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Muses Symposium

What’s Behind the Sun? Part Two
By David deRoeck

It is that time again and a multitude of things have taken place since our last journey of words into the cosmic soup of life.  Some are of breath taking wonder some are bitter sweet of selfish sorry mixed with anticipation of glory.  Just to say a very Bright Light has moved to the next part of her journey through everlasting life I speak of my dear friend,  mentor, inspiration who has created a legacy of wonder for all to meander through and learn, Lady Olivia Robertson ever Shining Forth we will miss your corporeal presence.

After my last article of “What’s Behind the Sun” I received a few messages about explaining the Heart being a Black hole. Well here goes when you look at the condition of life in all its forms we are governed by certain laws of we will call them the cosmic order, these are immutable and constant they apply to all life that is in this dimensional form and what I mean by that is a carbon based framework.  If one looks at it as the Cosmos being a grand consciousness that is an image of the source of the universe all things are living nothing can ever die it just changes its form from one thing to another like Mind and Soul. 

The Cosmos dispenses life force to everything within it and mind and soul are the manifestations of light and life as all things move by the power of soul. So soul moves all the bodies within the cosmos and soul is illuminated by mind. These are also under the law of time and change the present comes from the past and the future from the present everything is made one by this continuity like a circle.  It has no beginning and no end all points both precedes and proceeds each other for eternity. You see we are ever in motion as the past has gone and the future is yet to come into being, even the present does not last so how can it be when it doesn’t remain still for a moment.  

The Cosmos works through turning and returning as time works through increase and decrease as change works through quality and quantity. All these elements work within each other’s structure so life is everlasting in its turning and returning in its increase and decrease as in its quality and quantity. Now when it comes to the Heart “Back hole” everything is not as it seems we find that bodies and energies are drawn towards or repelled from us by what we think are unseen forces yet often we create and bring into being these very forces that act like magnets or slingshots to those around us. This can be said for virtually all things in our lives from family to friend’s acquaintances to luck work and what we call destiny.  Although we feel powerless to influence or alter the direction of good or adverse elements we still underestimate or own words and deeds within this orbit. I would like you to ponder things this way for a moment when we are drawn to a thing (a sun set, waves crashing on the shore, a beautiful sound or the smell of wonderful food) we choose to alter our obit to get a better view or experience of that very thing. 

So in altering our position we put in motion events that direct a course and they go through the laws of the above.  So you can say we move too or we are pulled too and event by certain laws on our mind senses now these senses have to apply to those same laws they cannot be more than one thing at a time.  They cannot be hot and cold they cannot be sweet and sour and they cannot be happy and sad there is a finite point when the change from one to the other according to the very laws above.  The Heart “Black hole” on the other hand contains all opposites so instead of being drawn to or sucked into or walking towards you actually “Fall into” because it removes all thing preceding therefore all you can do is fall. 

This is why the Heart is so powerful and so enigmatic to our life’s journey that when we move to the next part we fall into the Black hole and are reborn out the other side of the cosmic order in a fresh new beginning that is a progression of the previous circle.  That is the life everlasting in the cosmic order so the more we use our abilities to create and make happen events that aide and assist our journey by viewing our divine then the more we will see the divine in those around us.  You see if you are in a dark room standing before a mirror you can see nothing but if you hold a light or torch at the top of your head shining towards the mirror you will see in the mirror only the bottom part of you, but if you face another person and have the light facing them you will see the reflection of both of you in the mirror. 

We emanate light not the torch light but spiritual light and the more we believe in ourselves the more we will shine and the more we will see in other that very same light.  So as with all things you do when you feel good those around you will be uplifted but if you feel down or low then trying to carry others only diminishes your light and increases your burden.  So feed your sole with laughter light and love of you in return it will feed you with light love and an enjoyable existence as you are the most important person in your Universe you are your cosmic Heart it is your journey don’t waste it trying to see or be what others want be You. You can email me at  or Facebook group Ascension of Isis and request more insights into your mysteries.

