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Beltane 2014 - Reports


Spring Equinox 22/3/2014.

Saturday dawned overcast and wet and more than a little cold. It was only because I was going to Clonegal that I eventually persuaded myself to exit my warm bed.
I set off with windscreen wipers in motion and the radio and heating turned on. Just outside of Brittas the rain turned to sleet and then snow. I didn’t envy some cyclists I passed on the road. By the time I had driven through the town of Blessington there was snow on the footpaths and side of the road.

Arriving in Clonegal I turned into the daffodil-lined driveway to the castle. Soon other members of the priesthood arrived and we greeted each other with hugs and ‘how are you’. We gathered in the warmth of the Theatre where Cressida Pryor soon joined us. Because it was so cold and I’m recovering from a bad cold I decided not to join the procession to the Grove. Our esteemed Gatekeeper Andrew accompanied Priestess Eimear as our brother Priest David was unable to attend the Festival. Minette and I waited a while and then went and joined the procession as it arrived at Persephone’s shrine where Priestess Maureen, looking regal in her purple attire, invoked the Goddess.

Cressida opened the door to the Temple and led us in as Andrew went to ring the bell. At Brigid’s Well the Priesthood invoked deity and then Cressida asked the recently ordained priestesses to give blessings to all present. Priestess Cáit began singing in her gentle voice and we joined.

When we took our seats at the High Altar Priestess Sara, who was in trance, gave an inspired and beautiful oracle. Following this I read my poem (which I will post later). Priestess Barbara sang for us and then we had our mystery play. Priestesses Eimear and Alison took on the roles of the Mother and the Maiden. The Mother explained that it was time for her to hand over the Sacred Eggs and Seeds to her daughter, the Maiden, and it was now her responsibility to carry on the role of instructing the next generation, as the new life of the eggs and seeds come to fruition. The Maiden accepted her new role with the promise to carry on the ancient tradition. Grapes and chocolate covered raisins were then passed around.

We were then led on a magickal journey to the centre of the Earth, by Cait, where we encountered the hare and became one with him. Priestess Monica thrilled us with her own poem. Cressida called on Pamela to come forward with the Sun Wheel which was crafted by Lady Olivia’s nephew, David. Pamela held up the Wheel and we saw that it was covered with Olivia’s scarves, each one entwined around the wheel. This brought lots of ‘ohs’ and ‘ahhs’ as Pamela explained that Olivia always wore scarves, either around her head or neck, or around her shoulders. But when Pamela invited each of us to select a scarf, well, there are no words to describe the absolute delight of everyone in the Temple.

Even as I write I experience again the bittersweet emotion. The whole atmosphere was one of excitement. We were like children opening presents on Christmas morning. And we turned to each other to see what the other person got. With our newly acquired and prized present draped around our shoulders we thanked deity. The date of our next Festival, which will be Bealtaine, was announced for Saturday, 3rd May. Several priestesses gave healing; in the Star chapel, the Cave of the Mothers and in front of the High Altar. I went to Minette, our Archdruidess, and within a couple of minutes she said “She says you’re not to worry, everything will be fine”. Minette explained that ‘She’ is Lady Olivia!! This then was Olivia’s message for me. Minette asked if it meant anything to me. It certainly did, because I’ll be retiring in 6 weeks time and embarking on a new venture.

I arrived in Osbornes and was greeted by a welcoming heat. I joined Pamela and was soon tucking into sandwiches and the usual great cup of tea, of which I had several. Soon I began to feel more human, for my stomach had begun to think that my throat had been cut! Then Andrew and Maureen joined us. Some time later Cressida, Minette, Cait and Eimear arrived and the conversations became animated and intertwined.

Some people began to leave around 6.30 and by about 7pm most people were heading for the hills. I arrived home about 8.45 have enjoyed a most uplifting and pleasant day.

Memorial for Olivia Robertson in London
By Caroline Wise

Photo of Programme for Olivia's Memorial in London

January 26, 2014, Memorial for Olivia Robertson, London: Here is the running order for our celebration yesterday. The audio message at the end of was recorded by Cressida and was Olivia's voice, telling the story of White Buffalo Calf woman. the visual journey was a brief pre-history as well as history of the FOI with slides. In the Mystery of the Spheres, the quarters were acknowledged by Elle Awen Hull, Michael Staley, Vivianne Crowley and Maria-Teresa Harmer. The goddesses invoked at the beginning were Isis (Muriel Reynard) for the FOI name, Brigid Celia Thomas) for the link with Ireland and Glastonbury and the coming festival of Brigantia, Hecate (Carol) for linking the 3 levels, and N'Game of Africa (Phyllis) who has a special place in the FOI. Then Nuit was invoked (Caitlín Matthews) for the Oracle of Nuit Debbie Gallagher). Priests were John Matthews, David Spofforth, Rufus Maychild, and the Priestesses included Cressida, Jocelyn Chaplin and Baya Beatrice Salmon-Hawk.

