Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fukushima Meditations

This project was facilitated by Rt. Rev. Kasey Conder of Isis of Utah.

Fukushima Meditation
By Druid Luke Eastwood, Druid Clan of Dana, Ireland

It’s important to remember that in this meditation you are acting as a conduit of Earth and Cosmic energies. Do not attempt to send your own personal energy to heal this situation (other than your own wishes for positive change) as this could be very depleting!

The initial focus is sending healing energy via the cauldron of warming (Coire Goiriath) or roughly the root chakra to the physical damage in Japan and the Pacific Ocean and all living things affected by it.

Secondly we focus on healing energy via the cauldron of vocation (Coire Ernmae) or roughly heart chakra for a change of heart and openness to change. Then we shift to the cauldron of knowledge (Coire Sois) roughly the third eye and crown sending energy to facilitate a new understanding and realisation at the intellectual level that this problem is global and affects all living beings on this beautiful planet, requiring a united effort to solve it.

To do this we will draw in earth and cosmic energies via our own cauldrons (or chakras if preferred) not our own energy, and direct it to our visualisations via the appropriate filter.

And so to begin…

Finding an appropriate place and sitting or lying down breath in and out deeply until you feel completely calm and rested.
 Take a good look around you before closing the eyes, then sense the ground beneath you, the air in your nose and lungs, the feel of the air on your skin, hear the sounds of the world around you. Breath deeply and slowly.
 Begin to sense the energy of the natural world around you and sense how small you really are sat upon the earth. Feel the trees, rivers, rocks, plants, animals and the ground beneath you. Feel down into the earth through the base of your spine like roots going down into the earth and begin to feel the earth energy rise up into you as a golden or red light that gradually fills your body. With each deep in breath feel to fill you up.

When this is done sense the sky, the moon, sun, planets and stars above you. Sense the cosmic energies as a bright white or purple light descending through your cauldron of knowledge (or crown chakra) into your body with each in breath until it fills you and both energies are mixed together in your body of light.
 To begin the healing visualise Fukushima, Japan, the west coast of USA/Canada, the pacific ocean, living organisms affected and directing the energy that continues to flow into you – visualise it via your root or cauldron of warming flowing as a red light energy to all the areas you wish to send it to.

When you feel enough is done rest and breath in, making sure that the earth and cosmic energy is still flowing into you from below and above. When you are ready visualise the people of influence – the heads of TEPCO, the Japanese government, the Japanese people, the nuclear industry heads and world leaders. Directing the energy through the heart centre or cauldron of vocation as a green or pink light visualise these people receiving the energy that instead of being fearful they are inspired to be open and ready to bring change.

Shifting when you are ready to the third eye or cauldron of knowledge direct the flowing energy as a blue light to these same people that their indecision, cowardice, shame, denial and all such negative thoughts be transformed into realisation and a clear, decisive vision to act for change – to transform a disaster into success through cooperation and an understanding that by working together humanity can move mountains.

Once you feel you have done enough ask that the work and energy raised be directed to the highest good. Now begin focussing on where you are, sensing your body of light that is filled with earth and cosmic energy. You sense the flow of energy inwards begins to stop. Sense your light body as complete and all the energy remaining within you, with your cauldrons/chakras energised and balanced.
 As you breath in and out you begin to sense your physical body, the breath and it’s sound, your weight of the floor. As you begin becoming more aware you sense the light energies of the energy body begin to fade, absorbed into your physical body. Move your fingers and toes and muscles as you sense your lungs fill and empty. Move parts of your body to bring yourself back to consciousness and place your hands palm down flat on the ground. Open your eyes when you feel grounded, taking your time to get up when ready. If needed have a drink and something to eat and/or walk around outside to ensure you are fully grounded.

Luke Eastwood

Afterthought: get involved with this on all levels, write to TEPCO, write to IAEA, join on-line petitions, write/protest to your Japanese embassy, etc. People have the power to affect change if they act together!

Fukushima Healing Journey
by Cecilia Chavez of the Lyceum of Isis of Utah

We are located on the River Nile, it is the sunset, and we see the Star Sirius arising on the firmament. We feel the cool sand beneath our feet and it gradually introduces us to the waters of the river. We see a boat approaching. The walker between worlds, Anubis, is the captain of the boat. He invites us to climb onboard and we accept. We notice the reflection of the moon and the light it emanates, as the boat sails onward into the moonlight. We see green papyrus framing both sides of the riverbank, moving to compass the blowing wind, we feel the breeze on our faces.

Suddenly the flow becomes faster and the speed increases significantly. Anubis tells us that we need not fear because he is our guide. He takes us further down the river, into the ocean. Once you've reached the crossroads, the sea water turns completely calm and at this time the reflection of the sky is projected on the water, and it is Goddess Nuit who welcomes you and embraces you with its waves.
 The boat keeps moving and we pulled into a cave. It is a subterranean cavern where the water flows. It guides us underground to reach the Fukushima waters. The sea is totally silent, not a life can be felt, and you start feeling pain, your sadness becomes as impressive as never before, pain is perceived, directly from Mother Earth. You hear the mermaids song, who mourn for the loss of so much life and the unconsciousness of the human race, no signs of life is presents or perceived anywhere, just a dark spot that expands over the waters of the ocean. The boat Guide tells you that you have come to this place and space for the purpose of contacting and aligning with the energies of the center of the earth and the center of the galaxy and that this will only be possible by connecting your own heart.

Anubis asks you to lie down in the middle of the boat and allow your breath to flow to the rhythm of the waves. You close your eyes and suddenly you feel a ray of light extremely bright from the Star Sirius penetrates you directly into the center of your heart transferring the raft and entering into the waters of the sea flooding with a light flow. You become full of light and you begin to integrate with the waters as a whole and the light continues to expand and your vote starts cleaning and transmuting the darkness into pure light turning the waters translucent, full and clean, as more light is transmitted into the waves becoming more intense and you see a huge swirl of light absorbed.

You are now directed into the depths of the ocean where once flames mixing with sea water are incandescent flames formed of nuclear energy that is creating an imbalance. It is releasing this energy which generates an irreversible damage to the planet and the lives of beings that inhabit it. You try to control the energy is so strong that it repels you. You know that alone, you cannot do it, so you travel back to the center of the emanating light from you are conducting, and ask upon it to connect to all cardiac centers in resonance. This generates a multiplicity of light rays that are woven like a fishing-net of a large size this network approaches and energy out of balance catching it.

Now Anubis helps to raise it out of the water and we realize that what it contains are two huge snakes entwined like the caduceus. One snake is red and orange and the other brilliant white. The red-orange snake represents the nuclear energy, the white, the pure clean ancient nature of the planet. As the fishing-net of light pulls the two serpents out of the water, they struggle, in a zig-zag manner. With Anubis’s help, the fishing-net with the fighting serpents, is now above the boat, suspended in air. The white snake bites his opponent which gives up in turn and transmutes, rising into the sky intertwining each other, and taking home the light beam with them, but continues to be attached to you via a fine silver cord. You now have a human form again and open your eyes to see the shadows of the two winged serpents projecting on the full moon.

 You are now on the River Nile shore again. We see an ibis and a phoenix like bird welcoming us. These birds are the transmuted energies of the snakes and working on balance. Nuclear energy of Fukushima now has been transmuted and you are in complete peace and balance, in the here and now.

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