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News from Members and Centers

Iseums – Hearths of the Goddess

Photo, above: The Iseum of the Sacred Lotus participating in Opening ritual at NYC Pagan Pride day 2013
NYC pagan pride day 2013:
Pr. James Isidorus of The Iseum of the Sacred Lotus presenting - Modern Isiaicism
Marie Clewley of Marishtara Isis Iseum: Special thanks to Linda Iles and so many others. There aren't enough words of appreciation for all the time you have dedicated and the supportive work you do for the FOI Fellowship of Isis Central Site and News. What a beautiful tribute to Olivia Robertson. /|\
Lyceums – College of Isis
Announcement from FOI Germany
Dear Isian and Danaan friends,

Today I am happy to inform you that I’ve uploaded the first two volumes of the liturgy of the F.O.I. Plus Rites for Solo Use: an E-Reprint of the original typewrite ms. of the very first authorized German translations of the liturgy, “Dea” the first volume of the F.O.I liturgy and continuing with “Urania”, vol. 2 of the Isian liturgy, written by Olivia Robertson. I’ve also added “Maya – Rites for Solo Use.” “Dea” has about 30 MB and may last a bit until completely downloaded. The other files are a lot smaller.

A bit of F.O.I. Germany history - sorry herstory:

“Dea” translated 1982 and “Urania” translation completed 1995. I had all written on my old typewriters – “Dea” on one, which had survived two world wars. When I translated “Urania” I had a very modern spherical head typewriter (wow – different fonts!). Just in case, younger members can’t remember those times:  no “delete” if there were mistakes, a whole A4 page had to be written again ... and again ... as all had to be written on paper. Photocopying was expensive, and the only way to reproduce (except printing). It was a journey of 20 miles to get to a copy shop. Later we had electronic media, and everything became a bit easier.

In Memoriam of our dear Lady Olivia I have decided now to upload all of the authorised German translations of the F.O.I. Liturgy as pdf. files to be downloaded down from

Just scroll down to “free downloads”, click the link, and you may load down the pdf. files, offered on the page that opens from the link.

Feel free to share this news with your German speaking friends / members, if you like.

Further uploads of our authorized translations are soon to follow – “Isis Wedding Rite”, “Gaea”, DCD Initiations, etc...

Bright Blessings of Dana from
Tara Hedge College / Lyceum, TeutoForest

Tina Georgitsis, Prs. H. of Lyceum of Heka, Victoria, Australia: Through my Lyceum of Heka, I hosted this memorial and the Dulce Domum ritual in honour of the Fellowship of Isis founder Olivia Robertson passing away recently. The memorial was held on Sunday, December 1 at 3:30pm in UTC+11
Memorial for Olivia Robertson
Lyceum of Heka

The Lyceum of Heka within the Fellowship of Isis, ran and facilitated by myself (Priestess Hierophant, Setjataset aka T. Georgitsis) hosted the Dulce Domum Ritual in memory of Olivia Robertson on Sunday, December the 1st at 3.30pm in Sandringham (SE Melbourne, Australia).
It was a warm day filled with dazzling sunshine as we met on the liminal beach cliff beneath the bandstand rotunda. We gathered in seclusion underneath the shade of a giant pine tree and set up the shrine upon the pine needled covered earth to enact the Dulce Domum ritual. 

Upon the shrine I placed an image of Isis.  This was used to represent this wonderful Goddess who is the namesake of the Fellowship I have come to love due to Olivia Robertson being one of the founding members all those years ago. Around the image of Isis I had placed a heka infused ankh necklace I had made from carnelian and bronze.  The ankh is the symbol of ever lasting life and carnelian is identified as the setting sun and with the blood of Isis. Before the image of Isis, a candle was placed atop a holder in the shape of the Egyptian heart - Ib which houses thoughts, feelings and desires. Flanked on either side of the image of Isis, candles were placed in candle holders with engraved pictures of the dragonfly which is a totem symbolising transformation and adaptability.  Also upon the shrine was a handmade iron ankh which had been given to me as a gift previously by one of the attendees (Owen), which highlighted the symbology of the power of the ankh as the key of life. Other items used within the ritual such as my Bast handled sistra, glass chalice containing water, incense holder and several resin blends I had specially made for the ritual were also put upon the shrine.  The shrine was completed with an image of Olivia brought by one attendee who had taken the image during a trip to Olivia’s castle (Roxanne) as well as some lovely orchids left as an offering by another attendee (Cosette).

