Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beltane 2014 - Muses Symposium

Muses Symposium

Brigid’s Blessings 
By Mana Youngbear

Raindrops falling on the ground
Little blessings all around

Scents of wet leaves and darkened stones
Flocks of birds flying Home

In this early morning delight
I feel love’s blessing
warm and bright.

Last night Brigid did Her dance
With her blessings we have a chance

Everywhere the Goddess stepped
Little raindrops, there she left.

Gracing our pathways,
Our roadways
and Valley so dear ,
A sign of hope and love is here

Watersheds are raising up for us
All her Grace we now must trust.

Powerful blessings have begun
It is time for gratitude to be sung

Something beautiful
Something Grand
Abundant Love
All through out our land.

Take this blessed treasure to your breast
Watch you consumption
Balance is the test

Every droplet is like gold
This morning;s reminder that her blessings will unfold

Treasure the water the earth and sky
Treasure this spirit we share .. you and I

With this dance of Brigid I declare
Its time to trust and love and share

Its time to remember why we are here
Its time to cast away all doubt and fear

As I felt this mornings rain
I spoke out loud .. I’m so glad you came !

I feel your footsteps
Mother Maid and Crone
Please make our hearts as your eternal home

Rain is coming
Rain is here
Rain will quench our Earth so dear

Rain will wash away all fear
Rain is coming
Rain is here.

Mana Youngbear Feb 2 2014
At The Muse ! 707 354-2475

Prayer For Invoking the Light of Isis
By Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa, Pr.H
Temple of Isis Nevada

O Isis, I call forth your radiant Ka,
Born of Ra, engendered by Geb,
Crowned with the celestial light
Of Nuit, the diadem of the starry

Awake, O light, ascend, O light,
Grow, O light, bestow, O light,
Become, O light, the becoming
O the beginning!

Dispel, O light, the shadow of the
Shadow, and descend, O light,
The ladder of heaven!

I am the heir of heaven,
The child of the first becoming,
And my light is your Ka,
O Isis of the glorious dawn,
Great Enchantress upon whose brow
The sun rises, the skies tremble,
The waters spring forth their abundance.

Grow, O light, ascend, O light,
Come into being as the name of Auset,
Auset, whose breath in the beginning
Ra commanded, whose body the sky bore,
Whose love Ausir brought out the falcon
From the gates of the sky!

I am your light, O Isis,
Your crown, O Isis,
Your glittering stars, O Isis,
And I am not afraid!

Grow, O Light, ascend, O light,
Come into being in me, O light,
That your Ka may become the essence of me,
In you, me, in me, you,
The great work coming into being in the
Beginning, transforming the void into
Your substance.

O Queen of Heaven, almighty Isis,
May your light be my light,
And my light be your light.
In eternity and everlastingness it shall be.

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