease is present. Utilizing them individually is also acceptable for beginning the work. The above practices help to begin the process of working with Nyam.

There is to our earliest beginnings and spiraling even more upward.  The poles and the pole stars are shifting.  The galactic center is remembered on the elliptical orbit again. Within us, the serpent mother is calling for us as individuals and on the planet to resolve our perceptions of duality into a global outlook and unified understanding of the whole. This is work as an individual, the community, and the planet.  As we activate this primal mother, we will become carriers of the rebirthing of her on the planet while shedding the old frayed skins of limitations forever.a great deal more to share, uncover, and recover about the primordial serpent goddess.  While only a small part of the tradition as it relates to African / Dravidian was covered here.  It seems that this energy is experiencing a resurgence now in 2013 as the awakening on the planet is causing people to Re-member the very ancient traditions and also forge a new path.  Very much like a serpent swallowing its tail we are returning back


Song of Stars by Mutwa Credo

Umbelini: The Voice of the Unconscious  by Penny Norris Psychological Perspectives: A Quarterly Journal of Jungian Thought  Volume 45, Issue 1, 2003

Mami Wata by Mama Zogbe
The The Water Goddess in Igbo Cosmology: Ogbuide of Oguta Lake by Sabine Jell Bahlsen

Self Healing, Power, and Therapy : Old Teachings from Africa by  Kimbwandende Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau

African Cosmology of the Bantu Kongo: Principles of LIfe and Living by  Kimbwandende Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau

Ayele Kumari, PhD,  Prs. H is a priestess hierophant and founder of the  Lyceum of the Tree of Life where she offers training in the primordial wisdom of  Africa, natural healing, and the Indigenous Great Mother Traditions.  Her experience extends over 25 years and also includes extensive experience in the  Kemetian and Vedic traditions.  She has served as a professor of Natural Healing at a local college in St. Louis, Missouri for over 13 years. She is the author of the books Spirit Rising: Woman’s Workbook for Healing and Empowerment and co author of Magical Calabash: Ancient Wisdom from the African Ancestral Mothers. She offers online training and in person initiations for those called to the priesthood of the Goddess. She can be found at as well as on facebook at:

“Isis of Alchemy” by Olivia Robertson

What is Behind the Sun?

