Thursday, January 15, 2015

News from Members and Centers


The Iseum Templo de Isis has a second incarnation. I began this Iseum with the blessing of Olivia Robertson in Glastonbury, during the Goddess Conference of 2007. Since then its home has been the land Myriam Reyes Pena and I have in Chile. As of yesterday the Iseum has been transferred to Athens, Greece. We began service with three ceremonies, one at the ancient Temple of Isis at Nea Makri and then a ritual to declare Temple and to admit the first two Greek members, Shakila Ioanna Brati and Isidoros Karamouzos. Their training for priesthood of the FOI has begun. In time we hope to receive visitors in Athens.

Sarah Rooke of Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars, Portsmouth, Hants, UK:

I am pleased to report that the Rev Tracey Hansen of the Iseum of the Throne of Isis in Poole, Dorset, has gained her fifth magi degree of Sun Magic in the Fellowship of Isis, College of Isis

I am pleased to announce that the Rev Kim Davies has been ordained as a Priestess of Isis, Brigid and Aphrodite by attunement in the Fellowship of Isis, and her new Iseum is called Isis and the Indigo Night and is based in South Wales.

I am pleased to report that the Rev Jaguar Dragonfire of Massillon, Ohio, USA, has gained his third magi degree of the Rite of Rebirth in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis.


Lady Isis Cerridwen, Priestess Hierophant, who founded Lyceum of Ishtar Arizona (also chartered as Lyceum of Isis Arizona) in 1990. Lady Isis offered one of the first correspondence courses through her lyceum. She was very active in the Tucson area in the early to mid nineties. Her work led to the “hiving off” of several iseums and lyceums in that area. FOI co-founders Olivia Robertson and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, who were the editors of Isian News at that time, were very supportive and happy with the work of Lady Isis and her lyceum. They wrote in Isian News that her lyceum courses and seminars: “are extremely successful. The Editors receive many letters of praise. [Lady] Isis … encourages students to develop their own innate gifts.” (Isian News, issue no. 69, 1993)

From Sarah Rooke, Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars, Portsmouth, Hants, UK:

I did an attunement in my Lyceum on Samhain to Isis and Osiris, As a result, I am pleased to announce that Kim Davies of South Wales, UK, has gained her first magi degree of Isis and Osiris in the Fellowship of Isis, College of Isis

I am pleased to report that the Rev Debbie Phoenix (Galadriel Arwen), of the Iseum of the Lunate Cross in Portsmouth, Hants, has gained her 5th magi degree of Earth Magic in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis

In November, 2014, the Rev. Govinda Dasan became a hierophant in the College of Isis of the Fellowship of Isis. His lyceum is called Lyceum of Ancient Mysteries and the Goddess

Ida Marfella of Naples, Italy (soon to be Turin, as she will be moving later this week), has gained her first magi degree of Isis and Osiris in the Fellowship of Isis, College of Isis

The Rev Lois Lloyd (Andraste Herewig) of the Iseum of Silver Birch, in Plymouth, Devon, UK, has gained her fourth magi degree of Isis and Osiris in the Fellowship of Isis, College of Isis

I am pleased to report that the Rev Claire Stewart of the Lyceum of Lyceum of Ma'at, Nu'ut and Shakti of the Divine Dance in Northumberland, UK, has gained her seventh magi degree of Sagittarius and Brynhilde in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis

I am pleased to report that the Rev Gisela Kranz of the Iseum of the Goatfish in Berlin, Germany has been granted 4 magi degrees through my Lyceum - namely Earth Magic, Leo and Sekhmet, Mystery of the Spheres and Demeter and Persephone

I am pleased to report that the Rev Linda Hilborne of the Lyceum of Holly, Oak and the Rose in Portsmouth, UK, has gained her sixth, seventh and eighth magi degrees in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis, in Isis and Osiris, Mars and the Morrigan, and Capricorn and Terra

Also from Sarah: I have started to do Lyceum attunements on the Full Moons and Festivals, to enable past and present students to tune in

Around the full moon of Samhain, we did  the Communion of the World of Spirits from Panthea.

The Rev Antonia Newlands of the Anam Chara Lyceum of Enchantment in the French Alps has sent her report below:

The Children of Lir

The swans taking flight from the lake at dusk is like using the element of air to take off from the element of water.  The swan wings represent our intellect and our thinking ability.  The water represents our emotions.  It is easy from our ideas to take flight when we are in a calm state emotionally.  When we use the swan wings to take us to the realm of Faerie we are spiritually engaging with the source of creativity and inspiration.  The swan children travelling to Faerie were able release themselves from the ties of this world and see things from the joyful realm of the Sidhe.  Both their thoughts and emotions were able to integrate with the teachings of the Fae.

It reminded them of the futility of continuing in set patterns of conflict and repeating the same negative behaviour.

It can be easy to be locked in the realm of the men and forget who we truly are and be locked in an existence of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Although the actions of the Dark Goddess may seem to be unkind to some, it is from darkness that the seeds of potential can be nurtured and germinate into new beginnings. Sometimes we need to be jolted out of our stasis.  The Morrigan does this as the Goddess in her Energiser form.  She awakens the childrens ability to travel in the Otherworld and awakens their clairvoyance and deepest instinct. When we can free ourselves from the emotions of that situation then we are able to see the truth and walk the realms between both the Green World and the Otherworld.

Lir, Aoife, Fionnuala and the rest of the children also represent different aspects of ourselves.  We always have the polarity of the Morrigan and Brigid. There is a part within me who can be like Lir, bemoaning our fate in self pity until we see the beauty which is outside our wee goldfish bowl of pain. 

Once we have been awakened in the Otherworld, we can return and partake of the seasonal cycle of the Earth with renewed joy and vigour.


Grove of Shasta Rising, Mt. Shasta, California, USA headed by Michael A. Starsheen. Michael assisted his partner Kiel Milner, head of Grove of the Crystal Dolmen in a beautiful and powerful ritual honoring the Nordic deities. The rite included a drawing of a rune by each participant, Kiel offered a reading for each participant based on the rune they drew. The rite was performed in the Main Temple at Isis Oasis, Saturday evening, January 3, when above us in the skies, shone the nebula of Canis Major known as “Thor’s Helmet”.

The Grove of Mother Dana, Germany headed by Yoda (Ron C.) and Lamia (Linde B.) Both grove founders were present at Isis Oasis in early January. They led a ritual with a circle of thirty people, standing in the light of the full moon on the terrace of the Nesu House in honor of our ancestors, Sunday, January 4.


Query for members. Has anyone heard from Grand Knight Commander Tristram (Harvey) Macklin of the Priory of Scota in Stratford, Ontario, Canada? If so, please contact

Animal Family of Isis

A new animal companion has been welcomed into the home of Linda Iles. A beautiful black cat named Anubis. He was brought home Thanksgiving Day from his foster home with Carla D. Jones-Alt and Randall Alt, and named by Anniitra Ravenmoon, of Temple of Isis/Long Beach. Anubis promises to be a good-sized fellow, growing into the size of his feet. In early November at the age of eight months Anubis weighed 10 lbs. 7 oz. - as of mid-December he weighed 11 lbs. 6 oz.!

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