Ode to Lady Olivia Robertson

by Dorn Simon-Sinnott

Your Aura as Bright as the Shining Sun
Your Heart & Mind as open as Isis' Welcoming Wings
The Eternal Mother shone right through you Dear One
Warmth, Consideration, Love, Healing & Understanding from your Blessed Touch
A Changed Being, Awed by your Grace, it Brings
A Million shall miss you ever so much

Go now, fly to the Summerlands on Isis' Wings
You Inspired & Taught so many lives, so many things
Forever indebted, and you'll be Remembered by All
Etched in our Memories, like Ancient Egyptian Scroll

I Loved Your Light, Your Life, Tales of Yore
How One could live of Auld & Modern Galore
You are/were indeed Unique
Spritely as a Pixie playing hide and seek!

Thank You my Lady, For All of your Gifts
For All the Hearts you have helped lifts
This Eve of Pink brushed stroked Sky
I know it tis You Floating by.
My Special Day In May.
By Dorn Simon-Sinnott, 5th July 2009

It was Bealtaine, the Fire Festival of May
The weather quite temperamental that day
The Sun God sat high in the sky
Whilst the clouds burst open, downpours of water fly
Early for my festivities, the inn door was locked
There I was lost, and wet, dripping in my frocks
I was guided to walk up Clonegal Castle Lane
So awe inspiring it was, even in the rain
I came upon theatre doors luckily ajar
In I went to shelter, other guests not far
Soon after I hear a voice
“Hello, anybody here?”
I felt I’ve to answer, I have no choice!
“I am early” I shouted out, peering around the theatre door
It was Lady Olivia, the Rt. Rev to all
The one whom inspires and leads the festivals ceremony call
It was yet to be the time for guests
When realising, this is what came next
“Oh jolly good, we can go finish watching Star Trek”
Amazed at this, as Lady Olivia continued to say,
“Would you like to join me in my private quarters? To keep warm and dry, it’s Star Trek Weekend on TV Sky”
I was honoured at the generosity, and amused by the thrill of glee
I hadn’t really thought of Lady Olivia watching TV, let alone being a Trekkie!
I followed her in with much appreciation and awe
Was offered tea and a chair, once the closing of chamber door
It was so comforting and rather fun
To sit watching Star Trek, with a Lady, a real one!
It reminded me of my youth, whilst sat with my elders
Whilst they too were amused by broadcasts
My admiration soured, quite steadfast
I shall never forget this day
It will be reminded now at each May
How I was so honoured, to sit with Lady
Forever grateful, at such kind display.
                              - Ó Dorn Simon-Sinnott
Farewell to Lady Olivia
13th April 1917 - 14th November 2013

By David deRoeck
To this Temple of Isis
She now bids farewell
This Temple of Isis
Her essence doth fill
In this Temple of Isis
We acknowledge her greatness
From this Temple of Isis
We say ‘Au Revoir’ with great sadness.

Her life was full
Her Wisdom great
She influenced many
In every country and state

We are sad at her passing
Of that there’s no doubt
But let’s also celebrate
The life she lead
That like ripples on a pond
Will continue and spread

Her journey to the Stars
Has already begun
Isis and Osiris
Greet her return

Now from this Castle
With great love she is sent
As her body goes forth
To the Piper’s Lament

The Red Silk Coat
By David deRoeck

I did spy a candle bright shining forth one starry night;
Twas not the flame that caught my eye but words so pure to light the sky;
 Like a comets tail on purple night translucent fears just out of sight;
When hollowed heart for some great loss a swirling mind that’s full with dross;
All the things that were said and done counting costs to see who’s won;
So as the abacus clacks away naught is naught to end the day;
As if the road was lost from sight not landscape sure the gardeners plight;
With one who struggles for feet on ground listening for that Ethereal sound;
And portals lead through temple door to a sacred space on yonder shore;
The wisdom spoke in gentle phrase that resonate through darkened haze;
It moved so swift with sound so clear when touched by light the loss of fear;
As a piper leads the lament away down leafy avenue at midday;
Through mystic trees in circles round all crunching steps in silent sound;
To all the thoughts that do take flight This Blessed Soul is ever Light.