By David deRoeck
Ascension of Isis Lyceum
Dublin, Ireland

The road we take to understand and metabolise our surroundings also the terms we use to describe our comprehension of them, tends to be coloured by the “Bigger” and “Better” syndrome.  It is almost inevitable that the evolution of our understanding has to be greater and brighter or darker than that which has gone before.  Our brain being the organ that thinks it thinks causes a multitude of misnomers linked clearly to our experience from the past so we autonomously try to put things into baskets and boxes that may not fit. “Like all energy must be coloured” rainbow colours are good, dark colours are bad and white light is the highest frequency?  Yet the odd thing is that all energy is manifest in this dimension by its action and reaction to its surroundings e.g. lightening we can say is a blue white flash discharge of a massive electrical surge.  Yet the truth is that we cannot see lightening what we see is the super-heated effect of plasma as the lightening passes through the moist or dry air to its grounding source that is what we see not the electrical discharge.  The same can be said of rainbows one can only see the refraction of light on the moisture in the air at approximately 45% to the arch of the rainbow if you move from that position it may disappears if there are no more water droplets to bend the light.   Yet when a person looks at a rainbow they see it in their own unique way as the person who stands beside you sees that rainbow through different droplets of water so a completely different rainbow and we respond to the full continuum of colours even those our eyes cannot perceive but the harmonic frequency of those colours moves each one of us to our core.  This means that an interaction of energy is taking place all the time but when you see or feel a thing it causes a great action and reaction within your being and this is manifest in your own individual way.  We are a spiritual energy suspended by electromagnetic fields to a corporal state in this dimension and we are continuously being pushed and pulled by opposing forces until our cohesion is completely broken down and we can then and only then return back to the frequency that is our oneness or unity. These like all things come under the cosmic laws of communion, turning and returning time and change thus the cycles “have and always will have” their inevitable attraction to the source.  So in this dimension we will refer to it as “matter or frequency” because energy is emanating from its source all the time you are like a solar being a Sun radiating out and the cells of your corporal body are as the cosmic dust that circulates your solar system.  Our organs are like planets held in suspension by the attraction of the Sun which is our Heart (not the pump but the heart that contains all opposites the mystical Black Hole) they orbit in their own set pattern and are subject to that cosmic law of time and change.  When I refer to the Heart this divine part of us I am not linking it to the physical organ that is placed slightly off centre left in our chest.  I refer to the mystical Heart that indescribable Black Hole that all matter eventually will be subsumed through.  When a person passes away exits this corporal body what do you think the tunnel or bright light is other than you entering that mystical Black Hole of your Heart the exit point so you can exit cleanly into the Oneness of the Cosmic Source and continue your journey.  Only one soul can go through this portal from one corporeal body as only one soul can inhabit a corporeal body. If you can just take a moment to ponder this premise your brain is an organ that thinks it thinks it has very few nerve endings compared to your face, skin or finger tips.  Yet when you get a head ach it hurts within your head yet the messages are transmitted to the lower part of your brain stem to say my head hurts.  When you bump your head the area hurts but if you stub your toe or finger it really hurts and throbs at the very point where the impact took place?  So your brain does tell you where the pain should be and can pin point it to a finite spot providing enough nerve endings are present and not damaged to cause a reaction.   Now your heart (The Black Hole of the cosmic centre of your universe) which is that space in the middle of your chest central between the rib cage, it is a very small area yet infinitely large in reality no one organ sits their many tubes and bits are packed into the space but it is not solely filled with an emptiness it is filled with the density of the Cosmos.  This is the sacred spot where the true “ heart” the container of all opposites resides if you are sad and suffer great loss it is not your brain that feels anything it is your Heart that feels  empty and broken it has an aching sadness a hollowness even though it cannot be emptied.  Yet when you are in love or over joyed it is your Heart that is bursting with joy as if you will explode with great feelings it is full to capacity so this is that place that contains all opposites a divine space where your inner Sun shines.  This is the radiant centre of the solar system that is the you this is the divine space that is your link to the cosmos, the part of unique oneness that all emanating energies have.  Some will say that nothing comes out of a Black hole well I say we have not yet found the frequency that shows what emanates from a Black hole so our black hole is ever absorbing but also radiating.  So if you look at our own glorious sun then look at a star in the night sky, that star could be a thousand time larger than our sun yet it is as a grain of sand to us and the light from it pales compared to our sun because of cosmic law turning and returning, time and change.  When you recognise a divine light in others it’s because you have it yourself the brighter it shines in other the brighter your light is shining from you your Black hole that is drawing and radiating energy all around you all the time so embrace the journey of discovery. Do not fear your centre of the cosmos but embrace it; do not hide it behind shame of unworthiness but display it as a shining beacon.   Like a light house showing the wisdom of the rocks you have successfully navigated thus far to embrace the turning and returning of the cosmic order of this the new Aeon of your life.   The ones who step forth to learn and embrace the Black Hole of their cosmic Heart radiate the divine light of life giving energy, this is seen by others as the action and reaction of colours and frequencies emanating and affecting all around the Solar Heart.  All energies across the continuous spectrum are absorbed and radiated by those who take a moment to breath in that finite point between a Heartbeat when bearing witness to a rainbow, a sun raise, a sun set any act of profound nature is our point of reference to the source as all things come from the source except the source itself.  You can read more about these things on Ascension of Isis Face book group page.