 “Olivia: Priestess of Isis” Screening
Friday February 28th, 2014, 7 pm MST
Crone’s Hollow 2470 S. Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

By Kasey Conder, ArchDruid, Druid Grove of Isis & Uta-ha
The screening had a fine turnout to view the outstanding documentary “Olivia: Priestess of Isis” by Logic Reality.  Many thanks to Dennis Murphy for granting such permission.  With many intrigued participants, the film was shown free of charge, projected on to a large screen.
The documentary is a stellar account of the life and work of Olivia Robertson, her involvement in the founding of the Fellowship of Isis and her ancestral home, Clonegal Castle. 
The film is truly something that can be repeatedly watched, each time gaining introspection on the living legend, Olivia Robertson, and her work via the Fellowship of Isis.
With many laughs and fond memories shared before and after the screening about Olivia, the documentary provided additional solace to the loss in the material realm of such a truly extraordinary ArchPriestess, Lady Olivia Robertson.
Crone’s Hollow warmly welcomed the community event and Olivia’s inspiration was felt.   The superlative documentary can be purchased online at:
We are blessed to have such a finely presented historical account of the great priestess, visionary, artist and author, Lady Olivia Robertson.

Altar for Olivia's Memorial, Lyceum of Heka

Memorial for Olivia Robertson in Australia
By Setjataset, Prs. H., Lyceum of Heka

The Lyceum of Heka within the Fellowship of Isis, ran and facilitated by myself (Priestess Hierophant, Setjataset aka T. Georgitsis) hosted the Dulce Domum Ritual in memory of Olivia Robertson on Sunday, December the 1st at 3.30pm in Sandringham (SE Melbourne, Australia).
It was a warm day filled with dazzling sunshine as we met on the liminal beach cliff beneath the bandstand rotunda. We gathered in seclusion underneath the shade of a giant pine tree and set up the shrine upon the pine needled covered earth to enact the Dulce Domum ritual. 

Upon the shrine I placed an image of Isis.  This was used to represent this wonderful Goddess who is the namesake of the Fellowship I have come to love due to Olivia Robertson being one of the founding members all those years ago. Around the image of Isis I had placed a heka infused ankh necklace I had made from carnelian and bronze.  The ankh is the symbol of ever lasting life and carnelian is identified as the setting sun and with the blood of Isis. Before the image of Isis, a candle was placed atop a holder in the shape of the Egyptian heart - Ib which houses thoughts, feelings and desires. Flanked on either side of the image of Isis, candles were placed in candle holders with engraved pictures of the dragonfly which is a totem symbolising transformation and adaptability.  Also upon the shrine was a handmade iron ankh which had been given to me as a gift previously by one of the attendees (Owen), which highlighted the symbology of the power of the ankh as the key of life. Other items used within the ritual such as my Bast handled sistra, glass chalice containing water, incense holder and several resin blends I had specially made for the ritual were also put upon the shrine.  The shrine was completed with an image of Olivia brought by one attendee who had taken the image during a trip to Olivia’s castle (Roxanne) as well as some lovely orchids left as an offering by another attendee (Cosette).

All gathered had a role to play during the ritual – as priestess hierophant I enacted the role of Isis and Hermies, Osiris by P’Wolverine, Anubis by Owen, Persephone by Cosette and Mayet by Roxanne.

The background noise around us reduced to a hum as the invocation and oracle was enacted and the ritual was worked through by shedding the shadow, the fair haven, the spirit awakens, spirit communion and the committal aspects of said rite whilst making various offerings of incense, candles being lit and sistrum shaking with accompanies prayers by all attendees gathered.

After the rite was completed and we wished Olivia’s spirit a safe journey to the Summerland, a few of us shared some personal stories we had before retiring to the pub for some more libations and agape in Olivia’s name.

December 2013, Setjataset (T. Georgitsis)

Lyceum of Heka site:

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