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 Winter Solstice Faire

From Anniitra Ravenmoon: Long Beach WomanSpirit, and the Temple of Isis, Los Angeles, founded by Laura Janesdaughter, celebrated our (20th plus) Winter Solstice Fair with beautiful weather, joined by friends old and new. Our opening circle was dedicated to our ancestors and loved  ones who have crossed over, culminating with a love balloon ceremony led by Lucy Tate, a veteran vendor of our fair, in honor of her beloved son, Julian. It ushered us into a wonderful day of shopping, entertainment and celebration. Blessings and thanks to all for your continued support.

Thank you Tony Mierzwicki for the wonderful photo!

The photo above was taken at Isis Oasis on Sunday, January 4, 2015 at 11:13 pm. Several of us noticed the small point of light in the sky above the Isis Chapel, which is the star Sirius. The picture was taken while standing near the Great Tree. (Photo by Jeff Iles)

Some Thoughts ... What If?
Ptahmassu Nofra Uaa 

 Olivia Robertson ordaining Ptahmassu at Isis Oasis, FOI Convocation, 2002

On October 13, 2002 I was ordained by Lady Olivia Robertson as a Priest of the Goddess Isis in the International Fellowship of Isis, the largest community of Goddess adorers in the world. The Fellowship of Isis is a multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-ethnic family spanning the globe, consecrated to living the ideals of the Goddess in today's world. We follow no dogma or authoritative text.

Dogma constrains the conscience of the individual, and authoritative texts strangle the human longing for freedom. It is by developing our psychic gifts, intuition, devotion and wisdom of the Sacred that we come closest to our pure selves, and it is within this purity that the Goddess Isis speaks clearly as the Universal Mother. She includes, never excludes. She embraces, never shuns. She reaches out Her hand to take our sorrows and bring us together into wholeness.

What if one day each member of the human family awoke to find that there were no longer boundaries separating us as dwellers on the same planet? What if gender dissolved? What if sexual orientation no longer acted as a barrier to the joy of love and sexual passion? What if race no longer inflamed hatred, but instead became an embodiment of the diversity of the human condition? What if being human no longer separated us from animals, trees, birds...the waters? What if we could gather up our joy, pleasure and existence and share it freely with others?

These are the treasures I have found in the Goddess, and though I cannot claim to be spiritually enlightened or self-realized, I have found within my heart a place where being human is a cause for the greatest gratitude and love. The Sacred and the "mundane" are two sides of the same mirror. When we look into the mirror and we see a good person, then we are seeing God, Goddess, Enlightenment, Salvation.

(Photo, above) Here I am being Consecrated by Lady Olivia Robertson beneath a 500 year old tree, a tree embodying the generations of the human race who have come together to celebrate the Sacredness of this Mystery we call life.

 Isian Society for Integrated Studies
Vigil for Olivia Robertson and Loreon Vigne

 Mana, left, and Loreon, right

Report from Mana Youngbear: Last night on Sunday [November 2, 2014] we four priestesses of the Isian Society for Integrated Studies in Willits, Californian came together and performed our annual Dumb Supper, which we have changed the name to "The Ancestor's Silent Mass."

Although I do not have photos of this spectacular altar , I was taken back by the presence of the ancestors in the room.

An altar was made with framed photos of Lady Loreon Vigne' and Lady Olivia Robertson with their obituaries below illuminated by candlelight.

Peter Norris a local light worker confirmed for me as well as many others that evening that the presence of the beloved dead was alive and loving.

We opened our ritual all in black with ankh and altar In memory of Lady Olivia Robertson.

We called the directions in with our late beloved Lady Loreon Vigne's "Song For the Directions" and then went directly into the reciting of names of the dead and then the Silent Mass to be followed by the song Angle of Bells.

After the mass and song that the entire group sang , priestess Annie Waters dismissed the directions and we all brought chairs around the long banquet style altar with photos candles and favorite foods of the deceased and shared stores of our distinguished spirit guests.