An Eiréan Vision Quest
by HamsaDevi Claudia

It had been one of this cloudy rainy sunny days in Eire. And we did, what we always do during our holidays - walking the landscape, looking for dolmens, stone circles and other places, said to be the abode of the Siddhe. In the hotel where we had been staying I had glanced a very old coal-drawing depicting a small dreamy stone circle, which I never had seen before in any of our guide-books to ancient monuments. And even in that small drawing the place seemed to be enwrapped in an atmosphere of enchantment. The stones in the circle, surrounding an old hawthorn, seemed to be as old as the Island of the Blessed Herself.

I asked the landlord, where we may find that wonderful place. He did not know. The picture had hung there even when he had been a child. He even did not know, if the circle was still existing or perhaps had been destroyed a long time ago. The picture dated from 1886; and since that time the circle may have shared the fate of many of their kind - being used as building material for field walls and cottages. But he had heard that once there had been a stone circle not far away from the only ogham stone in the area.

We paid our bill, said thanks for the information and left for the ogham stone, hoping to find one or the other clue which may help us to continue our search for the enchanted circle...

To make a long story short - we did not. We asked farmers, walkers - anybody we met in that remote part of Eire between bogs and pastures, where once the Red Branch warriors had their homes and clans.

None of those we asked could tell us anything useful for our search. So we got lost several times, before we came back where we had started - at the ancient ogham stone. ...only that now I had got the feeling that the clue must lie somewhere directly before our eyes, but that for some undetectable reason we were not able to see it...

... I sent a prayer to the Siddhe. As an instant answer it started raining on one side of the ogham stone, whereas the other half of the pasture was still lying peaceful in the midsummer evening sun. And at that moment a rainbow appeared in the stretched from the sky to a hill which was well visible from where I stood. The whole scenery was saying "go here to find what you are looking for". And isn´t it said, that those who follow the rainbow will find the gates to the Summerlands, to Tir nan og, the place without sickness, without tears, without grief and old age?! As an incorrible believer in fairy tales, I decided to follow the rainbow, curious to find the point, where the coloured bridge of the Siddhe seemed to have come to an end... That spot seemed not too far away - somewhere between an assembly of trees in the fields, covering the slopes of the hill right across the valley, which we could overlook from our present standpoint. We went down the hill, up the next hill, where now we could see the ring of trees, which I had put into my mind as a point of orientation. Well - there was literally nothing except of some ... sheep dung.

Was there a somehow astral giggling in the air? And why we were pushed by some invisible power to the left - as if drawn by threads? We did not resist this invisible power and just followed where our feet seemed to want carrying us. And really - after about some hundred feet, we glanced a very old hawthorn, bent with age, in the middle of a circle of standing stones, erected aeons ago...

We gave thanks to the Siddhe and entered the ancient circle, when the solstice sun set in the west and plunged the whole landscape in her purple enchanting twilight. From the tops of some of the far off hills the smoke of the first solstice pyres rised up into the evening sky. Everywhere music was played and bits from familiar tunes were filling the midsummer evening air. Tired from walking all day long we longed for a rest,and sat down, leaning against the old hawthorn.

I closed my eyes, and at the same instant I sunk into sleep. The last impression I did remember with my day-consciousness was a feeling of safety and deep comfort, a feeling a baby may have, being embraced by the loving mother before cradled to sleep. I heard soft enchanting sounds, as from an ancient lullaby. My only desire was to be warm and comfortable and safe in the embrace of that enchanting lullaby, luring me away from the earthly realm to some remote place in the realms of another, perhaps greater reality...

Pictures rose up - a forest of ancient, hawthorns, hazel, yew trees, pines and oaks, rising high against the Tyrone sky. People scurrying between the trees - people much smaller than nowadays, wrapped in furs, long unkempt hair, whispering words in a language forgotten .... It was as diving into history, into the memory of the place itself.

These pictures faded; and now I heard a kind of heavenly music. I cannot describe the enchanting melody, as it resembled nothing I ever had heard before. It was like the strings of a harp, softly stroken by a skilled hand, like bells from a city, long ago sunk under the waves of the western ocean. And the song of the rising lark was in it; and the tune of the nightingale sounded through it. ...