Days of The Dead
(Leona Graham-Elen -17 Nov 2013)
Ed: 17 November 2013

I did fear to speak of Death
In this Time of Dying
Though needs must

Turning inward
The world dies outward
Leaves curl and crumble

Brother Ian, Samhain Eve
Highland Ancestors awaiting
Pipes playing

He spoke of beings in white
But they had always been his guides

Four years on
Mother Florence followed
Him through

She said: ‘It is hard, this dying’
But then she had a lust for life

The Bright Portal
In a dark November
Now, another four

I count them out
As they leave us

Lucia of Avalon taking her leonine flame
Lady Olivia, Wonder Woman for The Goddess

And today, as the sun rose
Bright Soul of the Golden Notebook
Our Nobel Goddess Doris

Who said all women were feminists,
But she would, wouldn’t she?

I do fear to talk of Death
Though ageing assures
More must follow

In Syria and the Philippines
Death is a Way of Life

I wondered about
Death Having No Dominion
No platitudes suffice, no poetic easy ending

When friends die
It hurts
We die a little more

It doesn’t matter how many die
Before or after us
But I count them through

That Bright Gate on The Beach
In India, years ago, whence
I returned, alive, with more to do

Methought an angel stood
Barring the way
My daughter’s face called me back

These are The Days for The Dead
Remember to remember
It is the Only Way Through

But fear to talk of Death
It is
A wise undertaking

From Rosie Weaver:

I wrote the following poem after a vision in 2009. In the vision a woman lived in a cottage and received a visit from the Goddess Brighid, disguised as ‘Biddy’… Biddy
Early one February morn, a little old Biddy Comes a knocking on my door.

Says she to I;
“Can you spare some time and hospitality for the poor.” 

Say I to her:
“welcome, please come on in, have some brew and a warm.”
She smiles back at me with a face older than the hills And as the wind whistles outside, She sups her tea and takes her fill.

Says she to I:
“I’ve been known by many names Some have called me Bride and Brigit of the flames. I’ll take you on a journey so that you may see my life, I bring a gift of inspiration And bestow Blessings on every wife. I be a midwife and a healer A Smithy, poet and a Queen, I walk between both worlds, Betwixt the unseen and the seen.

I be the spirit that dances with Maidens Whom herald in the Spring, I be the spirit of lovers kissing Exchanging vows with a wedding ring.

I be the spirit of mothers birthing Bringing forth, a brand new life, I be the spirit of human toiling Overcoming sadness and human strife.”

Say I to her: “I’m honoured by your presence, truly I don’t know where to begin.” Says she to I: “Child, you returned my Blessings The moment you let me in.”

I turn to her with gratitude Overwhelmed by both gains, and thoughts of loss, To find that she has vanished But left behind her Brigits cross.

A symbol of corn woven into death and all that shall be reborn Says I to myself: “I’ll remember Biddy each sunset and Brigit each new dawn.”

I hang up the corn dolly in my kitchen, for all to view Then take my old copper kettle, and put it on for another brew.

I gaze out of the window and see Biddy throughout the land And although she’s no longer with me, I know that she’s always there at hand.

Rosie Weaver 09

After I wrote the poem I sent it to the ‘Isis Seshat’ magazine for inclusion. Thinking no more about it, a while after I woke up one morning to find that the post had bought a letter out the blue, from Our Olivia Robertson. She had drawn a beautiful Owl at the top of the page, this is what she wrote “I want to thank you for an important spiritual message. It took place when my Great Nephew aged 2 months was desperately ill and hauled into hospital with convulsions. That night, Thursday 6th January ’11, I heard strange taps & knocks at the outside door. It was late in the evening and I felt scared as there was no reply when I called out. The knock-tap continued. I took my courage in both hands and pulled open the door. There was no one there. I know Brigid comes at this time. I went to Alexander the baby (Herbert’s) Father – He had heard nothing even though it was so loud. I wondered had Brigid come to collect poor little Herbert or was it a Divine Healing? I waited for confirmation. Next day I opened a magazine and there was your poem on opening the door to Brigid. I thank heaven (here Olivia draws two outstretched arms) so Herbert is fine. I shall never forget that nights knocking. I never knew how much I cared for that baby - His Mother Claire says he is a Love Rabbit. He always smiles at me. Lots of Love and thanks – Blessings of Brigid, Olivia.”