The food and conversation was wonderful and all left feeling quite complete. Proceeds of this ritual will go to the local Phoenix Hospice of Willits and we will return next year to do the same.

Thank you to all who supported our work both by attending in flesh and spirit and for those who also attuned.. Isis is for All!

Rev. Mana Youngbear H.P. Temple of the Muse of Isis Willits California,
as well as the Isian Society for Integrated Studies Lyceum. Hail Isis!
Isian Society For Integrated Studies

Goddess of the Moon
A Meditation Report by Máire Doyle

I walked along a narrow lane with silvery mist swirling all around. My breath formed shapes in front of my face. High above, a full silvery moon lit up everything around me and I sensed of other-worldly forms drifting around me. My senses were heightened and I heard the Lady Luna call my name. I seemed to levitate. Slowly I rose, up and up towards the Moon. My Heart felt full to overflowing and I was embraced by the energy emitted from her loving embrace.

From the corner of my eye I noticed something shining and turning, I beheld a small altar. Everything was enveloped in a silvery white shroud and the altar was adorned with a glittering cloth of silver. I stood in front of the altar and raised my arms, giving praise to the Goddess. On the cloth stood a golden chalice and inside was a fiery red liquid. I lifted the chalice and drank deeply from it. It coursed through my Being, uplifting and energising me.

As if by magic the Goddess stood in front of me, arms outstretched. Her long silver hair flowed around her shoulders and was covered by a veil of gossamer. What beauty, such gentleness and yet such power. As she looked at me, her lips moving in an almost silent whisper, I experienced her words. She spoke of the Light of the World, in the Cosmos, in each and every one of her children. Her great desire is that all will recognise the Divine within. Suddenly she stared to fade, yet she faded into me and I knew I had been given a task, to help others to become aware of their own Divinity.

Suddenly I began to shiver and realised I was back in the lane, staring up at the Moon. My body felt cold, but inside I still felt the effects of the red fiery liquid and the words of the Goddess filled me with strength.

Taking to my heel I began to run, filled with a sense of great expectation.

Máire Doyle

 "Flash of Isis" by Olivia Robertson

Vision of the Goddess

by Linda Iles
Archdruidess, Archpriestess, Hierophant

“An account of a full apparition of the Goddess, seen by a Priestess in Isis Oasis.” - Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson, FOI Co-Founder

FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson had originally asked that a full account of this vision be posted in Isian News. Now at last, although several years later, her wish will be fulfilled.

When I first told Olivia about the vision on the morning of October 12, 2005, she became very excited. She said it was a full apparition of the Goddess, the only one reported to her that year during her visit to the USA. "What is meant by full apparition?" I asked at that time. She replied, "Your experience incorporated heart, mind and spirit with bodily senses - sight, hearing, scent."

The Vision

“On Tuesday evening, October 11, 2005, I settled into my bed at the Nesu House at Isis Oasis.

The annual Convocation had come to an end the day before. Very early the next morning, deTraci and I were to drive Olivia from Geyserville to the San Francisco International Airport. From there we would begin our journey home to Southern California.

I thought I was tired, but after lying down, suddenly, instead of being sleepy, I felt vibrantly alive. A sun disc glowing orange-gold appeared, and settled upon the top of my head. 

Energy shot from my crown chakra downwards into my heart. A white lotus opened in my crown, and a red rose opened in my heart. Then a Goddess appeared, all dressed in white, with a white veil. Her heart chakra was open and looked like a flower of many, many petals. Colored light radiated from the flower of her heart, turquoise, magenta and gold. It spread out, color by color and enveloped me in what can only be described as profound and fragrant sweetness. And I heard a long, high, beautiful note, as though a crystal had been struck like a chime.”

After she returned home from her USA tour that year, Olivia sent the original art, which is featured above, colored with the turquoise, magenta and gold of my vision. She wrote: "I want you to have this. I drew it for you." 

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