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Beltane 2014 - News from Members and Centers

Members: Daughters and Sons of the Goddess

From Gary Wardell: “I didn’t know this: ‘In Old English and it's Anglo-Saxon roots:
"For example, sēo sunne (the Sun) was feminine, se mōna (the Moon) was masculine’..."

Isis & Serapis 2014
Charcoal & Coffee grinds
by James Jacob Pierri

James Jacob Pierri, Iseum of the Sacred Lotus, New Jersey, USA: Modern Isiaicism: This is a subject I hint at here on my personal page but never express fully. It's such an important part of my life & spiritual development that it's time to share details. I was baptized Catholic and received all of the holy sacraments required. Although since I can remember my heart and inspiration went out to a Goddess, I saw Her face in the Holy Virgin Mary as a child but it wasn't until early adulthood did She reveal Her true identity and image to me. Isis. The ancient Egyptian Goddess or the Saturday morning TV hero you ask? I asked my self that as well. Isis fulfilled all of my spiritual needs, through my devotion to this quite real Entity, a quite real experience had sent and continues to prompt me to discover so much regarding life, love, spiritualism, history, art, travels, Latin and beyond. Taking my lifetime of experience and devotion of Isis I was lead to The Fellowship of Isis an international fellowship. The beautiful message or manifesto of a The Fellowship is of love and inspiration, there are many diverse traditions or paths, but they are of selflessness and self discovery, it's not a cult or something macabre, it holds mystery and urges all life to thrive in equality and peace. I discovered I wasn't alone, there were countless others called as well. There I trained and received Priesthood. After that I made a pilgrimage to an actual modern Isian Temple in California, in that experience I fulfilled my service and became acquainted with some of the most inspiring and wonderful people, among them High Priestess Loreon Vigne, Priestess & soul sister Shannon Michaela Doree Smith, Authors & Priestess Linda Iles & DeTraci Regula. Other amazing Isians such Caroline Wise and recently departed Lady Olivia Roberts the head of the Fellowship. As initiated priest I became ordained in the temple in California , from there established The Isem of the Sacred Lotus, a living temple dedicated to the honor and study of ancient & modern Isiasiscm, lead public meditations/rituals, raise money for charities and provide lectures. Through my activism with Isiacism one experience after the next has been positive, profound and extraordinary. I'd like to talk more about this part of my life openly here and share more stories and on goings as they occur. Amma Iset!

Johannes Nugroho Onggo Sanusi of the Iseum of the Goddess Pertiwi Queen of the South Seas, Indonesia: “One of China's oldest goddesses is Xi Wangmu (Queen Mother of the West) whose earliest portraiture depicted her wearing a shamanic tiger headdress. As she became integrated into the canonic Taoist pantheon, she was more often depicted as an empress. Indeed she was the personification of YIN in the Taoist Yin Yang symbol. She resides on the sacred Mount Kunlun where she has peach orchards that mature every 3,000 years. When the peaches are ripe, Xi Wangmu is said to invite all the immortals to a peach feast.”
From Aglaia Francesca, En Erebos Phos Iseum, Rome, Italy: I am mentoring Angela M. Chamberlaine of Waynesville, Missouri, USA. She wishes to found her Iseum: Magna Mater Iseum - dedicated to the celebration and honoring of the Goddess in her many forms and names, with special emphasis placed on the Magna Mater, Kybele. The Iseum is a safe place for all who seek to grow in knowledge, love, and connection with the Divine. We intend to meet for study, practice, ritual work, sabbat/esbat celebration, and social events. We aim to build a community of like-minded individuals that honor “The Great Mother” by living in as eco-friendly, earth healing a way as possible and who do works to promote the healing & sustainability of the earth, love of all its creatures, and compassionate connection with the people who call it home. We believe in truth, beauty, healing, kindness, and love to all beings. And that by our works these things should be evident in our lives. E-mail:

Lyceums: College of Isis

Lyceum of the Three Mothers, Ireland: “Today, the 2nd February, five new priestesses were ordained within the Lyceum of the Three Mothers: Anna Coote, Barbara Charleton, Olwen Pendred, Maeliossa Kelly and Amy Brunton. It was a beautiful ceremony and we wish them all much love and the guidance of Isis and their Patron Deities on their vocational path. Love and blessings, Cait Branigan.”

David deRoeck, Ascension of Isis Lyceum, Dublin, Ireland: “With great pleasure I am able to announce the re-imagined Ascension of Isis Mystery School website The site will be re-launched on February 2nd myself and the team have worked diligently to make it more user friendly it does contain elements of the previous site plus plenty of new content. We are also available on other social media platforms namely Twitter and we have our own YouTube channel, which will be coming on stream very shortly so please join the conversation there also. Our journey is ongoing as we navigate through all these new media’s so please bear with us while we endeavour to get there. We welcome new members and old friends alike it is your journey as it is mine so any suggestions or improvements we will endeavour to take on board. So without further ado it is up to you and me to spread the word and we hope you enjoy the new site.”

