Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beltane 2014 - Oracle

Oracle of the Goddess Dana as Given to Olivia Robertson

Invocation: Divine Dana, we cannot live happily without hope. Be present with us, during our arduous pilgrimage through life’s labyrinth, smoothing our way with joy, laughter and love.

Oracle: You need to return to your roots in order to grow! It is through love of those living with you that you attain a wider love, and not through spurning your family! It is from your children that you may again learn the language of birds and trees, and through your grandparents that you may hear the music of the spheres!

As you develop the magical language of the Angels, you will find your own spiritual family. It comprises humans, Deities, the Sidhe, Nature Spirits, animals, trees and stones - not only on this planet - but from the stars! Such families are as constellations in the great galaxy. My
Tuatha Dé Danann came from the sky, yet also dwell within the Hidden Sun at Earth’s matrix. The Golden Age shines about you, resplendent in the matriarchal darkness. Naught is alien when all is known and loved. You are kin to all beings in the cosmos and all are kin to Me.

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