And I saw a female being, as beautiful as no poet can describe her, as human language has not yet or no more for words for such Divine Beauty. Her rich curly hair fell down nearly to her feet and had the colour of the bark of the hawthorn in the light of the setting sun. Her skin was fair, almost pale like the rising moon. Her garments had the colour of the Tyrone sky when the autumn sun rises above the Sperrins. And I heard a voice, so sweet and melodious as the most enchanting tune a harper may be able to play.

Now these were Her words, spoken in the Divine language by which Deity speaks to us, if we open our hearts to Her. “Remember your heavenly roots, but equally value your earthly origin. Following the paths of the Siddhe means to love, means to share the beauty of the Summerlands with your earthly companions, human, animal and plant. Care for my children, as I care for you when you pray to me. Be careful not to get lost in illusions of past glory or future
victories. There is no victory where pain and grief is caused to obtain your goals.
Know, that entrance to my everlasting realm of eternal beauty, love, joy and abundance is not reached by competition or striving for earthly riches.

Only for those who follow the compassionate voice of their heart the gates to Tir Nan Og will swing open whenever there is need for the heart to be strengthened for earthly tasks or when comfort is needed to dry the tears caused by earthly sufferings. And when your earthly days are at end, you will return to my realm of beauty, which is your true homestead.”

With that the vision faded. I did not know how long I had been sitting there in the stone circle, my back leaned against the old hawthorn. The sun had been just setting when we had reached that enchanted place; and now the heavenly herd of stars was glistening in the night sky...

 Invoking Animal Magic:

A New Book by Hearth Moon Rising

Invoking Animal Magic explores the power and wisdom of animal allies. More than a compilation of interesting facts—stories, folklore and animal behavior are integrated in a modern pagan perspective. Illustrations based on cave paintings and artifacts add a visual component to the text while thought-provoking questions and fun activities help ground the material in personal experience. Invoking Animal Magic offers an in-depth study of nine animals, each with an important place in Euro-paganism—their myths and legends, historical context and magical themes. Rituals and spells are also included in each section.

Invoking Animal Magic discusses how to work with animal allies for healing and self-growth. Folklore and myth are intertwined with insights on animal behavior, allowing the reader to connect such qualities as migration, hibernation, night activity or color change with magical powers. Provocative questions and simple spells help ground the material in individual experience.

Lisa Thiel has called Invoking Animal Magic “a witty and comprehensive resource.” Starhawk calls Invoking Animal Magic “an impressive work.” Lake Placid News calls Invoking Animal Magic “readable, witty, conversational and well illustrated.” Early readers are raving about the clarity of the material and its captivating nature. Whether you are a careful reader or a skimmer, you will find this book enjoyable.

Published by Moon Books, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing. 340 pages. $20.11. Available through and  Audio supplements for the book are available online, including a professionally-produced guided-meditation narrated by Hearth. An excerpt and ordering information can be found on the book’s website:  

Dulce Domum

Longtime FOI member Larry O. Lantz of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, passed into the Summerlands on Saturday, August 10, 2013. Larry was an Archdruid, founder of the Grove of the Hidden Valley. From his partner Myke Hutchings: “Dear friends, after a long, valiant battle with cancer, it is my regret to inform you that Larry slipped away in his sleep at 12:30 am this morning. Thank you all for your prayers, love and support, it has been much appreciated. Blessed be.”

Larry was dedicated to the welfare of children. Of his service to children, Larry put it best: “It seemed that my duties at the altar were no longer as important as the children who are overlooked by middle and upper class society … With my changing path my view of the Goddess has changed as well. One who I called Dana, Danu, or Don was now the Lady of the Down-cast, the under-privileged, and the poor. … My path has changed in different ways from the one I conceived ... My Lady and Goddess still walks with me but she guides my steps not to the altar but to the city streets, to the children, to a suit of red, and to a brotherhood of men who give freely of their time and hearts to make the lives of these forgotten children better even if it is only one day a year.”