From Sarah Rooke, Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars, Portsmouth, UK: I am pleased to be able to report that the Rev Govindacharya Ramanuja Dasan (Govinda Dasan) of the Iseum of the Ancient Mysteries and the Goddess in Los Angeles, California has gained his third magi degree of Venus and Vishnu in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis.

Sarah writes: “I am pleased to announce that Mgt  Rafael Severino from Panama has gained three magi degrees in the College of Isis, Fellowship of Isis.  Namely Mystery of the Spheres (1st), Rite of Rebirth (2nd) and Isis and Osiris (Awakening of Osiris) (3rd).”

Sarah has sponsored two new members via her lyceum: Robson Marins and Jaguar Dragonfire.

Greetings from Gaynor, Archdruidess with Universal Grove Of Light Keepers within The Druid Clan Of Dana and Lyceum Universal Learning. I have facilitated my first Magi Degree - it being Moon Magi for Tarnia Spaven. 

I have begun to fly Solo from my Hierophant facilitator who was Sarah Rooke. I understood from her that when I facilitate others, I would need to inform you.. If this is not protocol could you please point me in the right direction.. I have been bereaved a few times since I was initiated as a Lyceum and Druid Grove last year and feel that now I am returned to my path a lot stronger.

Exert of Tarnia Spavens  report:

"The circle was cast from the West, new moon, sidhe of water, to the South, full moon, sidhe of fire, then to the East, waning moon, sidhe of air and finally to the North, dark moon, sidhe of earth.  I followed the casting of the circle and visualised a silver light emitting from the wand's tip.

At this point I started to dance from right to left in a widdershins fashion and two other circles of dancers within the outer circle danced too.  A spiral of energy was created and when the inner circles were being danced, a huge cone of light arose from the centre of the circle where the fire was and spread to envelope us all. We all sank to the ground and I slipped into a deep state of relaxation where small, golden balls of light danced between and around us.

When the bowl of water was offered to me to drink from, the water started to ripple and when my attention was taken to the mist surrounding the crystals I was suddenly sat in the middle of the circle with the bowl of water that we drank from on my lap.  We were asked to gaze into the crystal balls but my eyes were drawn to the bowl of water in my lap instead.  I could feel energy coming off of the crystal balls and it was surrounding me as I gazed into the darkness of the water.
While Selene was being chanted, I gazed into the bowl of water and was shown a huge crystal formation that broke and a spear of crystal separated from the mass and changed into a mystical palace floating on a cloud.  I was sat cross legged, floating in front of this palace made of crystal, surrounded by a sphere of rainbow light. Then we were given the visualisation of a cloud ship, bright white light which rested on the rooftops. 

As we ascended in the sphere it became a bright light and as we got higher, energy ribbons were coming off it so that it looked like we were cocooned inside a majestic jellyfish with its tendrils made of pure light.  I felt calmness as though nothing could ever harm me"

I look forward to hearing from you

Kind Regards & The Brightest Of Blessings Gaynor Linnecor

Solar Iseums of Alchemy

Aglaia Francesca is studying within the Solar Iseum of Light of Brighid’s Rose. She has earned two degrees towards her certification as a Solar Alchemist in the Fellowship of Isis Priest/esshood. Her degrees were earned through study and enactment of the Emerald Pylon of Jupiter and the Amber Pylon of Venus. Both of these rites are in the FOI Liturgy Book "Isis of Alchemy" by Olivia Robertson.

Druid Clan of Dana
Sarah Rooke, Archdruidess, Grove of Cerridwen and the Grail, Portsmouth, UK: “I am pleased to report that Rafael Severino of Panama has  been initiated as a Druid by attunement in the Druid Clan of Dana.” From Rafael: “The Dolmen constructions are my favorites, I imagined being in front of the dolmen, standing before the three giant stones and feeling the energy of ley lines. … I had the vision of being by a large green plain and in the distance I saw a hill that looked like a figure of the Tor, and being in the land of many colors of Avalon, it was a very magical experience and shamanic.”
Also from Sarah: I am very pleased to announce that Jaguar Dragonfire from Massillon, Ohio, USA has been initiated as a Druid in the Druid Clan of Dana.
Noble Order of Tara
From Sarah Rooke, Grand Dame Commander, Priory of Cerridwen and the Grail, Portsmouth, UK: Rev. Hernan Cacciatore has been initiated and consecrated as a Knight Commander of the Noble Order of Tara by attunement and his new Priory is called Lux Naturalis and is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Hernan sent a report of the work of his new priory: “Aims of the new Priory are:  To educate others by sharing information and providing awareness …”

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