The Emerald Tablet
Máire Doyle, 30/11/2013

I am the Goddess of your Being; The Mistress of your Life;
I am the Wisdom of your Knowledge; The Silence of your Spirit;
I am the Feather of your Heart; The Lioness of your courage;
I am the sparkle in you eye; And the mischief in your smile;
I am the lightness in your footstep; When you are feeling glad;
I whisper softly in your ear; When you are feeling sad;
I walk with you on your chosen Path; I guide each twist and turn;
For I am She, your Goddess; And you and I are One;

A Dance With Tara

She came to me in flowing white 
coasting across the meadow.

Her lace was soft,
her voice was lost 
to birds and buzzing bellows.     

I watched as she drew herself around 
in the morning’s early waking.

I memorized this creation dance
so precise and so breath-taking.

Coaxing me to come to her,
I ran outside my doorstep,

I Jumped across the meadow quick
I passed by Juniper and moss so thick

The green so emerald 
The lace so white
The sky so blue and golden

The sun was waking up to see
what White Tara was beholdin'.

Come dance with me in this light of dawn.
Come stand in this place I carry.

I’m calling you -
Your heart is true - 
Please hurry now -
Don’t tarry.

The Earth she’s holding deep inside 
a place of sadness and of sorrow

She asked me to bring her message through,
to listen well before the morrow. 

Then the Goddess spoke again,
 her voice filled with beauty that glistened: 

I have a message for you to bring
If only Mankind will listen

Gaia weeps not for her own welfare 
and nor for My own it’s clear

She weeps for you and all mankind
It’s Forgetfulness she fears 

You’ve lost your way 
dear gentle child.
You’ve forgotten who you are.

The ways of old -
The stories told -
The singing from the stars - 

The children do not play outside.
They're trapped inside with games.

The Families 
forget themselves 
while they stare all day at screens. 

Elders sit in factories 
some call retirement homes,
while families say
 it’s best to stay 
than sit at home alone.

And those trapped in a body that is still
who need the care 
but can’t pay the fare -
could this be the government’s control?

Food is copied into something 
plastic and diseased
diet soda, hamburger 
oh and let’s add some onion rings. 

Some say it’s food. It sure seems crude.
I’ll leave that for you to judge.
but if you look at what you eat
it’s mostly only sludge.

The water ways
where the dolphin plays
are dumping plastic swells.

The stars above
they send their love
as man’s garbage fills outer space as well. 

Yes dear gentle forest child
I bring you here today

To shake you down
and turn you around 
and send you on your way

Ask the people of your world 
if they remember how stories ring.

Of fireside tales
and moonlit trails
the songs that families all used to sing. 

Can you recognize a Robin’s call
or feather of a Golden Eagle
or a brown bear’s tracks
or the coyote’s pack -
do their cries remind you of these precious things? 

On full moon nights
do you offer praise in delight
for all you’ve done so far?

Or in the dark of the Moon 
do you leave your room
to look up at the stars?

Look deeply into your children, my friends.
Look deep into their eyes !

How can you consume
and consume 
and consume 
while you take part in their demise ?

Why is it more 
and more 
and more
that seems to draw man to his knees ?

Well, since you’re there
 it might seem fair
to ask for some clarity!

Take what is needed and no more.
be thankful for the gifts that be 

Before fresh water’s gone
or Nature’s nurturing forest lawn
disappears before all will see.

Then with just a small waft of the wind
She gently unwrapped Her lacy hold.
She floated on across lawn. 
The light had now turned gold.  

Just before the last of Her white trail 
had united with the dawn’s golden sky,
She turn to me 
and sent this plea:

 It’s now your turn.
Your post you’ve earned.
Please Go Now 
and Make a Try….

I’ll never forget this vision
of the Goddess of Compassion
as she took her glance away. 

The silent Song,
the Dance so strong,
that changed my path that day.

I hear her last and final words daily in my heart
Compassion comes from remembering -
from your connection to Earth you cannot part.

Listen well
the stories to tell.
Share gratitude and respect the land.
You have the tools. 
You are no fools.
Your destiny waits in your own good hands.  

You can see this as a poetic epic
of color and of prose
but deep inside you know 
this is how the Goddess must compose. 

May I simply ask you to take this account
as a true and trusted vision?
What I want to say
to you today
is - 
It’s your turn now.
Go make them Listen.

Written for the Planet Earth .
Mana Youngbear, January 19, 2014
At The Muse! 707 354-2475

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