All gathered had a role to play during the ritual – as priestess hierophant I enacted the role of Isis and Hermies, Osiris by P’Wolverine, Anubis by Owen, Persephone by Cosette and Mayet by Roxanne.

The background noise around us reduced to a hum as the invocation and oracle was enacted and the ritual was worked through by shedding the shadow, the fair haven, the spirit awakens, spirit communion and the committal aspects of said rite whilst making various offerings of incense, candles being lit and sistrum shaking with accompanies prayers by all attendees gathered.

After the rite was completed and we wished Olivia’s spirit a safe journey to the Summerland, a few of us shared some personal stories we had before retiring to the pub for some more libations and agape in Olivia’s name.
December 2013, Setjataset (T. Georgitsis)


Lyceum of Heka site:

Priestess Hierophant Setjataset (Tina Georgitsis) also writes: Lyceum of Heka correspondence course is now available! Through this correspondence course which will include developmental research and ritual, you will be able to cultivate the skills needed to attain the various degrees from initiate to priestess within the College of Isis/Fellowship of Isis. It takes a year or more to complete the work required for Priestess level and up to 2 years for Hierophant level which allows you to open your own Lyceum within the FOI. There are 8 modules in this course. Any further queries please contact me directly at:  or

Priestess Heirophant Setjataset (Tina Georgitsis) will be offering a Sekhmet Sekhem Workshop - learn about this wonderful Goddess and vibrational healing modality! Be trained, intuined and certified in sacred space by a Priestess of Sekhmet and a Sekhem Master.  For more details please follow this link:

Also from Tina Georgitsis: I have sponsored this new Iseum in Sydney, Australia as its been set up by one of my students completing their priestess training. Magickal Iseum of Isis and Hekate Purpose of Iseum ~ This Iseum is dedicated to the Goddesses isis and Hekate through the Fellowship of Isis. It is a place for deep reverence of the Goddess and a community base for seekers of her teachings and wisdom. This Iseum is based in Sydney Australia. Name of Adept ~ Louise Hutchings. Contact Email ~ Web Address ~
Blessings to you and yours,
As the Lyceum of the Three Mothers nears the end of this year's training programme, Hierophants Cait Branigan and Deirdre Wadding would like to invite those interested in next year's training to contact us.. We offer a one year training, working through the FOI liturgy, studying a required reading list, with written assignments and practical experiential tasks. As we teach this course as an act of ministry for the Fellowship , there is not, has never been and will never be a monetary charge . All we require is full commitment. PM either of us for further information.
From Linda Iles of Isis, Lotus of Alexandria Lyceum, San Diego, CA: Lyceum of the Nubian Moon will be operating as an official center for the Temple of Isis, as Temple of Isis Long Beach. Members of this center have an advisory board named Circle of the Sacred Cauldron. Authorization was granted June 8, 2013.
Arthur Freeheart, Hierophant of Heart Beats Drum Lyceum, New York, USA, writes: “I am very pleased to announce Aglaia Francesca's Consecration as a Hierophant within the Fellowship of Isis. Aglaia is deeply dedicated to translating FOI liturgy into Italian. She has been a great catalyst in the blossoming of FOI work in Italia. She has founded the Lyceum of the Divine Meow. The Mysteries of the Great Feline Powers guide the Lyceum's work. Please join me in honoring and congratulating her.
Aglaia sends the following:
“When I enrolled in the FOI I wanted to establish an Iseum and then a Lyceum in Italy. By doing this, planting a seed for the glorification of Isis and the spread of the Fellowship, so many other people in Italy could participate in the Divine Plan. Although I did not proselytize, today there are many solitary members and other priestesses and druids in Italy. This fills my heart with joy. Now is the time to set up my own Lyceum and be willing to give after having received so much. I thank from my heart all the people of the FOI with whom I came into contact. To some I was closer than others and for this I would like to publicly thank them for their example, their behavior, their preparation of me during my training, have been an enlightening guide for me to understand deeply what it means to be a Priestess, what it means to be the Hierophant. So I thank my mentor Art Freeheart, Linda Iles, Caroline Wise, and thanks to Gianluigi Bruno who introduced me to the FOI. "I bow to you Bastet, and to felines singing your mysteries I dance your movements to the rhythm of the drum of my heart " In addition, I will be teaching guided by these words from Flamma Vestae "Now at last you have put into the harbor of peace and stand before the harbor of loving kindness. Rest assured That You are now safe under the protection of the true Fortuna, all-seeing Providence, Whose clear light That shines for all the Gods are! Rejoice now, as Becomes a wearer of white linen. Triumphantly Follow in the train of the Goddess Isis, Aset Shemsu . As you enroll yourself in her Holy Order, know That Her service is perfect freedom". Thank you so much.”
Priestess Hierophant Sarah Rooke of Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars, Portsmouth, UK: I have done my 26th magi degree of Capricorn and Terra.
From Sarah Rooke of Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars, Portsmouth, UK: Also, I am very pleased to announce that Govindacharya Ramanuja Dasan of Los Angeles, California, has gained his first magi degree of the Lunar Magic of the Tides (Moon Magic) in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis. Govinda is a Hindu priest, so he will be shortly all set for his ordination now! I am pleased to be able to report that the Rev. Govindacharya Ramanuja Dasan (Govinda Dasan) has been ordained as a Priest of Lakshmi, Ceres and Isis in the Fellowship of Isis by attunement.  His new Iseum name is called Ancient Mysteries and the Goddess and is based in Los Angeles, California. 
More news from Sarah: Rev. Antonia Newlands has been consecrated by attunement as a Priestess Hierophant in the Fellowship of Isis.
Also from Sarah: I am very pleased to announce that the Rev. Hernan Cacciatore has been consecrated by attunement as a Priest Hierophant in the Fellowship of Isis, and his new Lyceum is called Arbor Sagrado (Sacred Tree) and is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am pleased to announce that the Rev. Hernan Cacciatore of the Lyceum of Arbol Sagrado in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has gained his sixth magi degree with the Rite of Rebirth.
Sarah Rooke: I am pleased to announce that the Rev. Sarah Heathersdaughter of Swansea, Wales, UK, has been Ordained as a Priestess of Ertha, Gaia and Brigid by attunement in the Fellowship of Isis. This is Sarah Heathersdaughter’s second magi degree in the College of Isis.