Animal Family of Isis

From Aglaia Francesca of En Erebos Phos Iseum (In Darkness Light Iseum), Rome, Italy: Litany of the Earth enactment, induction into the Animal Family of Isis: On September 1, 2013, Caroline Wise, Linda Iles, Aglaia Francesca and others FOI members, brought Aglaia's cats into the Animal Family of Isis, by attunement around the world. The cats are Imhotep, Horus, Zaira, and Carlotta. I would add the report of Linda Iles and give thanks to her Hierophant Cat Duncan: “What a wonderful ritual. Afterward, I had such a feeling of peace and truly sensed Isis blessings these beautiful cats that “own” Aglaia Francesca (we all know it is never the other way around!) At the end, during meditation, I found myself in contact with the spirits of cats who had passed over and needed help. They were the abused, the unwanted, the abandoned, who had no one to help them return home. There was an onrushing of beautiful little feline spirits who came, because they were attracted to the light! I prayed and a gateway opened, they came to me for love, and I prayed over each one, so that their spirits were soothed as they passed over to a land of peace and happiness, with dignity and grace. Rescue and helping unwanted animals seemed to be my part in all of this! My Duncan was a rescue cat.” 

Duncan Iles, True Son of Bast
Dulce Domum
(June 4, 1995 – August 15, 2013, 12:45 pm)

The commentary I've included here with Duncan's certificate (drawn and signed by Olivia Robertson) includes an account of psychic happenings attending Duncan's passing. I feel it is important to share, not just because Duncan was my cat, but because he was truly initiated into the FOI by Olivia Robertson, Caroline and Mick through enactment of the liturgy. The Animal Family of Isis is a serious thing.

On Tuesday, we took Duncan to the vet, that evening we received startling and sad news. Duncan had two tumors located in his abdominal and bladder area, the size of tennis balls. And that they were most likely cancerous. There had been no sign of any type of growth in Duncan’s x-rays last year, so whatever it was causing the tumors, was aggressive and fast-growing.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Duncan had relatively good days. It was in the wee hours of Thursday morning, I noticed a huge shift in Duncan. He was so clearly in distress. From that point on, his decline went very quickly.

I took Duncan outside Thursday morning to spend time in our rose garden, which he had always loved. That morning I helped him visit all his favorite places in the yard and have some quiet time. He was very weak. He had patrolled our yard and spent endless hours of happiness there for many years and I wanted his last hours at home with us to be happy ones. Just before noon, I held him in my arms, and we took Duncan to his veterinarian. My husband Jeff and I were with him while he was put to sleep. Duncan died quickly and peacefully at 12:45pm.

Duncan had been my true companion, guide and teacher, just by being his own unique self. He and I had a very close bond, he had chosen me while he was feral to be his special person. I spent a great deal of time with him, lots of love and patience, in order to heal the effects of unkindness he suffered in the early years of his life. It was through my relationship with Duncan that I became interested in studying about the goddess Bast, and eventually wrote “Bast, Cat Goddess of Ancient Egypt.”

The ancient Egyptians frequently associated their gods and goddesses with certain animals due to characteristics peculiar to those animals. I learned a lot about the nature of Bast through observing Duncan. FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson acknowledged Duncan “the true son of Bast.”

There were some unusual psychic experiences that occurred surrounding Duncan’s passing. On Monday morning when I had made the decision to telephone our veterinarian, I received an e-mail from my friend Caroline Wise of London.

She wrote: “I had a weird experience maybe around 5/6 am my time. I heard the '3 raps' that Olivia mentioned in respect to David Durdin-Robertson’s and Deena’s passings. The first was when I was asleep, and woke me, the second came as I was being pulled from sleep in a hypnogosis, and the third I was fully awake. A loud, sharp, rapid battery of 3 knocks. 

I just knew it was no one banging on the door, or anyone breaking into the flat, so I didn't bother to get up and check - unusual for me if there is any sound! Michael was not woken by it. I knew it was 'psychic plane' for want of a better  expression, and somehow related to the kundalini force. 

