Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beltane 2014 - Announcements and Events

Announcements & Events

Change in Membership of the Circle of Brigid:

There have been a couple of further changes to the membership of the Circle of Brigid since those I sent only recently. Perhaps you would kindly update your website notices for us:

The Rt. Rev. Pat Griffin wishes to retire at this stage of her life, having worked with Olivia for many years and run regular Fellowship meetings in her home in Dublin until just a couple of years ago. As she is not able to be with us on a regular basis any more, she is stepping down from the Circle of Brigid. However, we very much hope that she will come whenever she can, and, of course, for many years she was our most senior priestess together with one or two others whose association with the Fellowship went way back. We all love her gentle ways and genuine devotion to the Goddess who is so apparent when you are with her.

Her retirement meant that there was a vacancy in our membership to be filled, and we are all delighted that Maire Doyle, one of our loyal and much liked priestesses, has accepted our invitation to assist in continuing to run the 8 Annual Festivals held in The Temple of Isis, which was created by the Co-Founders of the Fellowship, Olivia, Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson in the basement of their home in Clonegal Castle,

Many Blessings!
Minette Quick
(Hon. Sec. Circle of Brigid)


Posted above is a copy of the flyer for Summer Solstice Faire - hosted by Long Beach WomanSpirit and the Temple of Isis Los Angeles. June 7, 2014, 10am - 4pm. Unitarian Universalist Church, 5450 Atherton Street, Long Beach, California, USA. The Summer Solstice Faire has been an annual event for many years. Hope to see you there!

Come and join us at the Fellowship of Isis London Gathering, Saturday May 17th, 2014. London FOI gatherings started in 1979 in London, and took off in a big way in 1990, when they were called 'A Celebration of the Goddess', and 450 members and friends joined us at Conway Hall, the place of free speech. Now they are more modest in scale, but always with original presentations. The Goddess in the British Landscape, a Fellowship of Isis Celebration of the Goddess 2014 with Delores Ashcroft Nowicki speaking on The Goddess of the Blessed Isles. A presentation from Cressida Pryor and friends. Plus - Sheila Broun speaking on Sulis, Silina and the Suleviae. Caroline Wise – Dreams of Horses, Wolves and Swans – finding the goddess and her allies in the British Landscape.

Other speakers to be announced

£20 for booking details contact or £30 to include a 3 hour goddess walk on Sunday 18th May. If it is raining, we will have an informative tour of the Goddesses in the British Museum instead.

FOI Convocation at Isis Oasis, Geyserville, California. Friday, October 10 - Monday, October 13, 2014. The featured deities this year are Mafdet and Anubis. Schedule to be announced. For more information please contact Loreon Vigne. 

Isis Oasis Sanctuary
20889 Geyserville Ave
Geyserville CA 95441

Also at Isis Oasis Every Sunday 
Services at 3pm
Discuss ancient aspects of Egyptian mysticism, led by Lady Loreon
6 pm: Community Potluck in Dining Pavilion
Open to the public, Please RSVP and bring a dish/drink to share
8pm: Spiritual Cinema in Theater
Selected inspirational and thought-provoking films on a variety of topics

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