Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Isian News, Beltane 2017

April 25 - May you all have a blessed Beltane! Isian News Issue No. 164, Beltane 2017 has just been published. Cover Art: “The Goddess Cerridwen” by Olivia Robertson; Invocation & Oracle: “Goddess Cerridwen of Wales” by Olivia Robertson; Editorial: Excerpts: “Cult of the Goddess” by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson; Daily Attunement Times & FOI Daily Prayer; FOI Events; New Book: Olivia Robertson: A Centenary Tribute; Call for Submissions: Hathor Anthology; New Book: Goddess 2.0, an Anthology; New Books: Study Guides for FOI Liturgy; Reports on Centenary of Olivia Robertson Celebrations in Glastonbury, London and USA; Muses Symposium: Demeter and Persephone by Shakila Ioanna Brati; Legend and Path to Hathor by Judith Page & Jan A. Malique; Journey to Summer by David de Roeck; Shaman Chefs with Kiel A. Milner & Michael Starsheen; Goddess World: Oracles of the Seasons by Linda Iles; We All Come from the Goddess by Hamsa Devi; News from Members and Centers, Dulce Domum: Jim Teresinski

April 25 - A new Oracle of the Seasons has just been published: Oracle of the Goddess Cerridwen, from Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess, Part V. Influence of the Zodiac.