I managed to go back to sleep, but woke up around 8, I felt such foreboding, waiting to hear if anyone we know has died. And I was a bit depressed for a few hours. I am feeling now someone trying to get our attention - perhaps Derry? There is a lot of shaking up on the inner planes.”

When I read this, I telephoned Caroline. Neither of us had any idea why she had heard those three knocks.

On Tuesday evening, after receiving word of the tumors growing inside Duncan, I knew that Duncan was going to die. He hadn’t seemed truly ill, just a little off, and the news was a bit of a shock. I became engulfed in a heavy sadness, as grief and disbelief began to rise. I was engulfed.  Suddenly I heard three loud snapping sounds, as though someone were snapping their fingers right into my left ear. It was so audible it made me jump and look around, no one, nothing was there. But it served to bring me right out of the enshrouding of that dark mood.

I received a telephone call later that evening from Michael Starsheen, another friend of mine. Michael hadn’t yet heard about Duncan’s condition, so I told him about it. It turned out he had heard three knocks!

I then wrote to Caroline, that I believed the three knocks were in connection with my cat Duncan. She wrote back this had also occurred to her. Caroline had met Duncan several times, for she typically stayed at my house during her visits to southern California. Caroline and I have often shared stories about our cats over the years. Michael had never met Duncan, but had certainly heard about him many times over the years. Michael and I often share stories about cats. I feel I know his cats, though I’ve only had the pleasure of visiting Michael at his home once, with Loreon Vigne, deTraci Regula, Zarita and Warren Zook some years ago.

Besides the fact that all three of us love our cats and often share stories, what other connection could there have been?

It was this – in mid July, 2011, I had written a light-hearted message on Duncan’s behalf to Olivia Robertson while she was staying at Caroline’s home in London.  As a result, on July 18, 2011, FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson, Caroline Wise and Michael Staley enacted the beautiful ritual from the liturgy “Autumn.Litany of the Earth” for Duncan and inducted him into the Animal Family of Isis. A report was shared, along with these photos in Isian News, Issue Number 141 Lughnasadh, 2011. And Olivia drew up a real certificate for him.

Caroline said that Olivia insisted the ceremony be performed with serious intent, in full ceremonial robes, with incense and a special altar created for the occasion. Olivia said it was serious, a ceremony of true initiation into the Fellowship of Isis.

So three of us, Caroline, Michael and I, all members of the priesthood and all hierophants who have worked with the liturgy intensively over the years, had all heard the three knocks. We know now, it was an announcement - the paths to the spirit world were opened, so that Duncan could be granted safe and easy passage to the otherworld.

Last night, I received a vision of Duncan safe on the other side with Lawrence Durdin-Robertson who stood at the front of a group of several other FOI members who have previously departed for spirit sphere, some of whom I knew, many I did not. Not all the FOI members were human, there were animals there as well. It has given me comfort, though I still miss Duncan terribly. He is in good company and he is loved.

Initiation of an animal into the Animal Family of Isis is a serious thing. I believe it. I believe it with my whole heart.

From Caroline Wise: When I heard the loud three raps, I had the impression that it was related to the FOI Hierophant role; that when it is properly contacted, initiated, and functioning, it is a role of guide to the other realms as well as a teacher on this one. The role seemed to about leading the candidate to the portal where the psychopomp awakes, seeing them over the threshold and onto the right path. I also had the impression that just by hearing the knocks, our awareness and attention to them acts to light the path leading the way towards that next step, even if we don't know at that time whose concerned. The raps were like torches or candles lighting up a tunnel. Those were the thoughts that came to me that morning. I had a strong impression of Derry too. I also saw that Duncan had become a teacher, as I learned a lot in the last couple of days in understanding some occult principles that can't be understood from books. He also taught me more about the occult nature of the Fellowship current in the last few days. Duncan has become the hierophant. I'll be writing more about this in depth.”