Sarah writes: I am pleased to be able to announce that the Rev. Allen Gittens has been consecrated by attunement as a Priest Hierophant in the Fellowship of Isis at Samhain.
More news from Sarah: I am pleased to announce that the Rev. Thomas J. Brown II of Connell, Washington, USA, has been consecrated by attunement as a Priest Hierophant in the Fellowship of Isis. Thomas's new Lyceum will be called Anu and Beli.

Groves – Druid Clan of Dana

Archdruidess Kat Robb of Hazelwood Grove, USA writes: The newest Littlest Druid story is up:

From Caroline Wise: As Druids, and/or priest and priestesses in The Fellowship of Isis it through us that the Fellowship current will flow into the future and further across the world to generations beyond. It is with great pleasure that we announce what I believe is the first book on Druidry in Italian by an Italian, rather than a translation from English. Congratulations to the Bard Ossian D'Ambrosio, writer, musician and master gold and silver smith and Druid in the Druid Clan of Dana. I was honoured to write the Prefazione about the DCoD, and Philip Carr-Gomm has also written a preface.
From Anne Novis, Archdruidess of Grove of the Black Crow: I currently have three students on Priestess course and three on Druid course. One of those was originally enrolled in the priestess course, but now transferred to Druid coursework.
Sarah Rooke Archdruidess of Grove of Cerridwen and the Grail, Portsmouth, UK: I am pleased to announce that Govindacharya Ramanuja Dasan of Los Angeles, California, has been initiated by attunement as a Druid in the Druid Clan of Dana. Govinda is a Hindu priest.

Also from Sarah: I am pleased to announce that Ogechukwu Enebeli of Lagos, Nigeria has been initiated by attunement as a Druid in the Druid Clan of Dana.

From Sarah Rooke: I am pleased to be able to announce that the Rev. Antonia Newlands has been consecrated as an Archdruidess in the Druid Clan of Dana by attunement and her new Grove is called Grove of the Morrigan, which is based in Southern France.  

Archdruid Hernan Cacciatore of Buenos Aires, Arbor Sapientiae Grove- Lyceum of Arbol Sagrado (The Sacred Tree) writes: Mariela Pedrozo, member of FOI, has been admitted to the grove, in a ceremony, the day 5th of December.

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